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DENNIS ZINK: 28 favorite nuggets of small-business wisdom

By Dennis Zink

Posted May 29, 2017 at 2:01 AM   

Here are some of my favorite nuggets of small-business wisdom. Many of them are original, some are borrowed, and I can’t remember which is which. But they are all worth absorbing because any small-business owner can benefit from them.
Cash is king; do not run out of cash — Cash is the lifeblood of every business. When you run out, your business is dead!

Don’t reinvent the wheel, just change the spokes — This is my best adaptation of any tip. Just a small change to a proven strategy may make all the difference in the world.
Prioritize by doing first things first and second things never — Always do the most important thing for your business first, and when that’s done, the second one will become the first.
Count everything that’s countable, then determine the most important metrics for your business — These are your key performance indicators, or KPI. Every business should develop its most important numbers. Measure them consistently and constantly.
Hire slow, fire fast — Admit the mistake, face up to it and terminate immediately — it will be better for all concerned. Most companies do the exact opposite — they hire fast and fire slowly.
Inspect what you expect from others — If you ask someone to do something, make sure they did what you wanted and that it was done properly.
About right” now is better than exactly wrong later — Act now! Don’t procrastinate because you’re waiting for more information.
Hire smart rather than manage tough — You can’t change people and shouldn’t try. Hire for attitude and train for skills.
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The Journey… Back to becoming an Ironman

Week 1 – So on truth, I’ve been diligent about the foods I’ve been eating for a solid week and I’ve been working out 3-4 times a week. (During the week at 6am and weekends closer to 7:30am).

Having said that, removing one or two dense calorie items (Lenny & Larry’s protein cookies) from the daily diet (approx 400 calories per serving) has helped me feel better.

I will actually record my weight this week but my starting baseline 2 weeks ago was 285 lbs.

I haven’t taken measurements yet or done my BMI.  Here is a safe assumption at this point.  I’m overweight.  The heaviest I’ve been in approximately 10 years.  My son is going to be 2 years old in April and I want to be a healthy role model and be able to comfortably play with him.

So one of my goals for 2017 is to lose 40 lbs on the low end and 80 lbs on the high end.  

It sounds big, but removing something as simple as one protein cookie a day equates to 400 calories and over 7 days that equals 2,800 calories.  3,500 calories equals a pound.  So one more subtle change in the eating regimen and we’re easily at 1 pound per week of weight loss plus the workouts which I had pretty much given up previously.

Another goal of mine, will be to work on getting a couple of sponsors or advertisers on this blog to motivate me with their products but also so I can show the results herein.

Thanks for joining me in this journey and I hope it inspires you as well.

We’re gonna do great things in 2017!

Me & my amazing super athlete and supportive wife Jonell!

Laird Hamilton’s 17 Fitness Laws

Laird Hamilton’s 17 Fitness Laws

17 commandments from water god Laird Hamilton, who says fear is good, failure isn’t bad, and you should treat your body like a truck, not a temple

Sarasota Surfing

Sarasota Surfing

By: MONIQUE RYAN via Outside Magazine

* I base everything on how I feel. You can tell me, if you’re 43 years old and six foot this, that’s going to do that to you, this will do this but your body is the best instrument for reading how things affect you.

* You want strength that you can actually control and apply. When you sit down on an exercise machine, with your back against a chair, you tend to shut down the rest of your body. When you stand up and your body has to hold a position to actually support the weight, you’ll have a hard time. So you need to incorporate other elements. I’ll do machines where I hold my legs up, or stretch while I’m on them, or add leg lifts while I’m doing presses.

* It’s really about keeping in shape for life. Think about your body like a car. Once you park a car, it might not start again. But if you just keep driving it, it’ll keep going. It likes to be driven.
If it’s potato chips in, it’s potato chips out. You eat garbage, you’re probably going to perform like garbage.

* Vacation is an opportunity to get in a good routine. It’s like mini boot camp. I just got back from a heli-snowboarding trip in Alaska. I’d been wanting to work on my legs, so I go up there and board all day for 12 days. If we didn’t get enough, we’d chop firewood or take hikes in deep snow. I come out of that and my legs feel strong.

* This is something I’m trying to learn: how to rest. Going full steam ahead all the time is not always the most productive approach, because then you’re always trying to play catch-up with recovery.

* You have to go and try different stuff. The thing is, when you reach a certain level in any sport, you become so efficient at it that the effort level is really diminished. Your body has adapted. So what are you getting? Snowboarding has helped my surfing. Windsurfing has helped my surfing. Biking, for sure, has helped my surfing.

* Above everything, sleep. I’m an eight-to-ten-hour guy. Not that I can’t operate with less, but for my overall well-being, I gotta have at least eight.

* I like espresso. It’s good stuff.

* I have friends who eat healthier than anybody, but it takes them all day. And if they don’t have their sprouted bread, they go into a seizure. I can eat a Big Mac. I’m not going to love it, but it won’t put me into toxic shock. It’s like if a car is too high-performance, then it’s sensitive to any kind of fuel. I like being more like a truck. If a little diesel gets in there, maybe a little water, it’ll cough and burp a bit, but it’s gonna get through it and keep running.

* Chew more. That’ll probably do more for your ability to absorb nutrients from your food than just about anything.

* It’s always more enjoyable to train with other people. It’s going to be more stimulating, but it also pushes you because you have accountability. You can’t just think, Oh, that was enough. Your partner will say, “That was only 29. I thought we were doing 30.”

* Fear is an unbelievable motivator, but it also makes people freeze in their tracks. Once you start to understand it, fear becomes something you can tap into. Fear comes from the understanding that you can die. It usually makes me make really good decisions and gives me power.

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Rev3 2013 Florida Triathlon — Venice, FL — Results

Rev3 2013 Florida Triathlon — Venice, FL — Results

Jonell Dreznin REV3

Jonell Dreznin REV3

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Forget Situps, Crunches And Impossible Diets!

Forget Situps, Crunches And Impossible Diets!

Jared from Subway -- weight loss -- healthy living

Jared from Subway (not associated with Jake Hunters program)– weight loss — healthy living

Jim Pierce – Staff Writer

Just when you think you’ve seen or heard it all someone comes along and makes the impossible actually seem easy. We recently discovered such a person.

His name is Jake Hunter and for the last 18 months his 4 Minute Abs™ secret has created a buzz on the Internet and TV like no other fitness celebrity that I know has done in the last 50 years.

His cult-like following ranges from ordinary people wanting to get into shape, to high-powered CEOs and even famous A-list Hollywood directors – all who swear by his unusual yet highly effective “Eat More-Exercise Less” approach to rapid fat loss.

After about 5 minutes of watching a video that showed guys like me (who are over 35) how to get rock-hard abs without dieting or long exercise – I become very skeptical.

I’ve been a weight lifter and runner most of my life and just didn’t believe it was possible to get six-pack abs without long sessions of cardio, situps and restrictive diets – especially in just 4 minutes a day.

However, the 45 minute marathon cardio sessions and impossible diets I have been on for the last few years to lose belly fat weren’t working for me or anyone else I knew – so I decided to keep watching the rest of the video.

Riding Dirty in Augusta, GA IM 70.3

Riding Dirty in Augusta, GA IM 70.3

And what I discovered in the next few minutes completely blew my mind!

According to Hunter, the reason why cardio, situps and diets won’t efficiently burn belly fat in men over 35 is because all three of them dramatically lower your body’s natural fat-burning hormones, which unfortunately are already declining naturally with age.

When this happens, you go into what he describes as Estrogen Overload Syndrome and your body automatically starts hanging on to unwanted belly fat as a survival mechanism, no matter how ‘good’ you eat or how long you workout.

Drug manufacturers and supplement companies have recently caught on to this and have been formulating testosterone increasing drugs and supplements that are supposed to help with this problem.

But according to Hunter, synthetic drugs or supplements don’t fix anything because if your hormones are already out of balance, your body will just convert that synthetic testosterone into even more estrogen… and for many people, the devastating results are even more weight gain.

In Hunter’s words, the quickest, safest and easiest way to re-ignite on your body’s youth hormone naturally is by doing certain exercises in specific timing sequences that actually ‘trick’ your body to burn fat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – even when you’re not working out.
Seems far-fetched? That’s what I though until Laval University in Quebec, Canada published research results about this type of exercising in the scientific journal Metabolism and proved that men who followed this type of protocol for 15 weeks lost nine times more fat than men who did 20 weeks of steady-state endurance training.

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Find your fit challenge – day 1

Well day 1 is usually the rude awakening, but so far so good!
I’ve had supplements and a banana for breakfast.
Lunch consisted of me heading to whole foods and buying a pre packaged veggie mix of broccoli, tomatoes, celery, carrots & green peppers for $4 bucks.. I picked up another one for later this afternoon as well.
I also bought a small handful of snap peas and green beans along with some lemon hummus.

A nice big 1.5 liter of water was the finishing touch!

The total was $13 and change. Not bad.

The only downside is eating lots of veggies can wreak havoc on your digestive system and so you can guess where I’m writing this from.

Anyhow, halfway through day 1 and going strong!



Tabata Training – My new “thing”

Tabata Training

Tabata Training

Tabata Training – My new “thing”

Tabata Training

Tabata Training

Some additional TRX exercises to do Tabata with!

Ironman Training Update & Random Thoughts — I just Swam/Biked/Ran in and boy are my _______’s tired!

Whew. I just Swam/Biked/Ran in and boy are my _______’s tired!

Yesterday (Wednesday the 17th) was the day, for me… I hit Rock Bottom in my fatigue. It finally made my body feel like mush today. I am so tired, I am struggling to stay awake to type this… As of Friday afternoon (Time of completion of this story) and counting from Saturday until now, I have about 140 miles on the bike, 14 miles run & 4 miles swam with work and a couple of nights out on the town & of course my Jaco’s Boxing/Cardio 75 minute class on thursday night. Can’t get by without hitting the bags once a week! Back to the story…

I swam 1 mile at lunch (approx 1pm) in the Gulf of Mexico which was quite choppy and warm. All in all, a rough little swim, but I got it done and other then a little bit of sketchy balance due to rolling waves, I was feeling good. So good in fact, that I couldn’t wait to meet the group later that evening (5:30pm) for our scheduled 2 hour bike ride with (4) 10-minute Big Gear stand up intervals mixed in! Get Some!

We warmed up with a nice group ride for about 10 minutes and then I just went for it. Stood up, cranking past everyone, although I could see my boy, “Taxi Sono Qui” AKA – T-Welch staying in hindsight and keeping me readily available to reel me in.

Taxi Sono Qui! Taxi Sono Qui!

Well, my adrenaline kicked in and for the first 4 minutes I was cruising, standing tall and grinding out a steady pace… then reality set in and big gear standing makes 10 minutes seem more like 15-20 when you don’t pace yourself correctly. Anyhow, I pulled back a little bit to get my quads to quit whining and my right arm/hand to stop cramping from squeezing the life out of the handlebar and finally found my happy place and cranked it!!

One 10 minute interval done, it was now, our 1st recovery period. I took 4 minutes and 30 seconds before standing for another 10 minutes and going all out. I figured the black clouds hovering nearby, adding wind gusts and basically blocking out the sun (and heat) would drench us eventually and I wanted to get in as much riding as possible! I was feeling really good and keeping an aggressive pace.

I made it through the second 10 minute interval and I was feeling a little tired, but still strong. Another 7 to 8 minute recovery and it was time to stand again. This time, I broke off at the end and went back to my truck as I wanted to refill my water bottle and put my music on, since at this point I was riding solo. 5 minutes later, I hopped back on to the main road (Honore) and using my maniacal ego skills I was gifted with, I rode at a less aggressive but measured pace, thinking I was still ahead of everyone. Silly boy.

I was feeling so good in fact, that at one point in the deserted flats of the Honore extension, I at first yelled, “Feeling Good” and then let out a more primal, “GET SOME! YEAH!” I have no idea where it came from, but it was awesome and I’m sure the copious amounts of steroids had nothing to do with it. Anyways, talk about a good segue to reality…

As I neared the turnaround on Honore, I see the Lance Armstrong of our group on the bike heading in the other direction. Mr. Tony Welch!! Curses! I figure if Tony is flying solo, then the peloton (pack) of the group must be behind him, but close. I immediately picked it up a notch, reaching 32 mph and holding 27 mph until the turnaround, which then unleashed those headwinds upon me. (The good news is, everyone was dealing with the wind, so if I just held a nice cadence, then I could eventually catch the group)

I decided then and there to add 2 more total 10 minute standing intervals so as to catch the group. This was all happening around the 1 hour mark of the scheduled 2 hour ride. This is how I felt about adding two more intervals… (Similar to the :38 second portion and beyond)

Steady as she goes was my mantra and Lil Wayne on the headphones was the motivation. WEEZY! Eventually, at about 1:40 minutes, I caught the group and made the pass. I was able to jump to the front again, except of course for Mr. Tony Welch who had bested me, yet again! Great Day of work from everyone. David Begala stayed out for another 20 miles to accommodate his busy schedule and the rest of us rested up for the running miles that awaited us Thursday morning.

Until next time, “Be not afraid of going slowly, be afraid only, of standing still.” -Chinese Proverbs

Swimming has impacted me. Lightly. (Updated Pictures)

1500 meters at Serendipity

1500 meters at Serendipity

Swimming has impacted me. Lightly.

Through our triathlon club, The Sarasota Storm and the camps I am constantly in, Etricoach, we have paid access to a local pool. Which is heated, has lanes and is wonderful to swim in!

Most folks go there and swim a distance or work on some dynamic of the swimming motion. Some folks wear paddles on their hands, others use kickboards and still others use leg floats to do arm work. I wear my Garmin 405 and time myself. Not so much per lap or per laps, but overall.

Last night I swam for a total of 45 minutes. I stop for a minute here or there, grab a drink of filtered water, grab my kickboards for a couple laps or 4 and just enjoy the moment!

1500 meters at Serendipity

Easily my favorite part of swimming, is the low impact nature of this exercise. Yes it helps to get out there and run and bike, but my knees, calves and shoulders sure love me a little more after a swim workout!

If you have any questions, by all means, ask away and visit etricoach or The Sarasota Storm to meet some other crazy people!

Serendipity Pool in Winter

The doggy paddle, the breaststroke, the pub crawl…errr… the crawl. Who can’t like swimming!