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Has traffic affected tourism in Sarasota County?

Has traffic affected tourism in Sarasota County?

NYC pic by J. Parisi (C)

Congestion pic by J. Parisi (C)

by: Alex Mahadevan Digital Editor via yourobserver.com

Traffic woes again surfaced during a local government meeting Tuesday, with Sarasota County officials downplaying the effect it has on the local tourism industry.

“Do we have traffic problems? Yes. Do we need to continue to work on it? Yes,” said Commissioner Christine Robinson. “But, the comments that tourists are beginning to shy away from Sarasota simply aren’t true.”

Robinson said she looks forward to working on traffic problems, but said the “rumor mill” she’s heard at community and government meetings about gridlock crippling regional tourism weren’t true. And that amplifying those comments could actually hurt the tourism sector in the long run.

“We have had occasional complaints, but they have had more to do with parking ticket issues,” said Visit Sarasota County President Virginia Haley, who was presenting the Tourist Development Council’s annual report.

According to visitor profiles complied by the Visit Sarasota County for the first quarter of this year, 97% of tourists polled were satisfied with their trips and 93% of respondents said they would return to the region again. While Haley expected to get dinged this year due to traffic, those numbers did not fall compared with the same timeframe in 2014.

Gridlock doesn’t have a profound affect on visitors because they aren’t in a hurry to get to work or drop their kids off at school, Haley said. And when traffic backs up on the Ringling Bridge or through St. Armands Circle, the views of Sarasota Bay and surrounding areas are pleasant sights.

“It’s not a terrible experience,” Haley said.

But, Haley said it will be important to explore new ways of moving tourists throughout the county, citing ideas for more trolleys or water taxis as potential transportation options.

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Popular Sarasota Craft Brewery, Mr. Beery’s is sold.

Popular Sarasota Craft Brewery, Mr. Beery’s is sold.

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inhabit Sarasota – a fun Sarasota website

inhabit Sarasota – a fun Sarasota website

Raeanne Malone launched inhabitSarasota to share her love of all things Sarasota. She’s crazy about modern architecture and design, art festivals, farmers markets, wine, the beach and coastal living. No sponsored posts here, she simply write about the things she love’s. Thanks for stopping by!

Ten Reasons why Sarasota is not #1

I found this on facebook yesterday and I as I was reading it aloud for myself and my girlfriend, we both found ourselves mimicking congregation members at a revival… Nodding our heads in agreement and emitting little sounds of appreciation and satisfaction! Enjoy!

Ten Reasons why Sarasota is not #1
August 26, 2012
Posted By: Rich Swier Jr.

Ten Reasons why Sarasota is not #1

I recently was sent a link to the recent Money Magazine Top 100 places to live. And of course, I fully expected to open the article, and see the words “Sarasota, Florida” right there in the top 10. We have all the key elements of a great city right? Low cost of living, amazing beaches, weather, amazing arts and culture, and a very charitable community. Well, after clicking “View Next 10” 10 times…. it became obvious to me, that Sarasota, Florida was not in the Top 10… and even more depressing, not even in the Top 100.

We didn’t even beat Troy, Michigan (no offense Troyans).

My depression, quickly turned into anger. Not at Money Magazine. Not at Troy, Michigan. But at myself. Shame on me for expecting that we would simply be voted Top 100 because we have nice sand and sunshine. Shame on me, for believing the “hype” that a city can be great because the weather is great. Shame on me for expecting the rubber stamp.

Here are my top ten reasons why Sarasota is no longer #1

(and how we can reclaim our position as one of the top cities to live).

REASON #10 – We don’t give a shit about Elections.

I realize this is a blanket statement. Believe me, I know a few people that love Politics. Eat it up like a sugar cookie. I see them at the City Commission meetings almost every time I go. And believe me, those people are dedicated as hell. You don’t know pain, until you have sat through a 7 hour City Commission meeting listening to people complain about traffic signals, sterile Turtles and Public Art. But for the most part, this City doesn’t care enough to vote. The Voter turnout in City Elections is horrific. Why? Is it Because they don’t believe the system works? Or because the Elections are in March? It doesn’t matter why. The fact is OUR CITY DOES NOT VOTE. The worst offender is youth. The voice of the 40 and under crowd is almost a rounding-error. That saddens me. If we no longer called it “City Elections” and called it “Complain about Irrelevant Crap Day”…. we would have a 86% voter turnout.

REASON #9 – Vagrants have taken over our downtown.

I understand the sensitivity of this debate. Before anyone begins to talk about this issue, they feel like they have to recite the “Homeless vs Vagrants” Political Correctness speech. Believe me, I have heard it more than the latest Justin Bieber song coming from my daughters IPod.
To be honest, I think everyone understands the difference, so let’s stop using the “we need to be sensitive” excuse, and solve the problem. Our own “ceremonial” Mayor stated in the last meeting that she is afraid to walk downtown, and something must be done. Two years it took our City Commission to acknowledge the problem, and then they told the Police Department “We support you to execute the law of the City”. So am I to assume, that the City Commission did NOT support this before? If I knew that vagrants and panhandlers had that much power and influence over our City Commission, I would have grabbed my backpack, grown out my beard, and set up a nice spot next to Ian at Mattison’s instead of going to the City Commission meetings.


Siesta Key MultiRace.com Triathlon 2011 results & Photos

Siesta Key MultiRace.com Triathlon 2011 results & Photos

Shameless Self-Indulgence!!! 2nd place! BOOM!

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625 beach rd, Sarasota, FL | Powered by Postlets

625 beach rd, Sarasota, FL | Powered by Postlets.

625 beach rd, Sarasota, FL
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Your Ultimate Vacation Getaway Awaits Here! This beautifully decorated 2 bedroom/2 bath condo has all the comforts of home and a gorgeous view of the gulf of mexico.
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Furnished 2BR/2BA Vacation Condo   $1,300/week
Bedrooms 2
Bathrooms 2 full, 0 partial
Sq Footage Unspecified
Parking 1 dedicated

Beach Access
Beach Chairs Provided
Cable TV
Charcoal BB-Q Grill
Combo Living/Dining Room
Concierge Service
No Pets
High Speed Internet
King-size bed
Gulf View
Picnic Area
Pool Heated
Poolside Recreation Room
Private Beach
Putting Green

Suncoast Offshore Grand Prix Video 1

Its a little rough, but I was on a boat and the water was less then calm… but anyhow… its a taste of the race!


Suncoast Offshore Grand Prix Boat Races – Pictures and Video.

Sarasota Offshore Grand prix Boat Races

Sarasota Offshore Grand prix Boat Races

Sarasota Offshore Grand Prix - 2010 - Lido Boat Races

Sarasota Offshore Grand Prix - 2010 - Lido Boat Races

Bare in mind, I was on a boat, it was raining and the water was choppy as all get out! But thanks to Picasa3, I think the pics turned out ok. As for the video, your on your own!


Video 1 –

Video 2 –

Not so obvious things for the beach

From the wordpress blog, Sugar and Spice

Can you say vacation hallelujah? So after beachin’ it for 10 days, lets talk about what you really need to know but no one talks about for a relaxed day at the beach.

Trash Bag. Clean up after yourself and leave the place as nice as you found it. Mother Nature will smile upon you. Promise. Keep it clean.

Food Tenderizer. Yep. This is an easy first aid remedy in case of a jelly-fish sting. Just sprinkle onto the skin that has been stung (be sure you have first removed, with a stick or shell – not your hands – any particles of jellyfish or tentacles). This is a quick way to alleviate the sting. It works very well with bees stings as well. Of course, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Baby Powder. This works so well at getting stubborn sand off of little and not so little bodies. After swimming at the beach then sorta drying in the sand, sprinkle baby powder onto those sandy parts, don’t be prissy about it – apply mucho, then brush off vigorously. Viola! Now the little’s are ready for a snack and smell like Luv’s Baby Soft.

Zip Lock Bags. A beach must, the camera is always here.

To put my 2 cents in, I also always use, Waterproof/ or Water resistant sun tan lotion of at least SPF 30, even though I am greek and tan relatively easy…. A little sweat or a dip in the H20 can make you reapply, and if you don’t… it can put a tender damper on a vacation…

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Wicker Inn sells for $4.2 million via The Observer

Date: June 15, 2010
by: Robin Hartill | Community Editor
The Wicker Inn property includes 10 rental suites and one cottage.

The Wicker Inn sold for $4.2 million Friday, June 11, according to Reid Murphy, who represented both the buyer and seller for the transaction. According to Murphy, the resort, which is located at 5581 Gulf of Mexico Drive, was listed on the MLS for just five days before it went under contract. The property was initially listed for $5.5 million.

“Beachfront is becoming harder and harder to come by,” Murphy said. “We negotiated it last weekend, and it closed immediately. It was the perfect scenario.”

The seller was U.S. Assets Group, a Sarasota company registered to Thomas Brown. The resort was purchased by a family who spends the winter in the area, Murphy said. At press time, their names were not available.

The property consists of 10 rental suites and one cottage, which range from one bedroom to three bedrooms. U.S. Assets Group purchased the property for $5.6 million in August 2006 and initially planned to transform the resort into Wicker Beach, a six-unit luxury condominium community with units priced from $3 million to $4 million. But, according to Murphy, the property will continue to operate as a resort.