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Results from Ironman Florida 2013. IMFL in Panama City Beach, FL

Results from Ironman Florida 2013. IMFL in Panama City Beach, FL


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IM FL Jack O Lantern via IM D Begala

IM FL Jack O Lantern via IM D Begala

2013 Longboat Key Triathlon results

2013 Longboat Key Triathlon results

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2010 Ironman Kona on NBC airing December 18 @ 4pm

2010 Ironman Kona on NBC airing December 18 @ 4pm

Don’t miss the dramatic coverage of the Ford Ironman World Championship

For Ironman athletes around the world, the coverage of the Ford Ironman World Championship on NBC (December 18th, 4 – 6 PM EST – check your local listings) has proved to be a life-changing experience. Countless people cite the show as the inspiration that got them into the sport.

The Sarasota Storm Triathlon Club is getting together at Gecko’s on Clark Road to celebrate these amazing athletes and our homegrown superstar, Carl Knutsson! Way to go Carl! Come join us. If you want directions or times, get at me on twitter @seandreznin

This year’s coverage of the Ford Ironman World Championship from Kona, Hawaii, promises to be every bit as exciting. With one of the most exciting professional races in history as a backdrop, the coverage will also include features on Kathleen Allen, Lew Hollander, Kyle Garlett and Clayton Treska.

“Each year we look to inspire our viewers with the raw power and competitive nature of the professional athletes along with the impressive stories of courage and determination demonstrated by all participants,” Peter Henning, vice president of television production for Ironman, says. “The course might not change year to year, but the drama continues to intensify.”

Bruce Lee – AMC – “Be Like Water”

Bruce Lee – AMC – “Be Like Water”

Week 15 Fantasy Football Predictions, Angels & Demons and Sleepers. Updated 12/18

Week 15 Fantasy Football Predictions, Angels & Demons and Sleepers.



Week 15 Fantasy Football Predictions, Angels & Demons and Sleepers.

Chances are, if your actually reading this, then your still “alive” in your fantasy football playoffs. For me I am still in the playoffs for all 3 of my teams, which is amazing in its own special way. Last week was so explosive in that many usual suspects that deliver steady performances either dropped off or dropped dead. Either way, those players ended a lot of fantasy seasons last week.
I had Aaron Rodgers on one of my teams, but fortunately that is a 2 week round format and I also have Arian Foster and Malcolm Floyd & Jason Witten. It certainly helps to have a solid overall lineup and not face a team with a Darren McFadden or Matt Schaub.

Anyhow, as we look ahead at week 15 we can’t help get the phrase “Don’t get cute here” or our take, “Don’t outsmart yourself, as you were obviously dumb enough to get yourself this far.” So subbing in Mike Goodson against Arizona for Adrian Peterson facing the Chicago Bears is the definition of “Getting Cute” or “Too Smart for your own good”. Ask yourself who got you to where you are right now? Names like Drew Brees, Peyton Hillis, Roddy White, Jason Witten & the NYG defense should resonate through your empty head right about now.

That seems like a good segue to visit our ANGELs we believe will lead you to the promised land this week. *One final time* I won’t be placing obvious names on this list or at least too many obvious names. Some will seem obvious but have a perplexing matchup or dynamic to their game. (i.e. – Greg Jennings is a must start, but he might have Matt Flynn throwing to him & same goes for Larry Fitzgerald and John Skelton) Just Saying.


SRQ 2010 Champion

Week 15 – ANGELS

Jay Cutler – We think he redeems himself somewhat this week against Minnesota. After the debacle at home this past week against NE, he can only go up, and we think the Bears recall they have a good RB as well. OY Vey. How this team leads their division is mind boggling. Its like Jacksonville. Minus 3 last play insane endings, they are 5-8. The Jags have been outscored by their opponents by 36 points. At least Chicago is 4-0 in their division. We think Cutler solidifies the Bears hold on the division this week. UPDATE – This game is taking place on the Frozen OUTDOOR Tundra of Minnesota Gohpers stadium. We will Pass on Cutler in the nasty weather instead of a climate controlled cushy dome. Instead look for Josh Freeman here.

Jon Kitna – Should have a solid week against a fluid Washington Redskins Defense who although they looked solid last week at home, will have less in the tank at Dallas this week. We think Kitna delivers a little special something under your tree.

Adrian Peterson – If Tavaris starts, Adrian is most likely affected negatively, but then you whisper to yourself, “Its ALL-DAY Peterson” and you remember he is a must start, because… “Did Adrian peterson get me here?” You bet your sweet patutie he did, even if the weather sucks, he is scratched up. UPDATE – I consider Peterson the F-150 of Running Backs.
Matt Forte – He does face Minnesota Run defense which is no laughing matter. But he can catch, and since we are on board for Cutler, we think Forte gets that secondary love.
LaGarrette Blount – Off the Sleeper list! Against Detroit, he should do work. Get past Suh and he should break the goal line.
Jonathan Stewart – Faces Arizona defense that loves to allow running yards to opposing RB’s. Should do well this week.
Ryan Torain – He is the guy, whatever that means in Washington. Your playing with fire here and you’ve been warned. He could be 1 of 3 things this week. A solid performer with 100+ and a score, a whelming kind of RB 60+/- yds with no score or lose you your championship by losing carries to Keiland and Davis. Good luck with that. UPDATE – A little nicked up, but still after last weeks performance, he must start, especially with Grossman as the QB, although look for 8 in the box.

Dwayne Bowe – But ONLY if Matt Cassel starts this week. If Brodie is under center, drop it like its hot, which may be D-Bowe’s motto when Brodie throws him the rock. Evidenced by the last 2 weeks ZERO points. UPDATE – We are sketchy on this pick to begin with. Even if Cassel makes it back, the Chiefs are going to run at least 60% of the time. You’ve been warned.
Miles Austin – Kitna is going to throw as Garrett wants to win and try to secure the head coaching gig. Who else is going to catch these passes, Ogletree? Martellus? I don’t think so. UPDATE – Dez is out, Roy Williams is Questionable leaving Austin. May have double coverage, but we can see 5 catches for 80 and a score.
Wes Welker – If you own him, your already starting him, but against a stout Green Bay defense that is going to be on the field a lot longer then usual, as unsure if Matt Flynn starts for GB at QB and they seem to have no running attack even though they have 6 RB’s. Welker goes to his happy place…the slot. (Insert crude joke here.)
Pierre Garcon – He got moved from our sleeper list to our ANGELS list. Its like going from the practice squad to the starting lineup. In Pierre we trust!
Mike Williams & Mike Williams 2.0 – Both WR’s have good matchups this week, but more importantly, if Mike Williams 2.0, the grunge version plays as he almost did this past week, he should have the better day. Tampa Bay has a few weapons like Winslow, Benn, Cadillac catching out of the backfield, where Seattle has squadooosh!

Jason Witten – He will produce this week against TE friendly Washington… lets say 9-12 points.
Browns DST & Patriots DST – Solely on matchups. Browns face Cincinnati and Pats face GB with Rodgers…Maybe.


talladega_nights - Shake n' Bake

The Usual Suspects wont be on here. Just some new players who will break your heart and leave you out of the money and reeling.
Matt Hasselbeck – Especially if Mike Williams comes back. They will need MW to replace Deon Butler who is out. Its now or never for Hasselbeck. We thinks never.

Joe Flacco – New Orleans is sneaky good on defense and the team is firing on almost all cynlinders. Baltimore might find tough conditions, even at home. Ray Rice might represent, but we think Flacco leaves a bit to be desired.
Ryan Fitzpatrick – Facing a surprisingly stout Miami Defense isn’t a situation we want our Fitzy involved in. UPDATE – Fitzy is looking a little better as every additional QB for other teams is ruled out, game-time decision or placed on IR/bench…. i.e. McNabb we are looking at you and Cassel.
Mark Sanchez – Facing Pittsburgh defense and he seems to have forgotten how to actually play football. He is the next Joe Namath though, allegedly. UPDATE – Troy Polamalu is out for this game, so Sanchez’s stock just rose a point.
Drew Stanton – Its Drew Stanton. Even though Tampa Bay is banged up on defense, I just don’t believe in Stanton. UPDATE – Drew is looking a little better as every additional QB for other teams is ruled out, game-time decision or placed on IR/bench…. i.e. McNabb we are looking at you and Cassel.
Tavaris Jackson – Even with the weapons this guy is given… AP, Sidney Rice and maybe Percy Harvin, he will underwhelm for your team. UPDATE – Jackson is on IR and out for the year. Favre is crusty and most likely out, so Volcano Joe Webb has been named the starter. Just close your eyes and imagine the name above is Joe Webb versus Tavaris.
Kyle Orton – Even though they are playing Oakland. The vaunted Oakland passing defense is a legend of yesteryear. I.E. – Jacksonville and Pittsburgh and San Diego I vs Oakland. I rest my case. WARNING * Orton is a risky play, but you already knew that. UPDATE – Orton might not play much if at all. Tebow has taken the majority of first team snaps.
LeSean McCoy – I jumped on his bandwagon for the first time about 4 weeks ago. I’m officially jumping back off. I see nothing but bad fantasy performance here. I’m probably biased and he will catch 6 for 80 with a score, but in my gut, i think he goes for closer to 8 to 12 points..total. The only things named “Le” are “LeCar” and “LeCreuset” (which is a plate maker) and the infamous “Pontiac LeMans”.
Cedric Benson – Look. If you can’t help yourself, I certainly cannot help you. If you find yourself in the semi-finals or championship and you are contemplating using Cedric Benson, do yourself a favor and just send me your next season’s leagues’ dues in a check to my work address. I’ll gladly take your donation for the advice I give. I’m the Madame Cleo of Fantasy Football jibberish.
Rashad Jennings – I understand he has a TD in three straight games and he is facing the Colts non-existent run defense. Please tell me you’ve heard of Mojo (aka – Maurice Jones-Drew). If not, please spend the next 3 hours quietly meditating on how you ever made it this far. Rashad may get some carries and he may accumulate some yards, but we just don’t see 4 in a row for this backup.

Steve Johnson – Hello #1 WR coverage. I think Cameron Wake will be so far up Ryan Fitzpatrick’s posterior that Fred Jackson will get more targets then Steve Johnson.
Anquan Boldin – Derrick Mason better get this guy a nice watch or a gold chain with the trinket of “Decoy” on it. ‘Quan will draw top coverage against stingy New Orleans and others will grow fat and happy.
Hines Ward – Don’t trust him this week against pissed off Jets defense. Plus, Roethlisberger has looked banged up as well. Its gonna be a lot of Heath Miller & Rashard Mendenhall. UPDATE – Likely to be sipping Mojitos on Revis Island this weekend.
Antonio Gates – Chances are he won’t be playing much if at all, and even if he does play next week or the week after, you won’t care by then. I’m sure that you, like me, have eaten up a deserved roster spot in hopes that AG makes it back, but just like in Old Yeller, its time to grab the gun and take Gates out back. “Thanks for always being there, doc.” <— points if you know the movie this quote is from. Let me know on Twitter at @seandreznin
Packers DST – We are down this defense ONLY if Aaron Rodgers is OUT. If A-Rod plays then start GB Def.
Olindo Mare – Been on a downward point slide for the past 3 weeks and facing an Atlanta juggernaut doesn’t make this very attractive.




Kerry Collins – With Chris Johnson in the backfield and Kenny Britt back and of course everyone’s favorite “Decoy”, Randy Moss loitering about 5 yards off the line of scrimmage, we see a solid fantasy effort here.
Colt McCoy – If he starts (He is the confirmed Starter for the remainder of the season (12/16/)) then he is a sleeper against Cincy Defense.
Tim Hightower – If you need a filler RB, you could do worse. Last week was a gift, this week could be similar. Enjoy it while it lasts… two weeks from now he could be fumbling 3 times and Beanie to the rescue!
Javarris James – I put him on here again, because if he gets you 8-10 points, are you going to complain?

One borrowed sleeper, is this. Either Louis Murphy or Jacoby Ford (whomever does not draw Champ Bailey). May the force be with you.
Sidney Rice – He’s back and this time he brought Tavaris! Oy. Still he’s solid.
Kenny Britt – He’s got his boy Collins making it rain down on him, not R.Kelly style, more Pacman Jones style. Moving on.
Vincent Jackson – Keep up with the practice/injury reports, but if he goes, he should deliver some points. (12/17 UPDATE – BOOM! Nailed it! Too bad I had a Christmas party and left Malcolm Floyd in on one team = ZERO DNP) GRINCH!

Bo Scaife & Owen Daniels – Its all about the QB in one case, and reclaiming a starting gig on a high powered 2nd half offense.

Dallas DST / Dolphins DST / Oakland DST – All Matchup based guesses.

As for our SRQ 2010 league predictions.

Here goes the quick breakdown:

In the 9th place game;
TEBOW – 99 vs. HOT TUB – 70

In the 7th place matchup;
Calvin & Da Munks – 119 vs. Rooster – 117

In the 5th place contest;
BenBowski – 101 vs. Team RC – 121

In the 3rd place, Runner Up Game;
Cassel Fit for a King – 78 vs. Manning & Rivers, Inc. – 119

Finally, in the Battle Royale, Season 2 Conquest….

A Cool Winters Brees (11-3) Highest scoring team in league


Team EV’s All-Stars (10-4) Winners of 8 in a row

Looking at each teams rosters we notice that most players have nice matchups, which could result in a real slug it out points fest!
So much depends on weather conditions and little variables but the bottom line is this. Based on the projected season long averages, ESPN has Brees winning 142-120 over EV.

We call it a touch closer. 134 – 127 with the crown going to….



…We’ll just have to play it out and see who the winning team is.

Insane Trophy for Champion - Ricky Bobby Style

Good luck to all teams and its been a hell of a season. We have some things to iron out for next season, but I would also suggest some fun additions as well. Maybe a ridiculous trophy and/or presentation, a punishment for the worst team, cash prizes for things like most points scored all season/ in a game / etc, etc, etc… All in all, a lot of fun. I hope you enjoyed it as well, and let me know if you’d like to see more of something or less of something in these write ups.


Matisyahu ~ Acoustic “Thunder” – AMAZING! Happy Chanukah!

Matisyahu – via AOL video – acoustic \"Thunder\"

Matisyahu ~ Acoustic “Thunder” – AMAZING! Happy Chanukah!

Week 9 Fantasy Football Predictions & Prognostications

Week 9 Fantasy Football Predictions & Prognostications

Its been an eventful and somewhat morose week….

* Randy Moss is a Tennessee Titan. Welcome to Ol’ Rocky Top… I’m sure this will go well!
* Shawne Merriman will have to find a new place for himself & Tila Tequila to live, as he plays in Buffalo now.
* Lil’ Wayne is a free man. Released from Rikers. Congrats, you earned it!
* Gucci Mane was arrested and subdued with pepper spray. Burr, Burrrr! Ha!
* Midterm Elections – GOP taking back the house.
* Numerous Bull Shark sightings in the shallows at Siesta (Yes, I went for a solo open water swim Tuesday evening at 5:30pm. Maybe a poor decision)
* Did anyone notice that the SF Giants won the World Series. I stopped watching when the Rays were eliminated.
* Pro Surfer, Andy Irons passed away at age 32, from Dengue Fever.???? Dengue Fever? WTF?
UPDATE – they also found Xanax & Ambien in his system. When will people learn? Sad.
* Antoine Dodson has made more money then most of us will in the next 5 years. Antoine is the “They rapin’ everybody” autotune guy with his own itune song and ringtone.
* Myspace was put “On Notice” by Newscorp (Fox), its owner, that its losses and lack of popularity are unacceptable and changes must happen. Our once mighty Myspace may be on its last gasp.
* The McRib returned. Like a family of raccoons in your attic. Welcome back.

And what a nice segue! Welcome back to you as well. This weeks predictions may have a sharper edge then normal.

Let us grab our agents cell phone number, the direct number to our attorney’s office and a handful of pills and a bottle of Stoli, cause we’re headed to rehab in our train wreck matchup comparisons.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen

picture via theonion.com

Our CHARLIE SHEEN Matchup of the week. Both teams keep getting chances to redeem themselves only to be caught naked in a holiday inn with a bag full of cocaine, a passed out hooker, their vehicle in a gulley at the bottom of a cliff and the abused spouses waiting at home for their alimony checks to feed their pain pill addictions.

Starting from the bottom and rising to the top this week, we will start with “THE ELIMINATOR” game!
HE’S STILL GOT IT! Facing THE BIG BENBOWSKI Both teams are staring 3-5 records squarely in the face.
Now, technically, even with a loss, and a 3-6 record, the loser could win out and finish 7-6 and I imagine, depending on previous matchups and head to head records, the playoffs could still be a possibility, but a torturous journey it will be. At least 5 teams will be ahead of you vying for that last of 4 playoff spots as well. Bottom line….Win this game!
All 4 QB’s have juicy matchups. Whomever’s QB’s DO WORK, will take this matchup, straight up.
If the QB battle is close, then we think LeSean pulls out his juju beads and drops some VooDoo on… his owner. Hakeem Nicks and Fitzy I are gonna go off!
Benbowski – 105 over HSGI – 102

jamarcus russell

jamarcus russell

copyright by Mobile County Sheriff

The JAMARCUS RUSSELL matchup of the week. So much potential, So much hope dawned anew on a season long march toward the championship! Derailed! FAIL. Ray Rice & Matt Schaub are the cough syrup in this story with Donovan McNabb and every other QB started on C&tC as the Oakland Raiders. The high WR draft picks that were all busts because Jamarcus Russell sucked donkey balls can be played by Pierre Thomas and Felix Jones.

Well, already up against the wall, the chipmunks begin there march to win out. Drop one game and all hope is extinguished. Similar to being a conspiracy theorist and living in your mothers basement, lining your walls with aluminum foil and wearing a hat made of chicken wire and magnets, the chipmunks need to focus and find their happy place, because if Derek Anderson & Matt Schaub can’t learn how to throw a forward pass and defeat the juggernaut of Peyton & Phillip (which sounds like a London Financial Brokerage Office), then fantasy Armageddon awaits. Regarding M&R, Inc, the 60%-75% theory still applies, although we probably need a catchier name then that. Any suggestions? Keep them to yourself.
M&R, Inc – 137 over C&TC – 90



picture from thenewsoftoday.com

Our TIGER WOODS / ELIN NORDEGREN matchup of the week. This is the matchup where you actually still kind of like both parties, hope for a resurgance on the links for Tiger, and in life for Elin. Same goes for both of these teams. We think the trade was necessary and not bad overall and RC is a surprising 3-5, if she could only figure out the right QB’s to start on the right week! Oy Vey! Just Do It? For the record, we think Tiger woods is a jackass for cheating on Elin and his kids, but $100+ million and embarrassment later, we hope for good golf.

SCOREING (sic) EARLY AND AUSTIN (5-3) versus TEAM RC (3-5)
How RC is 3-5, still boggles my mind. Her QB Black hole always seems to suck the wrong player to the bench and start the underachiever. This week, she has no choice and is stuck with Henne & Kitna as they will go heads up against newly acquired Cassel and Eli. In our opinion, we think this may finish quite even. Henne’s matchup against Baltimore sucks, but Kitna HAS to go bonkers on Green bay, whereas Cassel against Oakland means Run, Run, Run and look for a 3 to 1 Run to Pass ratio. Eli plays Seattle who has a somewhat surprising defense (last weeks game excluded…sometimes you mean to fart, and instead it’s a shart…or Jason Campbell (he is kind of a shart)) We love Darren McFadden and as long as RC changes roster, the loss of CJ and S-Jax on Byes (re: see luckiest team in the world comment regarding AUSTIN) hurts, but can be made up. The fantasy gods demand a Win from RC, so we succumb as well.
RC – 99 over SE&A – 97



picture via thedailyinquirer.net

Our JESSE JAMES matchup of the week. I mean, we just don’t have any explanation for these teams. Its like bizzaro world or something out of a stephen king novel. Rooster pulled Vick out of the waiver wile scrap pile and in essence found a Nolan Ryan mint condition rookie card at a garage sale. For EV, Joe flacco and Cedric benson have been the equivalent of spoiled rotten kids leeching off their wealthy parents. They do very little positive and just suck the life out of this team. The relation to Jesse James is we can’t wrap our heads around this d-bags lack of brain cells. He is married to an amazing woman who is classy, seems fun, makes mad bank, and seems like an all around catch. Then after he blows all that up… Kat Von D? Its no fun fishing if the fish jump into your boat.

ROOSTER (5-3) versus EV’s ALL-STARS (4-4)
If anyone can explain to me, like a 3rd grader, how Rooster is 5-3 and how EV is 4-4, I am all ears. I just can’t seem to fathom how the rosters and schedules played out this way. Its awesome! This game seems way too easy to predict, so I’m just rolling with it. No Mojo3 or Brandon Lloyd for EV means a huge FF point loss.
Rooster – 119 over EV’s – 79

Our BRITNEY SPEARS / KEVIN FEDERLINE matchup of the week. This basically describes one team heading in one direction while the other is heading in the opposite direction. Pretty simple stuff. I think based on winning and losing streaks, you can figure out who is the Federline in this matchup. Remember there was a point when Britney (1-2 record for IANHG) was bald wielding an umbrella into the side of an SUV. And Federline’s redemption was a spot in a Burger King Commercial. Just Saying.

britney spears

britney spears

copyright by thesunblog.com

On paper this looks like it could get ugly 140 – 100, but once the monocle comes out, the closer inspection looks a little different, in our eye anyway. We think this matchup comes down to the wire. This is due to Stafford facing Jets D or do I actually start Favre against Arizona… I am hesitant to get FAVRE’d again. I know the stove is hot, but I can’t stop touching it! The only saving grace is Fitzy II plays Chicago and if the Bears actually play D, could shut him down. In all confidence, the rest of the roster rundown looks like a slaughter for IANHG, but anything can happen.
Hasselbeck Girl – 139 over Stop The Bleeding – 134

Its been a steady progression to this point in the season with a pretty smooth commish and enjoyable draft, so raise your glass, take a breath and smash that glass over your head because this is your wake up call to stop being stupid and start being awesome. Your Welcome!

The Longboat Key Chamber of Commerce will hold the island’s first ever triathlon and duathlon, on Sunday, October 24, 2010.

Longboat Key First Ever Triathlon

Florida’s Newest Endurance Event Set for October

The Longboat Key Chamber of Commerce will hold the island’s first ever triathlon and duathlon, on Sunday, October 24, 2010. Hosted at the Longboat Key Club & Resort, the endurance event will start at 7:30 a.m. and include a half-mile swim, 20-mile cycling ride and five-mile run. Duathlon distances will be a 2 mile run, 20 mile bike and 2.5 mile run.

Week 4 Recap – Fantasy Football



Week 4 Recap – Fantasy Football

SRQ 2010 – The aftermath of week 4 reveals much to us…

I think you will remember this helpful, uplifting, hope inspiring statistic from last weeks column;
RECORD after WEEK 3 and success percentage of making the playoffs
3-0: 75 percent
2-1: 51 percent
1-2: 27 percent
0-3: 9 percent

RECORD after WEEK 4 and success percentage of making the playoffs
4-0: 85 percent
3-1: 65 percent
2-2: 38 percent
1-3: 16 percent
0-4: 3 percent

Well upon the shellacking that our undefeateds took this week and the uprising from the winless, leaves our league straddling 3-1, 2-2 and 1-3… Its anybodys’ season…again… Things looked bleak for Team Carlos and Team Last Place, but alas, bye weeks and strong matchups resurrect both from a 3 % chance of making the playoffs to a 16 % chance, and that is enormous, to say the least. While the Zaller boys recover from their respective losses, one more impactful then the other, but both revealing, they both continue to look strong for the future with 65 % chances of success! The rest of us are muddled in the middle looking forward to next weeks matchups and hoping for 80 yards and 1 TD instead of 25 yards and turnovers!

Onto the week 4 recap. The forecast for the weekends games will come later this week.


In visiting my columns predictions from last week, you see that I correctly predicted some and still others not so much. Such is fantasy football, and if you saw LT supplanting Shonn Greene as the starter or David Garrard, Carson Palmer & Shaun Hill scoring more fantasy points then Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Matt Schaub, and Phillip Rivers, then you are probably the best ever.

Moving on.
FORTE OUNCE – 129 over STACKED DECK – 116 — Correctomundo! True final Score 40oz – 131 Stacked Deck – 92
Bye weeks for Romo and Austin were nice, but huge days from Arian Foster (34 pts) and A Gates (30 pts) were just the spicy Jerky compliment to a nice charcoal brewed FORTE oz. As for Stacked Deck, they brought the wood with Peyton with (27 pts) and Ahmad (19 pts), but you may recall the moment when Ahmad was all alone running smoothly, not quickly, but a steady jog into the endzone and they he turned his gaze to the left and up a bit… to watch himself on the scoreboard… only to have a defender catch him, strip the ball and recover the fumble! Thank you Ahmad, from 40oz.

ROOSTER – 99 – CARLOS – 88 — AhhhSwingandahhhhMiss… True final Score CARLOS – 112 ROOSTER -76
Team Carlos jacked his little weenus as furiously as he could and alas, in spite of himself and bench superstars (T.O. – 42 pts, Patriots D – 39pts & Eddie Royal – 21pts) he defeats the listless Roosters, who we may have proclaimed just a smidge early as most awesome free agent pickup in Mike Vick. Owww, my rib cartilage is killing me…I am sure there is a dog fighting joke in there somewhere, but I don’t have the heart. Three players competed for an entire NFL 60 minutes and got you 1 point each, while another player scored 100% more points and C.J. Spiller earned you 2 pts. Uphill battle with those figures. As for Team Carlos, wow. From zero to hero… his roster looks like a bunch of all-stars this week… Guys such as Megatron (22 pts), & Of Mice and Mendenhall & Chaubbie (19pts each) came through earning Carlos its inaugral win and keeping THE Hangover at bay…for now.

We hypothesize BABY LIP LOCK – 113 1ST PLACE – 111.. Wow. Final score 77 for 1st place and 76 for Baby Lip Lockers. DEH-VAH-STAY-SHONN! How 1st place stole this game is repulsive. With each team having guys going in the monday night game, it was inevitable that this was gonna be close, but leading by a handful heading into the game, SPEEDY GONZALEZ looked good with Ronnie Brown and Randy Moss primed to be consistent enough to put up maybe 15-20 pts total, at worst. 1st place had the ever Beibered Brady going, but he usually plays less then versus the Fins, especially in Miami. Alas, Brady only got 9 pts, so of course the story must end with a victorious spanish mouse celebrating by shooting his guns into the air. Wait. For. It…. Ronnie Brown=4pts & Randy Moss=0 pts. Body Blow, Body Blow, Uppercut…Finish Him.

We are not going against our gut though. RC – 105 Rodgers – 96 — True Final Score RODGERS – 150 RC – 132
We apparently ate a lot of corn and products with O’Lean in them, because our gut was kind of wrong on this one. I say kind of, because Team RC scored 132 points which was the 2nd highest scoring total in all of the league, the problem of course, is they played the top scoring team. Fantasy Reality! Maddening! LT scored (29 pts) & the Chargers Def scored (27 pts) and the other bit players scored double digits and iced this matchup! We hold comment on LeSean McCoy (21 pts) as his performance was solid to say the least. Rodgers looks like a force heading into the SRQ 2010 future. RC had Shaun Hill (27 pts) & Reggie Wayne (25 pts) perform, but in the end, #1 pick Chris Johnson, again dropped a stinker with (4 pts) and ended the slim hopes of defeating the juggernaut this week.
Screw it, were going, Last Place – 98 Submission -93 — Thank goodness, we picked another game right. We’re looking at you Speedy! True actual score LAST PLACE – 69 SUBMISSION – 50. 50 points? If you will recall, I have been pointing out that each week over 50% of Submission points come from 2 players (Phillipe & AP) With AP on a bye this week, this loss was inevitable, but even we thought someone else would step up. Here are the starters actual FF pts scored in ascending order… 0,0,0,1,3,4,9,13 & 20pts from the other half of the 50% duo. I think this team is paper thin and may have trouble making the playoffs, but then I could be completely wrong. Remember, I at one point thought Brett Favre was going to be good. As for Last Place, they recovered nicely to get off the schneid and garner a 1 in the win column. With performances from Mojo (25pts) and everyone’s favorite drunk driver Braylon (14 pts) they were able to offset the concussed performance of Jay Cutler (NEGATIVE 12 points). Last Places team is in flux and while this win stopped the fantasy bleeding for a week, the next few weeks will define the season, fo sho. If nothing else, they have 3 extremely solid Tight Ends on the roster, so that must be nice.

Remember, the matchup forecasts will come later this week. Enjoy this past week if you won, or stew in your frustration if you lost.

1982 Ironman – Amazing Finish – Julie Moss

The success and perserverance of Julie Moss in the 1982 Ironman Kona Race was a catapult that drew America in on what all the buzz was about.

To see her finish was such an uplifting moment, it definitely puts your “bad day” in perspective.