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Multi-Family Complex Sold for $445,000

A Chicago couple recently purchased the four-unit multi-family complex located at 2027 Fiesta Drive, Sarasota, for $445,000.

By 941 CEO Staff 2/23/2017 at 2:32pm

A Chicago couple recently purchased the four-unit multi-family complex located at 2027 Fiesta Drive, Sarasota, for $445,000.

The property includes two single-story duplexes totaling 3,012 square feet on a .3-acre parcel.

Sean Dreznin, a sales agent with the commercial real estate firm Ian Black Real Estate, represented both the buyers, Eric and Shelley Swanson, and the seller, Beverly Meadows, in the transaction.

Dreznin focuses his real estate practice on the sale of investment and multi-family properties between St. Petersburg and Naples.

The top 10 ‘Most Exciting’ city’s in Florida

The top 10 ‘Most Exciting’ city’s in Florida

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When people think of Florida, they definitely think of fun. Amusement parks galore, beautiful beaches, and an awesome nightlife are all easy to find in this state, and the world knows it. Okay, so they might also think of retirement homes, but in general, Florida is one of the more exciting states in the nation.

So where are the most exciting places in this ever-exciting state? Ah, now that’s what the Movoto Real Estate Blog team decided to find out. We put on our shades and got ready to enjoy some beaches as we collected exciting data about Florida cities. Our finished list came out as:

1. City of Miami Beach
2. City of Fort Lauderdale
3. City of Miami
4. City of Sarasota
5. City of Orlando

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St. Anthony’s Triathlon results 2014

St. Anthony’s Triathlon results 2014

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If triathlon was easy they'd call it football starring Sally Smith

If triathlon was easy they’d call it football starring Sally Smith

NAI Tampa Bay Closes 200 Unit Hidden Oaks Apartments

NAI Tampa Bay Closes 200 Unit Hidden Oaks Apartments

Sean Dreznin joins NAI Tampa Bay

Sean Dreznin joins NAI Tampa Bay

Nai Tampa Bay

The Multi-Family team of John Burpee and Sean Lance are proud to announce the sale of the 200 unit Hidden Oaks Apartments located at 1121 Druid street Clearwater; Fl. NAI Tampa Bay represented the seller of the asset to a buyer for $8,500,000 or $42,500 per unit. The Buyer is California investment firm and plans a major rehab to the property over the next several months.

This transaction puts NAI Tampa Bay’s multifamily team over $200 million in closings year to date with an additional $124 million under contract that are expected to close by the end of the year. John Burpee, NAI Tampa Bay’s CEO and lead multifamily broker stated” This closing represents a true statement to the strength of the multifamily market and the appetite of investors for well positioned deals. All of our clients are asking us to present more deals and the market is flush with capital chasing value add as well as stabilized cash flowing assets”.”

John Burpee, President of NAI Tampa Bay, stated that this sale is a testament of the power of NAI’s Global network capability and how our firm is helping lenders dispose of REO assets. Our firm was able to provide the special servicers an opinion of value, advise them on receivership services, management of the asset and ultimately sell the asset to a client in our local database prior to the lender taking title.

NAI Tampa Bay is part of NAI Global, the world’s largest managed commercial brokerage network with more than 375 offices and 8,000 associates in 55 countries. To learn more, visit http://www.NAITampaBay.com
– See more at: http://www.tampabaynewswire.com/2013/11/04/nai-tampa-bay-closes-200-unit-hidden-oaks-apartments-16783#sthash.DgIXl1Pt.dpuf

Sarasota multimillionaire sailing on to Belize; Selling Investment Portfolio in Sarasota & Manatee

Sarasota multimillionaire sailing on to Belize; Selling Investment Portfolio in Sarasota & Manatee

By Michael Pollick
Published: Wednesday, November 6, 2013 at 1:00 a.m.

The remodeled El Patio Apartments near the bayfront in Bradenton.  A classic building with character!

The remodeled El Patio Apartments near the bayfront in Bradenton. A classic building with character!

Great Property in Highly Desired Location - Contact NAI Tampa Bay;s Sean Dreznin or Keller William's Andrew Haddad for more information.

Great Property in Highly Desired Location – Contact NAI Tampa Bay’s Sean Dreznin or Keller William’s Andrew Haddad for more information.

Harvey Vengroff, a self-made multimillionaire who moved to Southwest Florida 23 years ago so he could go sailing every day, is sailing on — to Belize.

NAI Global (Sean Dreznin, Kyle Keelan, Phillip Paul Ginexi) & Keller Williams (Andrew Haddad) are proud to present... A portfolio of investments

NAI Tampa Bay (Sean Dreznin, Kyle Keelan, Phillip Paul Ginexi) & Keller Williams (Andrew Haddad) are proud to present… A portfolio of investments

Vengroff, the 72-year-old founder of one of the world’s largest collection agencies, plans to sell a $75 million Southwest Florida property portfolio that he amassed after arriving in 1990. He has hired NAI Tampa Bay and Sean Dreznin, Phil Ginexi & Kyle Keelan & Andrew Haddad of Keller Williams to sell the portfolio investments. He is also making it possible for his real estate employees to acquire another $20 million worth of apartments on favorable terms.

NAI Tampa Bay - Sean Dreznin

NAI Tampa Bay – Sean Dreznin

Since he got here, Vengroff has been a colorful character who prefers casual clothes, rails against government bureaucrats and tends to do things his own way.

Vengroff renamed the collection agency that is still in the family as Vengroff Williams Inc.

That company, which employs more than 100 in this region, maintains larger offices in Long Island, N.Y.; Chicago and Orange County, Calif., collecting on commercial delinquent accounts for a large number of clients, including General Electric Co., Microsoft Corp. and Google Inc.

“We are not moving anybody out of Sarasota,” Vengroff told the Herald-Tribune. “We are just going to add new people in Belize, that’s all.”

One of them will be Harvey Vengroff.

On a more personal level, Vengroff said he has been disappointed in the reception he has gotten from the City of Sarasota when he has asked for higher density rights on properties so that he could build rental apartments. Specifically, he has sought permission to build high-rise rental buildings at 2211 Fruitville Road, the close-in, 8-acre site now on the market for $8 million.

“If you want to build luxury condos you can get 200 per acre,” Vengroff said. “If you want to build affordable housing, you cannot get 50 per acre.”

Vengroff says he has empowered three agents to liquidate the roughly $75 million in real estate, most of it affordable housing.

These agents are Sean Dreznin, Kyle Keelan and Phil Ginexi from NAI Tampa Bay.

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“I don’t think there was anybody who ever dedicated themselves more to affordable housing for the work force than Harvey,” said Kerry Kirschner, executive director of Argus Foundation, who in a former political life helped recruit Vengroff to Southwest Florida.

Gasparilla 2011 5k, 15k & Becks Challenge results & Photos

Gasparilla 2011 5k, 15k & Becks Challenge results & Photos – CLICK HERE

Now Costanza will get you all the Calzone’s you desire! The Boss dies at 80 in Tampa.



My only actual memory of Mr. George Steinbrenner goes a little something like this. I was working at Sears hardware in the mall which no longer stands next to Raymond James Stadium and Legends Field. One day I had to run over to Sporting Goods to cover the register for a friend who was off the sales floor. I ended up meeting the General Manager of the Yankees. I got his business card and expressed my interest in interning for the summer. He told me my chances were slim, but liked my aggressiveness and said to keep in touch. Boy did I! I called him every few days for weeks, until he finally said to come in for an interview. While I was waiting the word for the introduction and interview to start, I was reading a sports illustrated in the lobby that had Darryl Strawberry on the cover. I was a little jumpy with so much riding on the interview, well as the stress built, and I was feeling a little overwhelmed, I heard a couple of voices from around the corner, and as I looked up, I saw Darryl Strawberry and George Steinbrenner walking through the lobby, chatting as if they were just two regular employees… It was a surreal moment and I will never forget it. It gave me a burst of confidence just from witnessing the confidence they exuded. I nailed the interview, had a blast and got a job at Raymond James working with Bucs! I did not get the position at Legends, but the Bucs job was just as good, and I will always remember Steinbrenner in that moment, proud, confident and one of the guys.


TAMPA – New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner, an American icon who was born on the Fourth of July, a sports tycoon whose bluster and larger-than-life persona helped return baseball’s most storied franchise to glory, died Tuesday at the age of 80 after suffering a heart attack in his adopted hometown of Tampa.

“He was a visionary and a giant in the world of sports,” his family said in a statement released by Major League Baseball. “He took a great but struggling franchise and turned it into a champion again.”

Funeral arrangements will be private. There will be an additional public service with details to be announced at a later date.

He was honored by family and staff members on July 2, two days before his birthday, with a surprise party at Steinbrenner Field, spring home of the Yankees. On May 16, he and his family appeared at the dedication of George M. Steinbrenner High School in northwest Hillsborough County. Steinbrenner smiled as he received a standing ovation from students and school officials. He was presented a copy of the school’s first yearbook and a crystal heart inscribed with “heart of a warrior.”

It’s not a coincidence that Steinbrenner High’s athletic teams have the “Warrior” nickname. Since making Tampa his adopted home after purchasing the Yankees in 1973, Steinbrenner has been relentless as he carved out a legacy as unique as the franchise he swore to uphold.

Recognized as a baseball maverick, Steinbrenner has deep roots in Tampa and is beloved here for his philanthropy, generosity and community spirit.

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“Bottle Service is Dangerous”

goose 2

goose 2



Bottle service is dangerous!

Bottle service is dangerous!

It’s Now a Renter’s Market* *(in some areas)

Across the U.S., desperate landlords are coming up with novel ways to attract new tenants and retain old ones

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Amy Gips loves her one-bedroom apartment in a swank Manhattan building that features a gym, golf simulator, yoga studio, and massage rooms. But she no longer feels she can justify paying $4,400 a month in rent, especially now that her ex-boyfriend has moved out.

A week ago, just as the 27-year-old associate at a private equity fund was planning her next move, a letter arrived from the property management company. The rent for the 750-square-foot Chelsea apartment with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Madison Square Park was reduced $900, or about 20%. It changed her calculus, though she hasn’t given up on the idea of shopping around for something under $3,000 a month, with one or two months of free rent thrown in.

For years, rising rents in Manhattan were thought to be as inevitable as baseball at Yankee Stadium. But times change, and in New York, landlords are scrambling to hold on to renters who have been hit by the economic downturn.

That means renters who, like Gips, are still in good financial shape now have the whiphand. “I was thinking that the rent was so high that there was no way I’d consider staying,” says Gips. “Now that they’ve offered the reduction on their own, I kind of feel I should do a bit of negotiation.”

Avoiding Empty Apartments

During the six months since the financial crisis began in earnest, control of the Manhattan rental market has switched to the tenants, who no longer have to pay broker fees (traditionally about 15%) and who can get up to three free months of rent and even gym memberships thrown in just for signing on the dotted line. The power shift might not be as dramatic in other parts of the country, but rents are getting more affordable from Charlotte to San Francisco. And landlords everywhere are getting more creative (and desperate) to hold down vacancies and prevent turnover.

• Landlords figure it’s better to take a hit by offering a month or two of free rent and other freebies than to carry empty apartments that aren’t generating income.


It’s a nationwide phenomenon, according to Victor Calanog, research director at real estate data firm Reis. Half of apartment buildings reduced rents in the fourth quarter of last year and the first quarter of this year — the highest percentage since Reis began tracking apartment data in 1980. (By comparison, only 17% of buildings reduced rents in 2007.) And average asking rents fell 0.6%, to $1,046, in the U.S. in the first quarter, compared with the previous quarter, the largest drop since Reis began collecting quarterly data in 1999. And average effective rents, which include free months and other landlord incentives, fell 1.1%, to $984.

Effective rents fell in 64 of 79 markets that Reis tracks. Effective rents in San Francisco dropped 2.8% in the first quarter of this year, compared with the previous quarter — the nation’s largest quarterly decline. Rents fell 2.6% in New York City (all five boroughs), 1.3% in Charlotte, 2.5% in San Jose, 0.9% in San Antonio, 0.9% in Cleveland, 1.2% in Chicago, and 2.3% on Long Island. Only a few markets, such as Houston and Dallas, showed increases, Calanog says.

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