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The Journey… Back to becoming an Ironman

Week 1 – So on truth, I’ve been diligent about the foods I’ve been eating for a solid week and I’ve been working out 3-4 times a week. (During the week at 6am and weekends closer to 7:30am).

Having said that, removing one or two dense calorie items (Lenny & Larry’s protein cookies) from the daily diet (approx 400 calories per serving) has helped me feel better.

I will actually record my weight this week but my starting baseline 2 weeks ago was 285 lbs.

I haven’t taken measurements yet or done my BMI.  Here is a safe assumption at this point.  I’m overweight.  The heaviest I’ve been in approximately 10 years.  My son is going to be 2 years old in April and I want to be a healthy role model and be able to comfortably play with him.

So one of my goals for 2017 is to lose 40 lbs on the low end and 80 lbs on the high end.  

It sounds big, but removing something as simple as one protein cookie a day equates to 400 calories and over 7 days that equals 2,800 calories.  3,500 calories equals a pound.  So one more subtle change in the eating regimen and we’re easily at 1 pound per week of weight loss plus the workouts which I had pretty much given up previously.

Another goal of mine, will be to work on getting a couple of sponsors or advertisers on this blog to motivate me with their products but also so I can show the results herein.

Thanks for joining me in this journey and I hope it inspires you as well.

We’re gonna do great things in 2017!

Me & my amazing super athlete and supportive wife Jonell!

THE MANSOME GUIDE TO JUICING & supplement & nutrtion products


Dreznin's Find your fit challenge Feast

Dreznin’s Find your fit challenge Feast

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Subway commercial spokesman Jared Fogle marks 15 years of turkey subs and keeping the weight off

Subway commercial spokesman Jared Fogle marks 15 years of turkey subs and keeping the weight off

The formerly obese college student who turned his life around by eating the chain’s sandwiches has a net worth of $15 million. He still works with Subway, the only job he’s ever known.

By Rheana Murray / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS



It’s been 15 years since Jared Fogle waltzed into a Subway and ordered his first 6-inch turkey sub — hold the cheese and mayo.
Now he flashes a Subway “black card” for free food, flies first-class and has an estimated net worth of about $15 million.
Not bad for a 35-year-old dad from central Indiana whose only claim to fame is losing a lot of weight eating the chain’s sandwiches.
“I never expected any of this,” Fogle told the Daily News. “I was a business major in college. I thought maybe I’d work for an ad agency or a PR firm.”
Instead he wound up the famous face of Subway’s longest-running campaign — the only adult job the Indianapolis native has ever known.
In the late ’90s at Indiana University, Fogle was all but invisible. Tipping the scale at 425 pounds, he avoided friends and social events to save face, gobbling junk food alone in a dorm room.
“I knew you were supposed to go on dates and go to parties, but because I was so big, I just took myself out of the equation,” says Fogle, who is 6-foot-2 and now weighs 200 pounds. “I didn’t want to allow myself to be made fun of.”

picture via subway

picture via subway

Change began in his junior year, when Fogle moved off campus. In March of 1998, he walked into the Subway that happened to be attached to his off-campus apartment building and grabbed a nutrition brochure.
The Subway diet was his own idea — a 6-inch turkey sub for lunch and a full-length veggie sub for dinner, both meals with a bag of baked chips and a diet soda.

“The big thing was no mayo, no oil, no cheese,” he said. “I did it for 11 months.”
Fogle says he never got sick of eating Subway, but admits he craved pizza and cheeseburgers.
“In the early days, I had to literally hold onto the side of my chair, because if I had gotten up I would have gotten in my car and driven to the drive-thru,” he says.
After three months, Fogle lost 94 pounds. In a year he shed 245 pounds, more than half his original body weight.
News of his transformation spread after his college newspaper published an article about weight loss. The astonishing photos — a trimmed-down Fogle posing with a pair of 60-inch-waist jeans he used to wear — attracted local media and magazines.

Jared from Subway -- weight loss -- healthy living

Jared from Subway — weight loss — healthy living

After his first national commercial — he has since filmed more than 300 — Subway’s sales shot up 20%. Overall, sales more than tripled to $11.5 billion in 2011, from around $3 billion in 1998, according to Nation’s Restaurant News.

To read the complete article, CLICK HERE <———–

Find your fit challenge Days 6 & 7

Find your fit challenge Days 6 & 7

Day 6 was a struggle for me, to say the least.

You can have your cake... But can you eat it, too?

You can have your cake… But can you eat it, too?

With a handful of appointments (one held at local coffee and pastry shop) (I got a lemon decaf hot tea!) and the next appointment held at a whole foods, Day 6 was a testament to willpower. Add in winds of up to 20 mph and temps hovering in the mid 50’s to low 60’s for job #2 and it made for a long 14 hour day of trying to stuff veggies down my gullet. All in all, it was a success and eventually I made it home no worse for the wear!

Day 7 was actually pretty smooth sailing and the reward of a blackened chicken salad from my work awaited me afterwards! I am eating the salad as I type this and it is magical!

I am looking forward to the next 2 weeks and conquering this challenge and my future head on! The detox/cleanse portion is over and the healthy eating /no alcohol/no caffeine portion begins…

More power to you if your doing this, on your way to doing this or have no intention of doing this and are enjoying a juicy burger right now.

If you are interested in learning more or taking a look at some of the products/supplements I am using, then drop me a line or a comment herein!



Find your Fit Challenge Day 4 & 5

Day 4 & 5 were more of a challenge to say the least, although it is fun to tell people about the journey and experience…

Dreznin's Find your fit challenge Feast

Dreznin’s Find your fit challenge Feast

I have been making more brain farts for sure, including giving $20 more in change back to customers.
Fortunately they were stand up people and handed the money back to me.
I also left the sliding doors unlocked on Jonell’s house when I left. Duh!

As far as feelings go, I am doing well and feel solid. Not great, not bad… just a confident solid!

I am looking forward to the next couple of days as this will allow me to really reach the goal of 7 days detox.

It’s been two straight days and nights working full days at both jobs. Basically 26 hours worked over 2 days… Kind of runs you down, when your eating a ‘normal’ diet, let alone a cleanse diet.

I am looking forward to taking my “emancipation” pills tonight and crushing tomorrow! (most likely a 13 hour day!)

Find your fit challenge days 2-3

Day 2 was actually very good. I felt good throughout and maintained reasonable energy levels with no headaches or down time.

Day 3 was a little more of a struggle. I made the mistake of going too long between morning meal and afternoon meal and developed a hunger headache which hung around until day 4 morning.
Jonell had made amazing meals for us including a soup tonight (shown in picture) that includes mushrooms, carrots, celery, squash, etc. and baked kale chips with sea salt!!! Amazing!


Day 4 morning was great! It’s 10:15am as I write this and I’m feeling fantastic. About to have some lettuce wraps with green beans, carrots and tangy Dijon with a banana as my fruit!


Find your fit challenge – day 1

Well day 1 is usually the rude awakening, but so far so good!
I’ve had supplements and a banana for breakfast.
Lunch consisted of me heading to whole foods and buying a pre packaged veggie mix of broccoli, tomatoes, celery, carrots & green peppers for $4 bucks.. I picked up another one for later this afternoon as well.
I also bought a small handful of snap peas and green beans along with some lemon hummus.

A nice big 1.5 liter of water was the finishing touch!

The total was $13 and change. Not bad.

The only downside is eating lots of veggies can wreak havoc on your digestive system and so you can guess where I’m writing this from.

Anyhow, halfway through day 1 and going strong!



TLS Find your Fit Challenge starts tomorrow – MISSION 195

TLS Find your Fit Challenge starts tomorrow – Blog Updates

Since the Find your fit challenge starts tomorrow, I am enjoying a couple of the finer things in life today! More like sweeter things in life!

A black and white cookie & an M & M cookie! (Gazillion calories)

A strawberry Lean 1 smoothie (Medium) from Smoothie King (430 calories)

Whole foods carob spirulina chunks (450 calories)

Supreme Caramel Chocolate Protein Bar (400 calories)

A publix turkey wrap (approx 400 calories)

Tonight at work I will have a blackened chicken salad with cranberries, goat cheese and cusabi dressing. (im guessing 600-700 calories) I add a banana and some strawberries.

A Dos Equis awaits with the salad.

Then tomorrow its Detox Day 1!

Let’s do this.


The TLS Find Your Fit Challenge is about keeping an eye on the prize and enjoying the journey to a better lifestyle.

Jonell & I are teaming up to create a group of no more then 10 motivated folks who want to lose some weight, get healthier, feel better and have a good time with great supportand also it would be nice to win $50,000!!!

Jonell & I

Jonell & I

If you are interested or would like to know more, then reach out to us through here. Leave a comment, send an email, twitter me @seandreznin or Jonell @jonell4tri and let us know. Make sure to let us know you want to be on the team as spots will go quickly and WE WANT YOU on our team!!

The TLS Find Your Fit Challenge is about keeping an eye on the prize and enjoying the journey to a better lifestyle.

Over the course of the 12-week challenge, the individual who makes the most of the opportunity to transform will win $15,000, and a $50,000 prize will be awarded to the group that achieves the greatest overall results.

If you’re ready to rise to the challenge, reap the rewards and live the lifestyle, it’s time to Find Your Fit!


Next story is our invitation request to Rob Kardashian, Dick Vitale and Nik Wallenda to join our team… Stay tuned!

Eating. Everything. In. Sight.

dinner 1

Eating. Everything. In. Sight.

I used to do this, even worse, I used to order some pretty bad stuff… Think Papa Johns (knew me on a first name basis), Chinese Buffet (the worst part of this was waiting in the car for the Sweet & Sour Chicken to cook and the shameful walk inside to pay for it), and Panera (most everything in there is not healthy. Some of it, not even close… check it!).

Ultimately, weight & the side effects of carrying so much extra weight started to collapse in on itself, sort of similar to the Minnesota Vikings Dome Stadium (seen here!). A change was needed, so one asset I used was www.livestrong.com, which I can log all the food i shove down my gullet and count the calories. This program contains most foods whether raw (a sweet potato) or processed (a Big Mac) and makes planning and eating a ritual that becomes easier.

Included in this blog are a couple pictures of recent meals. Last nights dinner & todays pre-lunch snack! Lunch was a Fruit (blueberrys & wasington apple slices) & nut (walnuts) spring mix salad from Publix and a serving of Almonds.


Snack 1