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2015 NFL Week 2 picks w/ scores



In week 1, I finished 9-6 straight up.

Heading into week 2, I believe I have a better read on these teams and can more accurately predict the matchups.  Of course, that remains to be seen, so here we go!

Remember, the team on the right is at home.


Kansas City

Den – 31   KC  – 20



Car – 24    Hous – 21

San Francisco


Pit – 36    SF – 18

Tampa Bay

New Orleans

NO – 45   TB – 17



Minn – 26   Det – 24



Ariz – 38    Chi – 17

New England


NE – 37    Buff – 24

San Diego


Cincy – 28   SD – 27



Tenn – 20   Clev – 10


New York

ATL – 23  NYG – 20

St. Louis


St L – 24     Wash – 14



Miami – 35   Jax – 13



Bal – 42    Oak – 24



Dal – 28   Philly – 27


Green Bay

Green Bay – 35   Seattle – 31

New York


INDY – 28   NYJ – 9

Fantasy Football 2013 Week 1 Recap

It’s that time of year again!! Fantasy Football 2013 Week 1 Recap

Back to School!

Back to School!

Well, well, well… what a start to the Fantasy Football 2013 season.

In the “real” NFL, there were 4 safeties in the 1pm games.

Jacksonville actually scored some points even after turning down Tebow and staying with Gabbert! Good call Jags!

Philip Rivers’ passer rating when Chargers were up 28-7 with 10:46 left in 3rd quarter was 134.8 ..Thereafter, it was 0. ZERO.

In the “virtual” world of FF, we had a frickin tie in week 1. How does that even happen with our tiebreaker… ooooohhhhh, no tiebreakers. Congrats to the Clark family for the tie… hmmmmmmmmm, kind of makes you wonder. At least Steve & Erin didn’t tie, although they tried.

Team Gager led off right where they left off. Domination! 164 points leads the week in scoring… Balanced attack. Scary good.

On the flip side of that… Poor Danny. A ZERO and a negative starter. Next week, we think Danny brings his “A” game!

Dre unceremoniously welcomed Mr. Rissler to the league with a beatdown. Welcome wagon has left the station!

Justin & Paulie brawled and Paulie just squeaked out a win. Good stuff from both teams though!

I speak for everyone when I say, Let’s give this league a PULSE! Someone say something!!

From 32 to 1, presenting the Shutdown Corner preseason power rankings

From 32 to 1, presenting the Shutdown Corner preseason power rankings

Mayhem is Everywhere

Mayhem is Everywhere

By Frank Schwab | Shutdown Corner

Before the season kicks off a month from today in Denver, as the Ravens begin their Super Bowl defense against the Broncos, there will be more news that changes our views on teams.

For now, here are the Shutdown Corner preseason power rankings in case you missed any, from 32 to 1. The preview for each team is linked on the team name.

32. Oakland Raiders
Best-case scenario: Get Jadeveon Clowney, have a franchise player to build around.
31. Jacksonville Jaguars
Can’t win without a quarterback.
30. Arizona Cardinals
Their offense was a question mark even before running backs started getting banged up.
29. Buffalo Bills
It’ll be a productive season if E.J. Manuel shows he’s the clear QB of the future.
28. Cleveland Browns
Can see Browns moving up quickly, but Brandon Weeden’s camp struggles are a concern.
27. Tennessee Titans
Titans need to be a lot better on defense to move up.
26. Kansas City Chiefs
Honestly, the Chiefs are too low right here. This ranking should change in a hurry.
25. New York Jets
Get ready to see Geno Smith, because that seems to be the direction we’re headed.
24. San Diego Chargers
Still haven’t seen anything to indicate they won’t drop like a rock this year.
23. Philadelphia Eagles
They will be plenty happy when games start and the focus can be on football.
22. Miami Dolphins
Their left tackle situation is a mess, but Dion Jordan already looks like an intriguing rookie.
21. St. Louis Rams
Lot of pressure on Sam Bradford, especially if the no-name running backs don’t produce.
20. Minnesota Vikings
If the rookies come along fast, not out of the question for them to return to the playoffs.
19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Darrelle Revis should be ready by Week 1. Real question is, will Josh Freeman show up?
18. Dallas Cowboys
Get ready to enjoy Jason Garrett’s lame duck season.
17. Detroit Lions
The pieces are there for them to take a big jump, but the secondary is still shaky.
16. Pittsburgh Steelers
Defense will be good. Will Le’Veon Bell and the receivers produce for the offense?
15. Indianapolis Colts
If you told me we’ll consider Andrew Luck a top three QB by season’s end, I’d believe it.
14. New Orleans Saints
Sean Payton’s return doesn’t completely fix a horrendous defense.
13. Chicago Bears
Don’t forget, the Bears were 7-1 before Jay Cutler suffered a concussion last year.
12. New York Giants
If Hakeem Nicks can stay healthy (yeah, we know, it’s unlikely), then watch out.
11. Carolina Panthers
Still haven’t changed my opinion that this is the NFL’s breakout team in 2013.

For the top 10 and #1. CLICK HERE <——–=============

The Perspective ** From Fantasy Football to Bad Playoff NFL predictions

The Perspective ** From Fantasy Football to Bad Playoff NFL predictions

Slippery when wet

Slippery when wet

Home team in CAPS

Cincinnati versus HOUSTON

Seems like Houston is in trouble lately and the Bengals are under the radar… forget what you know.
Houston is too good and will flip the switch.

Texans – 27 Cincy – 21

Minnesota versus GREEN BAY

We understand that Adrian Peterson should be the MVP and he is the feel good story of the regular season. We love, “All Day” and regret not drafting him in our FF league. But we also love reality… and Christian Ponder is sober, real.
Green Bay has very little running game, but they don’t need it.

GB – 38 Vikings – 17

Indianapolis versus BALTIMORE

Chuckstrong vs. Ray Lewis’s retirement
Andrew Luck vs. Ray Rice & Wacko Flacco
Overachieving lucky team versus contender experiencing all kinds of injuries.

Ravens – 29 Colts – 27

Seattle versus Washington

One of the coolest games we could see save for Brady v. Manning IV.
Seattle and Washington have both gone 7-1 over the second half of the season and both look strong.
On that same note, Seattle did play one of the toughest schedules in the league this year. The faults are easy to spot though.
Seattle at home is money in the bank. On the road, its like a crumpled dollar bill in a vending machine… they tend to let you down.
The RG3’s or team formerly known as the Redskins, have a solid running game predicated on strong passing numbers from Bob. It’s the defense that shines though and playing at home will be the 12th man they need.

Gonna be a slugfest and a close one.

I give the nod to Russell Wilson and The Beast.

Seahawks – 23 RG3’s Skins’ – 17

Fantasy Football Week 8 & 9 recap and Week 10 predictions * The Perspective * Muscle Hamster Style

Fantasy Football Week 8 & 9 recap and Week 10 predictions * The Perspective * Muscle Hamster Style

Mucle-Hamster Style

“4 More Years… It’s like the Groundhog came out, flipped us off, took a dump and here we go again.”

Standings after week 9.

Come Back Kid 8 1 .889 —
Team Pounder 8 1 .889 —
Team A-shift RULES 6 3 .667 2
Gipper’s Gangsters 6 3 .667 2
Jace Invaders 5 4 .556 3
Rodgers A doodle doo 4 5 .444 4
Charles in Charge 4 5 .444 4
In-Zane In The Membrane 4 5 .444 4
Over Dramatic 3 6 .333 5
Team 3-Peat Zalla 2 7 .222 6
The Worthless HERD!! 2 7 .222 6
Victory Cruz 2 7 .222 6

Looking ahead to final 3 weeks, 2 teams have clinched the playoffs.

and Pounder at 8-1 are already in.

A-Shift Rules and Gipper’s Gangsters at 6-3 are on the path to success and should reach the playoffs without too much trouble.

Jace Invaders got a huge win this past week and at 5-4, should put together a redeeming run into the promised land.

The sixth and final playoff spot is up for grabs between 4 teams. Over dramatic has the toughest road, at 3-6, they must win out and hope for others to fail.

The 3 teams at 2-7 are for all intensive purposes, eliminated from the playoffs, barring some miracle finish. But, hey you never know.

This is as far as I got last week.

I am just unable to consistently write this, but I do enjoy it when I get the time.

Regardless, if anyone wants to take over, please let us know, and I will somewhat gladly hand over the reigns.

Keep Smiling!

Week 10 predictions

CBK – 158 IZITM – 144

Pounder – 133 Cruz – 89

GG – 119 CIC – 117

OD – 125 A-Shift – 124

Jace – 120 3-Peat – 100

RADD – 123 TWH – 101

Good Luck!

Week 6 & 7 Recap * The Perspective * Fantasy Football Armageddon and a glimpse into Week 8 pick-ups and predictions *

Pulp_Fiction Jules

Week 6 & 7 Recap * The Perspective * Fantasy Football Armageddon and a glimpse into Week 8 pick-ups and predictions *

(Read it aloud in Samuel Jackson’s voice) “The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy My brothers. And you will know My name is the Lord when I lay My vengeance upon thee.” ~ Jules, Pulp Fiction


Recapping each team from weeks 6 and 7 versus each individual matchup. (from the best to the worst)

Team ComeBackKid – (2-0) and overall (6-1) May need a name change to Team Domination!

Gipper’s Gangsters
– (2-0) and overall (5-2) Envious of the other rookies impressive starts, Gipper’s is well on her way to usurping the other two!

The Worthless Herd
(2-0) overall (2-5) D Long took offense to Dreznin’s worthless herd comment… and now they are feeding off the “Nobody believes in us” mantra as they cling to playoff relevance! Second Half Warrior Pick!!


Dreznin Style (1-1) overall (3-4) 6th place is the best place! Schitzo Drez Style scores 160 one week and 80 the next. Never know what’s going to happen next week!

Jace Invaders (1-1) overall (3-4) Jace used the element of surprise to take down one of our leagues giants and the last undefeated team in week 7. Well played, sir!

Team 3-Peat Zalla
(1-1) overall (2-5) Last years champion just has too much pride and fights back to take week 7 and hang onto this season’s relevance by the skin on their teeth!

Team Pounder (1-1) overall (6-1) Still #1 in our league, but reeling from their first loss. Will they bounce back or is this the inevitable slide toward reality?

Rodgers-A-Doodle-Doo (1-1) overall (3-4) 5th place as they milked 6 touchdowns from Aaron Rodgers in week 6 to hang on to the scoring lead. Regardless, Mr. Discount Double Check has been resurrected and lives! Throw in a surprising Shonn Greene and this team has legs!!

Charles in Charge (1-1) overall (3-4) In my humble opinion, Charles in Charge and Dreznin Style are carbon copies of each other. Good weeks and bad weeks, never really comprehending what’s coming the next week!

Team A-Shift Rules (0-2) overall (5-2) Reality has begun to set in for one of our leagues rookies. Still in command atop the league, but on the cusp of being pulled back into the battle with the slew of 3-4 teams, A-shift better regroup and right the ship!!

In-Zane in the Membrane – (0-2) overall (3-4) As bad as the last two weeks have been, Paulie sits at 3-4 and the playoffs are a realistic couple of wins away!

Victory Cruz (0-2) overall (2-5) The saddest part of Victory Cruz is they could very well be 3-4 or 4-3, but being too busy or unable to change the roster, especially during the bye weeks has led to some close losses and the title of whipping boy of the league. Here’s hoping they are able to make a little time for Fantasy Football and all the treasures it provides, unlike family, work and friends!


Looking at Week 8 Matchups

Team CBK (6-1) v. Rodgers DD (3-4)

Based on recent history, I’m taking the team who is El Grande el fuego!
CBK – 155 RDD – 130

Team Pounder (6-1) v. The WH (2-5)
I want to believe in Long’s comeback. I really do. Oh hell.
WH – 129 Pounder – 128

Gippers Gangsters (5-2) v. Over Dramatic (3-4)
The time has come for another relationship to be tested by the pressures of fantasy football.
OD – 133 GG – 118

A-Shift R (5-2) v. IZITM (3-4)
Both teams have key players on BYES. Both rosters look evenly matched. ESPN has IZITM favored by 38 pts.
A-Shift – 111 IZITM – 109

Charles IC (3-4) v. 3Peat Z (2-5)
This may end up being the closest matchup of the week.
3PZ – 119 CIC – 105… Maybe not.

Jace Inv (3-4) v. Vic Cruz (1-6)
JI – 140 VC – 78

In conclusion… we should all be carrying this wallet!

Bad mofo wallet

P.S. – 8-4 over the two weeks… 29-13 overall…

Week 5 Recap & Week 6 Predictions * The Perspective * Fantasy Football * Red Solo Cup

Week 5 Recap & Week 6 Predictions * The Perspective * Fantasy Football

Welcome to Fantasy Football… Where Fantasy meets Reality!

I’m short on time this week and exhausted from 2 jobs and my obsessive training. and insomnia.
But I do have some energy from my 2 game winning streak and a shot of hope in this league!

Last week I finished 5-1 which jumps my record to 21-9 on the season. I have no idea how I’m getting these right, and really…it is irrelevant anyhow.

7 Sharks

Last weeks matchups

Dreznin Style – 157 3-Peat Zalla – 138 – If Erin played anyone else in the league, she would’ve won, but alas, those words have been said previously and all too often.

Team Pounder – 132 Rodgers-Doodle-Doo – 114 And another one bites the dust. Pounder is a week or two away from clinching a playoff spot and running amuck on his inaugural season! Boom goes the dynamite???

In-Zane Membrane – 130 Victory Cruz – 117 Closer then the score indicates, but Oh Cam Newton… what happened? A Philip Rivers switch would’ve made all the difference… but then I feel like we say this every week. Is Cam Newton Vince Young Part 2?

Team A-Shift Rules – 116 Danny Long’s Herd of Worthless Players -54(except Julio Jones, who he traded for peanuts)
62 point gap. 62 POINT LOSS. SIXTY-TWO POINTS. The end.

Gippers Gangsters – 114 Jace Invader’s – 100
A Quiet win, but another notch on Gangsters belt.
This league is turned on its head at this point, as two rookies are 5-0 and the third rookie is 3-2 and in the upper half of the league, while the defending champion is on the ropes and the runner-up is in the same position.

ComeBackKid – 95 Charles in Charge – 81
ComeBackKid does it again. What a season. Bobby Griffin3 gets a concussion and while normally this would spell CRISIS for most teams, ComebackKid can just put rookie Andrew Luck in and watch his team win another weekly matchup!!

Moving onto week 6 matchups… I still want to put some effort into this write up and get it done before the games actually start! So I’m gonna youtube some stuff and just shoot from the hip!!

The ‘Party all the time’ Matchup

Team Pounder (5-0) v. A-Shift Rules (5-0) Well, folks. We have arrived at the peak of the mountain. This matchup feels similar to the all-star game in baseball in that the winner of this week, would appear to be in fantastic position for home field advantage in the playoffs… Oh nevermind, we don’t do that!
Pounder – 142 A-Shift – 139

The ‘Call Me Maybe’ Matchup

ComeBackKid (4-1) v. Jace Invaders (2-3)
Just another week for ComeBackKid. Crucial week for Jace. 2-4 is a long road back… while 3-3 feels oh so nice and relaxing.
I think this entire matchup hinges on whether Robert Griffin III plays. Pierre Garcon, Adrian peterson and the Vikings D are all in play… Oh and Julio Jones has a new owner…A nice trade for Jace!
Jace – 124 ComeBackKid – 120

The ‘David Hasselhoff’ Matchup

In-Zane Membrane (3-2) v. Charles in Charge (2-3) These teams are quite evenly matched up… Having said that, I like Charles’ matchups much better this week.
Charles in Charge – 117 In-Zane – 108

The ‘“Journey” – Separate Ways’ Matchup

Gippers’ Gangster’s (3-2) v. 3-Peat Zalla (1-4) The matchups of the leagues ladies. ESPN say’s this matchup should finish 116-116. I think it will be closer.
Gipper’s Gangsters – 117 3-Peat Zalla – 115

The ‘MC Hammer, Pumps and uh Bump’ Matchup ** (Watch video at own risk)

Rodgers-Doodle-Doo (2-3) v. Victory Cruz (1-4)

As of 1:38pm on Saturday, Victory has 3 starters on BYE WEEKS, but that aside if he changes his roster in time, with P Rivers, LaGarrette and I guess… Baldwin? then he may only lose by a small amount.
Rodgers – 122 Victory – 63 Based on the current lineup. (If updated – 122-106)

The ‘Red Solo Cup’ Matchup

Dreznin Style (2-3) v. Last team on the Left (0-5)
The good news. No Julio Jones to deal with. The bad news. No Drew Brees to deal with. I guess these things depend on your perspective. ESPN has Danny favored by 41 points. I hope that doesn’t hold up because I really, really, really, really need this win. Thanks again for trading Julio before our game danny. Maybe you can trade Dwayne Bowe and Matt Stafford before Sunday at 1:00?
Dreznin – 125 D-LONG – 124 I couldn’t help myself…

*The Perspective * ~ Fantasy Football — Week 4 recap & Week 5 coverage

*The Perspective * ~ Fantasy Football — Week 4 recap & Week 5 coverage

Duck Attack

Who, Who, Who? Who let the Duck’s out?

Well, well, well. Last week was a doozy with most matchups ending in sheer carnage. We had one battle that came down to the last minutes of the monday night game and ended in what you might call an upset… certainly it stayed true to the winner’s team name!

Last week my predictions of the games finished, 6-0. Yes indeed, Ladies and Gents… I am amazing and for only $0.00 you can get my weekly SRQ fantasy football matchup picks delivered straight to your home Atari computer!
That brings me to 16-8 on the season. Not that anyone outside of… me, cares about this, but similar to a cat and a cat toy, I have to entertain myself. (That’s what she said!)

Entertaining yourself!

Onto Week 4 Recaps…
As always, I start with the highest scoring winner and work my way down to the lowest scoring winner.

Rodgers A Doodle Doo – 162 A LONG Road ahead – 93
The road is even longer now. And lonelier. LONG road is the last remaining team to go winless through week 4 and they did it in glorious fashion as Rodgers Doo, just went off like a… like a… similar to a… I guess, a light. He went off like a light.

Team Pounder – 150 In-Zane in the Membrane – 120

In-Zane had a good week, but as you can obviously see, Pounder Pounded. He made Membrane into a Pound Cake. He Pounded like Bam-Bam. He went all whopper like a Quarter Pounder! Pounder remains one of two teams to continue the undefeated ways 4 weeks in. Looking unstoppable!

Team A-Shift Rules – 146 Team 3-Peat Zalla – 81

The other undefeated team in the league, showed why with a stomping of the defending champ, dropping her to 1-3. Its a turning point for 3-Peat these next 2 weeks! A-shift just keeps on cruising ahead and a showdown with Pounder looms in the future!

Charles in charge – 139 Gippers Gangsters – 115
Both teams were good enough to win this week, unfortunately they played each other and Jared had the stronger players! Somehow Charles in Charge overcame 5 INT’s from ROMO. Oh yeah, Roddy white scored 34 FF Pts. That’ll do it! Both teams find themselves 2-2 and positioned well for the remaining 2/3 of the season.

Dreznin Style – 136 Jace Invaders – 90
Whew. Drew Brees leads all scorers this week and just in time. 1-3 Dreznin rebounds from the gutter to put a win on the board, while Jace returns to .500 at 2-2 on the season. The invaders are primed to meet next weeks matchup heads up!

ComebackKid – 116 Victory Cruz – 114
The best matchup of the week that never should’ve happened. A kicker on Monday night outpoints a backup goal-line RB and ComebackKid lives up to his name to sneak away with a win. Only…Victory Cruz started Pittsburgh defense who are normally worth way more then 2 points, only they actually didn’t play in Week 4 as they were making sure Ben Roethelisberger stayed out of trouble. Then again, a win is a win.

WEEK 5 pick-ups

Ok, these pick-ups, waiver wire guys and “sleepers” are getting more obvious and less common each week.

Brian Hartline – WR Dolphins
Brandon Bolden – RB New England
Domenik Hixon – WR NY Giants – aka-Former Akron Zip!
Kendall Hunter – RB SF 49ers – Seems to be getting a larger role each progressive week
Nick Novak – K SD Chargers – If you need a kicker, then Novak is the guy, as Kaeding looks like he could be done for the season and the chargers score a lot.
Matt Hasselbeck – QB Tenn Titans – Other then the fact that Tennessee sucks, they will have matchups from time to time, where they can put up some points… Thanks Detroit!

Onto the Week 5 SRQ matchups.
This week I want to compare each matchup to a character from a Will Farrell Movie… so on that note, let’s “Shake n’ Bake!”

Harold Crick

Harold Crick Matchup
Team Pounder (4-0) v. Rodgers A-Doodle-Doo (2-2)
A confused but organized mix of chaos and success. Does routine, remain in motion or does chaos reign supreme!! If there was a week to rise up, this is it.
Rodgers – 144 Pounder – 125


Talledega Nights
Team A-Shift Rules (4-0) v. A LONG Road Ahead (0-4)
Jean Girard versus Ricky Bobby. Is it “Hakuna Matata, bitches!” time? or will we hear the cut-down, “Ladies and Gentlemen, that is a new track record. As it stands now, Jean Girard is sitting on the pole, which is a statement of fact, and is in no way a comment on the driver’s sexual orientation. ” Danny is hoping that Cal Naughton Jr., doesn’t start to look at him and his fantasy team as he does jesus, “Cal Naughton, Jr.: I like to picture Jesus as a figure skater. He wears like a white outfit, and He does interpretive ice dances of my life’s journey. “… Let’s all hope that’s the case!
notwithstanding the above… A-Shift- 138 LONG- 126


The Anchorman: Ron Burgandy Matchup
Charles in Charge (2-2) v. ComeBackKid (3-1)
Someone in this matchup has many leather bound books and their abode smells like mahogany. I’ll let you figure out which one is which.
Earlier this week, this smack talk was overheard between these two arch rivals! “I’m gonna punch you in the ovary, that’s what I’m gonna do. A straight shot. Right to the babymaker.” We’ll let you decide who said it to who!

Me thinks this will closer then ESPN postulates. In fact, i’m picking an upset.
ComeBackKid – 119 Charles – 117


Step Brothers Matchup
Gippers Gangsters (2-2) v. Jace Invaders (2-2)
Brennan Huff taking on Dale Doback! One person will tea bag your drum set the other comes from a house of learned doctors. Despite their vast differences, they can both agree that their favorite non-pornographic magazine to masturbate to is unequivocally, Good Housekeeping! On that note…
Gippers – 108 J-Invaders – 107

frank the tank


Old School/Elf Matchup
In-Zane in the Membrane (2-2) v. Victory Cruz (1-3)
A cross between Frank “The Tank” Ricard and Buddy the Elf! They both like candy and beer! Both teams can rebuild a Camaro or draw a Manger scene on an etch-a-sketch! Both teams enjoy streaking and yet, both enjoy wearing green velvet elf outfits. Ironically, both owners’ middle name is Francisco!
This one seems too close to call.
We hypothesize…
Membrane – 117 Victory – 114


The Other Guys Matchup
Dreznin Style (1-3) v. Team 3-peat Zalla (1-3)
Sometimes, you are a peacock and you just have to fly! Other times, your a lion and a tuna is stalking you. We have all been there and its glorious, once you get over that wall! Anyhow, a depressing and monumental matchup of the past 2 seasons top two teams as they both try to right the ship and mount a charge back to the top of the standings! We’ll see who gets off the best Desk Pop!
Dre Style – 127 3-Peat Zalla – 122

Have a great week!

The Perspective ** Week 4 NFL picks — with point spreads

The Perspective ** Week 4 NFL picks — with point spreads

Texting and driving and eating

Winning Team / Wager in BOLD

NE (-3) @ Buf
42 — — 27

Min (+4) @ Det
31 — — 25

CAR (+7) @ ATL
20 — — 24

SF (-4) @ NYJ
28 — — 10

SD (-1) @ KC
17 — — 28

TENN (+12) @ HOU
19 — — 31

SEA (-3) @ STL
27 — — 13

MIA (+5.5) @ ARIZ
13 — — 28

Oakland (+7) @ Denver

16 — — 26

Cincy (-1) @ Jax
34 — — 14

NO (+7.5) @ Green Bay
27 — — 30

WASH (+2.5) @ TB
17 — — 23

NYG (+2) @ Philly
— — 27

CHI (+3.5) @ Dallas
23 — — 20

A Season on the Brink. Week 3 recap & week 4 predictions * The Perspective (*w/ brief recap of week 2)

A Season on the Brink. Week 3 recap & week 4 predictions (*w/ brief recap of week 2)

It’s Kind of Good!

Sound the Alarms!!! Is it too early to start panicking if your 0-3 or 1-2?
The answer is NO! Now is a great time to start to start planning for some changes or aggressive moves. If not now… when? 0-4 could very well stand for off-season and 1-3 or 2-2 gives hope where its desperately needed.

Here are some interesting numbers from Matthew Berry at ESPN regarding the percentages of making or missing the playoffs depending on winning or losing the next weeks game.

Recapping Week 3

Just like week 2, a couple of players completely and totally wreaked havoc upon a team.
Week 2 examples Eli Manning – 49 pts & Bob Griffin3 – 42 pts (although we expect QB’s to wreak havoc, but more guys with names like Rodgers, Brady and Brees)
Reggie Bush – 39 pts
Victor Cruz – 35 pts (because it’s still so fresh)
and RB CJ Spiller with 30 pts

Week 3 Break Outs
Jamaal Charles – 46 pts(Of course I played against him. “Please keep handing the ball to Jamaal! Let’s get him 300 yards rushing!” ~ Things I may have sarcastically yelled at the television
Andy “The Ginja Ninja” Dalton – 43 pts (another QB… just not the one we expected!)
Chicago Defense – TD, TD 42 pts
A.J. Green – 35 pts
MoJo-drew – 34 pts

8 of the 10 stars above helped their respective fantasy teams reach victory! The 2 that didn’t, of course faced other teams with the other 8 players on them. The point being that most weeks, you just never know who is going to bust out or go off… but you can pretty much rest assured that they wont be from Cleveland, St. Louis or Tampa Bay.

My week 3 picks were 3 correct and 3 incorrect and after tallying the Week 2 predictions at 4-2, that leaves me at 10-8. At least I’m getting something right. Oy Vey!

In keeping in line with missing my picks on a regular basis, here is a link to Bill Simmons’ of Grantland, on his week 4 picks and some reader’s mail. Good stuff!

Week 3 game recaps are as follows;
Pounder – 144 ComebackKid – 116
Well, if my preseason prediction is correct, 9 consecutive losses should take place now and Pounder will finish the season 3-9. I’m willing to take my lumps and say, I may have called that a tad wrong. Just. A. Tad. The craziest part about the 144 points is that Pounder left 30 points on the bench by starting different players. Scary good start to the season. Harumphhh to the rookie, Mr. Clark!!
ComebackKid will be fine, but sometimes you are the bug, sometimes your the windshield… Really, any scoring day over 105 points is solid in this league, so 116 is spilled milk.

That’s One in a Row – 127 Oy Vey – 111
That is indeed 1 in a row. “Serenity Now, Serenity Now, Serenity Now!!!” ~ Things I’m saying as I write this…
Seriously, everything looked golden and I was dreaming about my 1st win of the season and how to best gloat humbly through this blog. Then Jamaal Charles slowly walked over, stared me down, reached out, ripped the still beating heart from my chest and threw it across the room. (Too much?) I kept pleading with myself as if I was talking to Kansas City’s coaches, saying things like, “What about Payton Hillis?” “What about Dwayne Bowe?” “What about Priest Holmes?” “Please take your foot off my throat Mr. Charles!” Sadly, no one was listening to the last beats of my heart as Jamaal caught another pass and took it to the house in the background, of the horrific scene…
Congrats to 1 in a row, as they get off the schneid (which reminds me… Happy Yom Kippur!)and settles in at 1-2.

Gippers Gangsters – 126 Victory Cruz – 98
A tri-fecta of players clinched this win. Bears D (42), Peyton (27)(the original) and Mike Wallace (24) scored 93 pts. A valiant effort from Cruz’s MoJo-Drew (34) but alas, not to be. That’s another newbie near the top of the league. The veteran’s of this league have officially been put on notice! The rookie’s mean business.

In-Zane in the Membrane – 115 A Stafford Infection – 100
Congrats to Danny for scoring 100 points. His team is having identity issues these days. Matt Stafford is struggling, Chris Johnson is who we thought he is, a bench warmer and possibly the earliest pick to end up on the waiver wire w/o an injury and Kevin Smith just lost his job to Mike LeShoure.
In-Zane isn’t much better, when you really break this down. Andy Dalton had a great matchup and exploited it for (46 pts) all it was worth. Reduce this to his average effort (20 pts) and its a loss. But we could play hypothetical’s all day. A win is a win!

Team A-Shift Rules – 111 Jace Invaders – 68
The worst showing since Carl Lewis or Roseanne Barr tried to sing the national anthem. It was fugly. Take away Darren McFadden’s (25 pt) effort and it sets catastrophic lows, but it only leaves Jace at 2-1, and later this season no one will remember this as more then a loss.
As for our other rookie, 3-0 and no looking back. We could use some replacement referee’s for this fantasy league!!

Team 3-peat Zalla – 98 Rodgers A-Doodle Doo – 80
Like a monkey with brain damage trying to peel a banana, this matchup was sad, comical and uplifting all at the same time! Oh, Aaron Rodgers, where art thou? 7 points, when we needed 37 points!! Alfred Morris (is that Batman’s butler??) and Andre “3000” Brown are scoring machines! I’m nervous for both these teams (let alone, my team).

Gangnam Style!

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Onward to the week 4 matchups and quick picks.

In-Zane (2-1) vs. Pounder (3-0)
I’m exhausted and I have no idea.
Pounder – 121 In-Zane – 119

A-Shift (3-0) vs. 3-Peat Zalla (1-2)
Matchups look too juicy!
A-shift – 133 3-Peat – 113

ComeBackKid (2-1) vs. Victory (1-2)
Another matchup mismatch.
ComeBackKid – 118 Victory – 112

Gangsters (2-1) vs. in a Row (1-2)
Upset special. I’m really just looking at player matchups this week and it seems to bode well for In A Row.
In A Row – 117 Gangsters – 97

Jace Invaders – (2-1) vs. Oy Vey (0-3)
I can’t believe I’m winless 3 weeks in. This is the week that breaks that streak!! I’m calling it = A replacement ref makes a horrible call that results in my player scoring just enought to eek out a win.
Oy Vey – 108 Jace – 107

Rodgers (1-2) vs. Stafford (0-3)
I think this week is when most of Rodgers team remembers how to play football.
Rodgers – 135 Stafford – 88

As for some players I think will do well this upcoming week…

Tom Brady and Wes Welker facing Buffalo should equal fantasy success!!

Aaron Rodgers – New Orleans defense will get discount double checked!

Alfred Morris – Kind of like this matchup against Tampa Bay for the young RB.

Adrian Peterson – faces detroit…so yeah.

Calvin Johnson
– faces Minnesota passing defense… so yeah.

Percy Harvin
– again, facing Detroit passing defense… so ummmm, yeah.

Darren McFadden – love this matchup against Denver running defense

Jamaal Charles – still on fire

Jermichael Finley
– Gets back on track against New Orleans

Ray Rice – Cleveland? Reality check. Rice should battle Arian Foster for top RB this week.

I realize most of those picks were on the surface and rather easy. So here are a few deeper picks.

Matt Ryan
– facing Carolina
Ryan Fitzpatrick – facing New England and will most likely have to play catch up in scoring
Drew Brees – Again. I realize it’s a rather easy pick, but I can see Brees having to throw 55 times to try and rally from a huge deficit.
Jacob Tamme – Oakland is weak against TE’s
Owen Daniels – Going to reign havoc on Tennessee defense. I guess no football teams in Tennessee are that good. Ouch! Too soon?
Matt Schaub – revenge for the ear ripping and its also tennessee…
Finally I think Jordy Nelson finds paydirt this weekend.

Have a great week and like Tupac once harmonized…, “Ya Got to keepa your head up!”