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Some Stats to chew on…

Some Stats to chew on…


* The highest scoring team through 5 games is Team Vetri (4-1) with 668 points an avg of 133.6 per game
* The lowest scoring team through 5 games is Team Clark (2-3) with 466 points an avg of 93.2 per game
* The highest scored against is, yours truly, Hanging on for Life (1-4) with 701 points an avg of 140.2/game
* The lowest scored against is Team Ginexi (4-1) with 498 points an avg of 99.6/per game scored against.
* The highest individual performance was Demaryius Thomas last week with 49 points.
* The potential biggest surprises for draft pick over performing include, Steve Smith, Le’Veon Bell, Darren
Sproles and Antonio Brown.
* Some potential busts (not including injured) include Adrian Peterson, Keenan Allen, LeSean McCoy, Detroit
RB’s, Marques Colston, Cordarelle Patterson, Tom Brady & Cam Newtown.

This just underlines the point, that each week is truly a toss up and based on one players results, that alone can sway the outcome…

I write this from a position of bias. My team is solid. The second highest scoring team in the league with 634 point scored or 126.8 per game. A per game avg good enough to win 2 or 3 games with ease… but when you face Julio Jones and Matt Ryan as they team up to score 56 points on the hapless Bucs… it sways the fantasy outcome.

Or let’s say Mr. Thomas (49) scores 2 TD’s, totals over 200 yards receiving and catches 10 passes while Russell Wilson (35) runs for over 100 yards with 3 TD’s… those two players alone accounted for (84) fantasy points. That is tough to overcome, even if you have a couple players perform well.

That’s fantasy football though and its fickle. This week, someone will face off against the team that owns Drew Brees while he’s on a Bye week or A.J. Green with his busted toe or Adrian Peterson and his crimes and this may give them an opportunity to notch a win. These are the expected turns and the unexpected ricochets that fantasy football brings.

I'm a Peacock, You GOTTA LET ME FLY!!

I’m a Peacock, You GOTTA LET ME FLY!!

It’s difficult to lose some of these weeks, when going in I was certain I was coming away with a win… Brutal in a couple cases (Looking at you Mr. Rissler)

But that is fantasy football. My resolve to win is strengthened as I empty my free agent budget to hopefully finance a win or two while completely mortgaging my future away if something cataclysmic should occur… (Like losing Jimmy Graham for the season – That was a close one!)
You may make a trade that fills a perceived flaw, or stand pat as you steamroll your way to the playoffs.

This week is make or break for a few teams including, The Commish, Mrs. Commish and DRE and Dumber.

Also a clash of the titans is upon us as two 4-1 teams face off. Good luck to both Ginexi & Rissler.

So, I toast the fantasy gods and beg for mercy heading into week 6 and ask the simple question…

“Are you not entertained?!!”

** On a side note…
Let’s see a little more trash talk and some shenanigans.

NFC and AFC playoff predictions for jan 12-13

4-0 from last week, lets keep the streak alive!

Now this week is more difficult as a favorite usually goes off a cliff here and I won’t be surprised if 2 favorites or even 3 do this… On that note…

Falcons – 30 Seahawks – 27

49ers – 27 Packers – 23

I realize the weather is going to be cold, Peyton’s 36, neck surgeries, etc. I’ve just lost faith in Baltimore. Saying all that, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the old ray rice and a wily flacco dominate.. Having said that…

Broncos – 34 Ravens – 28

Finally, my upset pick…

Texans -31 Patriots. – 30
Foster saves the day!

Have a great day!


The Perspective ** From Fantasy Football to Bad Playoff NFL predictions

The Perspective ** From Fantasy Football to Bad Playoff NFL predictions

Slippery when wet

Slippery when wet

Home team in CAPS

Cincinnati versus HOUSTON

Seems like Houston is in trouble lately and the Bengals are under the radar… forget what you know.
Houston is too good and will flip the switch.

Texans – 27 Cincy – 21

Minnesota versus GREEN BAY

We understand that Adrian Peterson should be the MVP and he is the feel good story of the regular season. We love, “All Day” and regret not drafting him in our FF league. But we also love reality… and Christian Ponder is sober, real.
Green Bay has very little running game, but they don’t need it.

GB – 38 Vikings – 17

Indianapolis versus BALTIMORE

Chuckstrong vs. Ray Lewis’s retirement
Andrew Luck vs. Ray Rice & Wacko Flacco
Overachieving lucky team versus contender experiencing all kinds of injuries.

Ravens – 29 Colts – 27

Seattle versus Washington

One of the coolest games we could see save for Brady v. Manning IV.
Seattle and Washington have both gone 7-1 over the second half of the season and both look strong.
On that same note, Seattle did play one of the toughest schedules in the league this year. The faults are easy to spot though.
Seattle at home is money in the bank. On the road, its like a crumpled dollar bill in a vending machine… they tend to let you down.
The RG3’s or team formerly known as the Redskins, have a solid running game predicated on strong passing numbers from Bob. It’s the defense that shines though and playing at home will be the 12th man they need.

Gonna be a slugfest and a close one.

I give the nod to Russell Wilson and The Beast.

Seahawks – 23 RG3’s Skins’ – 17

Congratulations to Team Pounder! Champion of the SRQ Fantasy Football league

Congratulations to Team Pounder! Champion of the SRQ Fantasy Football league



1. Team Pounder
2. Team ComeBackKid
3. Jace Invader’s
4. Gipper’s Gangsta’s
5. Team A-Shift Rules

Take note, SRQ Fantasy League.

3 of the top 5 teams and the league champion are all rookies this season!

Keep Smiling!

Keep Smiling!

Next year is going to be awesome!!!

Fantasy Football Week 14 waiver wire pickups


If your in the playoffs, you are starting the guy who got you there, regardless of the matchup.

If your heading down the stretch run, maybe you need a backup, your dealing with nagging injuries or you have a middle of the road QB and you want to take a chance.

Here you go;
Chad Henne
– Jax
Nick Foles – Phi
Colin Kaepernick – SF
Brandon Weeden – Cle vs KC
Ryan Fitzpatrick – Buf

Alex Green
– James Starks is out. No one else really.
Michael Bush
Bryce Brown – There is no way this cat is still out there in your league
Jacquizz Rodgers – Atl
Ben Tate – Keep an eye on him, especially if the Texans clinch

Percy Harvin is now on IR, so maybe Jerome Simpson… seriously though besides Kyle Rudoplh, Ponder has looked so inept I would avoid minnesota Wr’s.
Randall Cobb – If Jordy is nicked up, this looks even sweeter
Justin Blackmon – Cecil Shorts has a concussion. Who else does Henne throw to?
Jermaine Gresham – His stock went up with Mohamed Sanu’s IR placement.

2012-2013 NFL Division winners, Wildcard and Super Bowl predictions


2012-2013 NFL Division Champs, Wildcard & Super Bowl prediction

NFL Cheerleaders 1

NFL Cheerleader 2


Predicting to the OLDIES!!!

NFC Division Winners;
Giants (I really wanted to go Philly here, but I am forcing myself to go NYG. Just a hunch)
Packers (Just too strong not to be here)
Falcons (Panthers & Bucs are gonna make this close)
49ers (A No Brainer)

– Buccaneers & Eagles

AFC Division Winners
Patriots (Jets and Bills will battle for second)
Chargers (Really? If not them, then whom? Denver & Peyton?)
Ravens (Big Ben staying healthy is the hunch that swayed me)
Texans (This division is weak)

– Steelers & Denver


S.F. 49ers vs Houston Texans

SB Champion = S.F. 49ers

Our Vote for Replacement Referees!

my choice for replacement refs

Just for keeping the ego in checks’ sake… Here are last years predictions. <——– CLICK HERE

The Perspective — NFL Conference Championship Predictions – SF/NYG and BALT/NE

The Perspective — NFL Conference Championship Predictions – SF/NYG and BALT/NE

I could have used some more ....

Finished 2-2 last week. I certainly could have used some more cowbell.

That puts me at 5-3 after two NFL playoff rounds. With 3 picks left.

I’m going to try to keep bias out of this and run the table.

Straight up…

San Francisco – 24
New York Giants – 21

David Akers is the Hero.

New England – 35
Baltimore – 24

Duh. Tom Brady & Gronkowski are the Bread and Butter here.

Some professional sports writers picks and cumulative prediction records as well.

Bill Simmons – Grantland

Peter King – Sports Illustrated

The Yahoo Talking Heads – Silver, Carpenter

SB*Nation –

Best of luck in your picks and I hope the games are fun to watch!!

The Perspective — Playoff Predictions – SF/NO ** DNVR/NE ** BLT/TX ** NYG/GB

The Perspective — Playoff Predictions – SF/NO  **  DNVR/NE  **  BLT/TX   **  NYG/GB 

I'm a Peacock, You GOTTA LET ME FLY!!


Cincinnati versus Houston – Sat 4:30pm
Houston – 24 Cincy – 13  ** CORRECTOMUNDO!

Detroit versus New Orleans – Sat 8pm
New Orleans – 41 Detroit – 30  ** HE SHOOTS, HE SCORES!

Atlanta vs. NY Giants – Sun 1pm
Atl – 34 NYG – 17 ** A SWING AND A MISS!

Pittsburgh vs. Denver – Sun 4:30pm
Denver – 20 Pittsburgh – 17 ** DOUBLE BONUS POINTS FOR THE UPSET SPECIAL!!  




New Orleans at San Francisco, Saturday @ 4:30pm

Drew Brees vs.  ___________  (An actual team?)

This game is going to be all about how far SF defense bends dealing with the force that is Drew Brees and his band of merry WR’s.  If SF jumps on opportunities (say turnovers and sacks) without allowing Brees to go all, you know, Drew Brees, then things could go well.

I think an important advantage in this matchup is Home field.  The 49ers have it and its worth 3 points.  But I also feel like Moore, Meachem & Colston have the chops to overcome Akers and Home Field.

FINAL PREDICTION – New Orleans – 27   San Francisco – 21

Denver at New England, Saturday @ 8pm

I’m going to try to stay away from the obvious names and the obvious predictions that every talking head is making… Tebow is a miracle & Patroits are going to destroy the Broncos.

I think this matchup comes down to 2 variables.

#1.  Denver defense getting consistent pressure on Tom Brady.  If they hurry & hit him all day, they can control the NE offense, to a degree.  No one can actually control that offense, just make it run inefficiently.   Denver’s defense must also stick to NE’s TE’s (thats what she said?) like glue.  History supports this logic.

#2.  Does Tebow have enough intestinal fortitude to overcome the legend and big moment heroics of Thomas Brady?  I’m seeing a Tebow score to take a late lead but leaving 1:12 on the clock, of which Brady uses :62 seconds to march downfield for the winning score.  Does that sound about right?  I hope not, because I’m going in the opposite direction.

FINAL PREDICTION – Denver – 31  New England – 30  ** Yeah it looks and feels a bit crazy, as I stare at it now, but I’m sticking with it.  John Fox is going to be dialed in!

Houston at Baltimore, Sunday @ 1pm

Houston can run all day!  Baltimore used to be able to shut down offenses completely.  This has CHAOS written all over it.  Everything you thought you knew about this game could easily get turned on its head.

Logical Thoughts;  TJ Yates is underwhelming, Arian Foster runs for 100 yds & 1 td, Texans defense performs admirably.   Joe Flacco underwhelms and disappears at clutch moments, like 2 minutes to go in the 4th quarter.  Ray Rice runs for 100+ yds and 1 TD and catches 5 passes for 50 yards and 1 TD.  The Baltimore defense makes a play.

Reality;  This game is going to be ugly.  Both QB’s are indeed going to underwhelm, and the defenses will be predicated on stopping the run and bringing pressure on those QB’s.  I see INT’s, Fumbles and boatloads of incompletions…  One offensive player from each side will do their best to drag their respective team onto their back…  Let’s go with Arian Foster & Billy Cundiff.

FINAL PREDICTION – Baltimore – 23   Houston – 16  

NY Giants at Green Bay, Sunday @ 4:30pm

Eli, Eli, Eli.   His arm may fall off this game.  Can Eli attempt 60 passes while completing 45?  Doubtful.  Maybe 35!  I think he has to throw to keep up with the Green & Yellow Juggernaut.

Meanwhile, the NYG are going to counter with a ferocious defensive blitz attack on Rodgers.  The downside to this Russian Roulette of blitzing is, long passes to open WR’s for TD’s.

For all the hype, I think this game is a statement for the defending champion Packers.

FINAL PREDICTION – Green Bay – 48   NYG – 34

Here are some other ‘Opinions’;

ESPN Sports Nation – Ravens v. Texans – 

ESPN Sports Nation – NO Saints v. SF 49ers

ESPN Sports Nation – NE Patriots v. Broncos

ESPN Sports Nation – NYG v. GB Packers

Sports Illustrated – Peter King’s Picks 

Yahoo Sports Guru’s – Silver, Carpenter, Cole

SB*Nation – Playoff Picks

Bill Simmons – 4-0 in Week 1 of the NFL Playoffs.  Let’s see what he’s got in Week 2.

NFL Playoff Predictions – Wildcard Week — The Perspective

NFL Playoff Predictions – Wildcard Week — The Perspective

Boat's n' Ho's

Cincinnati versus Houston – Sat 4:30pm
Houston – 24 Cincy – 13

Detroit versus New Orleans – Sat 8pm
New Orleans – 41 Detroit – 30

Atlanta vs. NY Giants – Sun 1pm
Atl – 34 NYG – 17

Pittsburgh vs. Denver – Sun 4:30pm
Denver – 20 Pittsburgh – 17

Original Pre-season & midseason updated picks for your Super Bowl winner!

Here are some other good sites for predictions and write-ups for this weeks upcoming games!

Bill Simmons 

ESPN – Mike Golic & Mike Greenberg

Sports Illustrated – Peter King

Michael Silver, Jason Cole & Les Carpenter – Yahoo Sports NFL Playoff Picks

RAGNAR + TEBOW + SQUARE1 Burger + CIGAR CITY Maduro = Awesomeness!!!

Week 12 Recap & Week 13 Predictions — Fantasy Football — The Perspective

Week 12 Recap & Week 13 Predictions — Fantasy Football — The Perspective

My Week 12 purrr—dictions are Here. <———

20-11-1 on the season. Not too shabby!

The recaps are going to sting a little bit this week. Its time for a reality check. Some of you are welcomed with open arms to the Champagne Room. Others are still squabbling over that last golden ticket and still others should proceed down the hall to the coat room to leave the building ASAP. It’s cold and lonely out there in Fantasy Offseason Land. No Worries, you’ll get em’ next year tiger!

ZB-166 BGTD – 122 In what can only be described as the King Lion embarrassing the up and coming Lion when they tried to claim supremacy, this was a virtual bloodbath. It lies heavily on the 2 QB spots. Although, BGTD got a solid performance from Mark ‘I will never win a super bowl’ Sanchez with 31 FF pts, and Jimmy Graham (22) & Brandon Marshall (20), the rest of the team didn’t offer much point support and with Tom Brady being who we thought he was with (44 FF Pts) & Matty “Ice” Ryan bringing (35) to the table, Roddy White (24) and Cedric Benson’s (20) were “Icing” on the beatdown cake! Mmmmmmm, Cake!!!

TPS – 158 LIM – 130 WTF? In what can be best described by this video clip – The Peacock Slayers, even with Alex Smith getting them (-1 FF PTS), Eli Manning (43) & His Boy Victor Cruz (37) worked together with CJ1k (19) & SEABASS Janikowski with (23 = AKA 6 FG’s) to overcome another Ho-Hum 5 TD’s from Drew Brees (53) & Matthew Stafford (21). Nice Upset Peacock Slayers, even with your season over, you still bring the Pain!!

BLC – 117 D&H – 99 Finally! A team that didn’t score 100 Pts or more against me this season! OK. Ok. Focus Dreznin!
Kind of a Bottle Rocket contest. All kinds of high scoring anticipation and then… a couple of sparks, a loud “POP” and mostly fizzle. Top 3 scorers from BLC – Aaron Rodgers (DUH!) (36), Tony Romo (20) & Ravens Defense (18) just out-dueled Vince Young (31), Cam Newton (21) & Texans D (15). Look anytime, the defenses make up the 3rd highest scorers on BOTH teams, you know the rest of the rosters sucked with enough force to get a golfball through a garden hose. Doback & Huff… We hardly knew you. You can still play spoiler though in Week 13!

T1IAR – 117 BCLJ – 85 Wow. With a chance to control his playoff destiny, Battle Cry Leeroy Jenkins drops his 3rd game in a row and finds himself on the outside looking in for the final playoff spot. A playoff spot that seemed a lock 3 weeks ago is now out of his control and he needs help. I’ll visit the tiebreaker scenarios in the Week 13 section, but first let’s see who dropped the ball for LEEROY. again. for. the. 3rd. week. in. a. row. Ben Roethlesbergerstein (14 FF PTs) against Kansas City (ewwww) & Jaaaaaash Freeman (12) (Stick a fork in him) & in order of Suckitude… Calvin Johnson (10) (his production is 40-67% less then the beginning of the season), Matt Forte (9) (same for M4tay – 35-50% less = He got Hanie’d) & finally Mike Wallace (1). One in a Row on the other hand had nice showings from Ryan PicksPatrick (34) & Arian Foster (16) (even with 1/2 a game of Matt Leinart & 1/2 a game with T.J. Yates and a total of 65 rush yds and 2 fumbles) & Greg Jennings (15) (Suck on that Jordy Nelson!) Next week is the last gasp for these two, so time to DO WORK, fellas.

Week 13 predictions!

With 3 of the 4 playoff slots filled, (Ha! I said ‘Slots Filled’) this has become an interesting lurch to the finish line. The 4th and final spot is up for grabs between BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE (6-6), THATS ONE IN A ROW (5-6-1) & still Ccccchanging around BATTLE CRY LEROY JENKINS (5-7).

And don’t forget, the top spot, the king of the hill, the big banana, the godfather, numero uno is still up for grabs with a 3-way tie! Is there a $$$ prize for finishing first in the league? Get back to us Paulie! I think I found a trophy for the league winner as well, but we’ll save that for the playoffs!

The Playoff Seeding tiebreakers are (according to our leagues settings) going to be based on Head to Head matchups… Not total points scored, etc…

So on that note.

The battle for the 4th and final playoff spot tiebreaker reads a little something like this.
Jared vs. Paul (2-0)
Jared vs. Steve(1-1)
Paul vs. Steve (1-1)

Since Jared has a tie, that will effectively dictate the 4th spot if they win and are tied. If Paul & Steve are tied at the end, then based on total points scored. (Before week 13 — Steve has 1501 & Paul has 1464. A 37 point swing to overcome.)

As for the top seed…
Erin vs. Sean (2-0)
Sean vs. Dan (1-1)
Dan vs. Erin (N/A) They play each other in week 13.

So to recap, Erin owns Sean, just like last years final/Super Bowl. Points for Sean (1702) vs. Dan (1679) equals a 23 point gap to fill (Ha! I said Gap to fill!) Since Erin & Dan play each other for week 13, the head to head stuff doesn’t really matter since the loser falls to 8-5 and most likely the #3 seed.

I hope that helps to build a little more anticipation like this

Now onto the unfinished business! Week 13 Prognostications!

Trust me... It hurt me worse then the turkey!

DOBACK & HUFF (4-8) VS. THATS 1 IN A ROW (5-6-1)
Doback can play spoiler here, or 1 in a row puts in a last ditch effort to claim the final playoff spot! Looking at the top 5 matchups of the QB’s, RB’s & WR’s I cannot help but love, love, love… Doback.

I mean, Cam Newton against the Yuccaneers, Frank Gore against St. Louis porous run defense after last weeks beatdown against the Ravens. I expect Gore to run roughshod. I can totally get on board with starting 2 WR’s against Cleveland, usually. Not sure about both of them going off, but 1 for sure.

1 in a row has some tougher conflicts, such as… the underwhelming, league leading turnover machine Philip Rivers facing a staunch Jags defense. Arian Foster with T.J. Yates at QB playing a solid Falcons defense that will most certainly put 8 guys in the box to stop Foster. Finally, Ryan Pickspatrick against Tennessee. Last weeks TD showing is a mirage. He’ll revert back to Pickspatrick this week.

D&H – 134 T1IAR – 122


Another battle where a participant needs to win to secure the 4th playoff spot. Will The Peacock Slayers take down another team and crush some more dreams or will BOOM win again as in their previous matchup (101-64).
Even though, the prognosticator in me, thinks BOOM takes this matchup and the 4th playoff spot, I do see a crack in the foundation. His roster features 6 players playing against 2 teams. 3 NY Giants facing Green Bay and 3 SF 49ers facing St. Louis. Both seem like smart plays, but if things go awry in one of these games, this matchup could also change dramatically. For that reason alone, I am picking another upset.

TPS – 129 BGTD – 121

Oh how the mighty (hyped) have fallen!

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Battle cry cannot seem to stop the bleeding and need a win here to have a chance at the 4th and final playoff spot. Christmas is on cruise control and looking to lockup the top seed with a win and a little help.
So onto the potential outcome! 3 word for X-mas – Rodgers, Romo & Murray! You can’t spell Battle CRY without CRY and this is what Leeroy will be doing once his Roethlisberger’s, Freeman’s & Forte’s sputter out again. Just looking at the matchups.
A brutal end to a brutal end of a season for Leeroy.

BLC – 148 BCLJ – 108



Defending Super Bowl champion ZB’s are continuing their dominance of this league and look to put their stamp on it again with a win and clinching of the #1 seed. MOORE is hoping to lick his wounds and change his momentum with a win and a shot at the top seed. Its the BATTLE ROYALE on CENTER STAGE! This matchup includes, the #2, #3 & #4 FF ranked QB’s. The #1 Tight End, Defense & Kicker and the #2 Wide Receiver, so you know these teams are legit and stuff.

I think there will be some tweaks to the rosters before the games begin, so I am guessing this outcome off the cuff.

LIM – 159 ZB’s – 149

With all the scores, my prediction is BOOM takes the 4th playoff spot with a losing record of 6-7 and CHRISTMAS takes the overall top seed by beating MOORE on overall points scored.

Have a great week and remember to do something nice for someone else with nothing in return!