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Fantasy Football Players who are going to destroy your team from the inside out in 2015.

Fantasy Football Players who are going to destroy your team from the inside out in 2015.


A new season is upon us tonight!  Football is here, Hallelujah!!

I felt is was my opportunity to sprinkle in some debbie downer tidbits at this point.

I wanted to dive right in with some players who are, in my opinion, most likely to frustrate you and leave you steaming from the ears.


I think  Matthew Stafford, Drew Brees and Philip Rivers are all quality candidates to produce big numbers for FF teams in 2015.  I also believe these 3 QB’s are all most likely to disappoint you moving forward.

For Stafford, he was the 15th best QB last season.  That’s a problem.  What makes you think he got better this year?  Calvin Johnson is a year older.  I’m concerned for Mr. Stafford and I think he finishes with similar FF numbers..  24 Total TD’s, 12 INT’s & 8 Fumbles.

For Mr. Rivers, he was the Jeckyl/Hyde of last season.  He ended up finishing 12th in the QB rankings, just getting squeezed out of 10th.   In his first 8 games of 2014, his FF stats were 20 TD’s & 5 INT’s.  He threw for over 250 yards in 6 out 8 games and was on fire.  Then the wheels fell off.  For his final 8 games his line was 11 TD’s & 13 INT’s with 4 of 8 games over 250 yards passing… He systematically cratered numerous FF teams hopes of making the playoffs and did so all with this goofy smirk on his face.  If you believe he will be more 1st half then 2nd half, more power to you and pick up some antacid at Costco while youre at it.

Finally, Mr. Drew Brees.  This is a little more victimization then his skills eroding.  He lost Jimmy Graham and Kenny Stills.  He still has unproven Bradin Cooks and of course one year wonder Mark Ingram.  What would give you any hope that this season is going to be better or not substantially worse then last year?


Justin Forsett – I don’t trust him.  He has had one year where he performed above expectations.  Previous to that, he was never trusted as the lead back, whether the talent was greater in front of him or the staff never felt he was the right guy to get the job done.  After a resurgence last season as the surprise starter in Baltimore, he is now 30 years old, with his height (5’8″ and 197 lbs) and he nicked up his MCL in preseason so it looks like he will be sidelined for a couple weeks to start the season.  Pretty much falls in line with our expectations for 2015.  Pass.

DeMarco Murray – I mean come on.  He ran behind Dallas wall of an O-line last season.  Now he is in Philly where they have all kinds of weapons and they use them liberally.  Ryan Matthews will snipe carries and catches.  The WR corps are plentiful and we expect them to throw a lot.  DeMarco is a stud and he will be fruitful this season.  He just won’t be as good as he was last year.  Mark my words.

Mark Ingram – I loathe putting him on this list as he was a BOSS for me last season.  Came out of nowhere and scored 9 TD’s in 13 games last season.  Here’s the rub.  The last 6 out of 7 games, he was disappointing and also helped crater many FF teams playoff hopes.  He is a bruising back and gets a majority of the goal line touches, but he also gets his ass kicked in doing so and those hits add up.  Expect Mark Ingram to miss some time this season (he missed 3 games last season) and expect his numbers to take a small hit..  He finished 13th in the RB ranks in 2014.  We are anticipating a lower rank by the end of the year this season.


Jeremy Maclin – I love him this season.  I’m scared to death of him this season. I loathe him this season.  He was the 9th best WR last season because he played on Philly’s offense.  Now he is in KC.  I realize he is the guy in this offense.  But he still has Alex Smith throwing him the rock.  He is still battling Jamaal Charles for targets and does anyone remember the name Dwayne Bowe (58th ranked WR in 2014) and do you recall that NO Wide Receiver on Kansas City caught a TD last season.  The entire season.  Now that figure has to go up, but how much, really?  Do you think it improves J-Mac to better then a 9th place WR finish?  We don’t.

Kenny Stills, Javaris Landry, Greg Jennings & Davante Parker – Too many cooks in the kitchen.  The only one I might take a flyer on is Javaris as he is the slot, quick look guy and Tannehill can find him all day.  Tannehill doesn’t have the arm to consistently feed Kenny Stills.  Greg Jennings has been irrelevant for a couple of year (really since he willingly left Green Bay and Davante is too ripe)

Odell Beckham Jr. – I know. It’s the ODB-jr.   He’s literally made of plastic and has tacky hands.  He catches everything.  He also had 12 TD’s in 12 games last season while Victor Cruz was on IR.  He averaged 100+ yds and 1 TD per game.  We expect a slight regression.  He may still get his 10-12 TD’s and his 1,100 to 1,300 receiving yards but it would be over 16 games and that takes him down a notch or two.  Look, I’ll summarize it this way.  If you’re facing a choice between Demaryius Thomas, ODB or Julio Jones,… I would wager JJ and DT are more likely to perform.



Ultimately, the choice is yours, and these are just my opinions.

Best of luck this season and check back for more Fantasy Football information!

2015 Fantasy Football introduction article

With the first game of the season only 2 days away, I finally broke down and decided to resurrect my fantasy football blog.  At this point, its wholly organic and i’m not quite certain what the specific subject or direction is, so I’m hopeful that it finds its way.


By this point, you should’ve already had your draft and have a team with tons of potential and questions marks.  I’m looking at you Jarvis Landry and Joseph Randle.

This year I am playing in a few leagues, but the main FF league is one that we have a live draft and it is PPR (Points Per Reception), so the pressure to load up on highly targeted WR’s is upon all of shoulders.  Some people deviate from the norm and take their QB early and true to form as the RB pool is shallow, 6 of the first 7 picks off the board this year were RB’s.  We had 1 QB in the first round (12 teams/picks) and 4 WR’s.

You certainly don’t need me to tell you who to take with the 1st round pick and probably shouldn’t for the 2nd round either.  If you’re stumped between Jamaal Charles or Antonio Brown for the 4th or 5th pick, then you’re gonna be fine.  Remember, my team didn’t do very well last season and just missed the playoffs.  Sure, injuries decimated my lineup and bad luck as well, but that’s fantasy football.  If you think your roster will look identical at the end of the season as it does today, you’re a bit green.

Now our league again is focused on PPR, which provides 1 additional avenue to gather FF points.  So use this to your advantage.  This is typically where one can excel in the league.  I drafted smaller receivers who tend to play the slot and are targeted many times… i.e. – Julian Edelman, T.Y. Hilton.  Now in retrospect, Gronk and Andre Johnson are the TD Hawks on both of those teams, but TY & Edelman should always be on the QB’s radars.  Both of those teams are high octane offenses with chaotic running games… In theory it should go well….

In regards to a PPR league and RB’s… Think it through… I drafted Le’Veon Bell and Lamar Miller.  This screams potential BIG Points with all the dumpoffs and short escape valve routes, but no guarantee’s.

Finally, the QB.  What to do, what to do?  Do you bite early and take a potentially more productive gunslinger like Andrew Luck or Drew Brees? or do you wait and get yourself a wildcard with a ceiling like Ryan Tannehill or Eli Manning?  I believe most would say, you choose based on your draft position.  If you are the 12th and 13th pick in the draft and you know it will be 23 picks before youre up again… maybe you take Luck with the 13th versus a Dez Bryant or DeMarco Murray type.   In most cases, people take the quality names at the WR or RB position and wait on the QB.  The thought being, in most cases there are 2 or 3 sure fire star QB’s who will produce almost every week.  There are  6 to 8 QB’s who fall somewhere in the middle… from the Tom Brady’s to the Russell Wilson to the Tony Romo’s.

As for “Sleeper’s”, I agree with Mr. Bill Barnwell, that there really aren’t sleepers anymore.  In fact, due to everyone having a cell phone, laptop or Ipad, really all the data you need is at your fingertips and there are 1,000’s of talking heads espousing facts, opinions and conjecture on all players.  The bottom line is some sleeper you had in mind 4 weeks ago is not going to make the final 53 on said team and some player you’ve never heard of will light up the preseason only to get drafted in the 9th round with all kinds of hype surrounding them and simply ride the pine.

I would prefer to have a proven workhorse like Anquan Boldin or Steve Smith Sr, then a long shot like Devin Funchess or Leonard Hankerson.

Keep in mind injuries are inevitable in FF.  If you have a roster spot you’re willing to designate as untouchable, then it may be worthwhile to stash a Knile Davis or Jerrick McKinnon or Ronnie Hillman.  The downside is during some bye week in the future, you will be tested as to whether to drop that backup producing little to no points and pick up a fill in starter to complete your roster.

Good luck to all and remember, have fun, talk shit and come up with a good team name.

Fantasy Football 2013 Week 1 Recap

It’s that time of year again!! Fantasy Football 2013 Week 1 Recap

Back to School!

Back to School!

Well, well, well… what a start to the Fantasy Football 2013 season.

In the “real” NFL, there were 4 safeties in the 1pm games.

Jacksonville actually scored some points even after turning down Tebow and staying with Gabbert! Good call Jags!

Philip Rivers’ passer rating when Chargers were up 28-7 with 10:46 left in 3rd quarter was 134.8 ..Thereafter, it was 0. ZERO.

In the “virtual” world of FF, we had a frickin tie in week 1. How does that even happen with our tiebreaker… ooooohhhhh, no tiebreakers. Congrats to the Clark family for the tie… hmmmmmmmmm, kind of makes you wonder. At least Steve & Erin didn’t tie, although they tried.

Team Gager led off right where they left off. Domination! 164 points leads the week in scoring… Balanced attack. Scary good.

On the flip side of that… Poor Danny. A ZERO and a negative starter. Next week, we think Danny brings his “A” game!

Dre unceremoniously welcomed Mr. Rissler to the league with a beatdown. Welcome wagon has left the station!

Justin & Paulie brawled and Paulie just squeaked out a win. Good stuff from both teams though!

I speak for everyone when I say, Let’s give this league a PULSE! Someone say something!!

Fantasy Football Week 14 waiver wire pickups


If your in the playoffs, you are starting the guy who got you there, regardless of the matchup.

If your heading down the stretch run, maybe you need a backup, your dealing with nagging injuries or you have a middle of the road QB and you want to take a chance.

Here you go;
Chad Henne
– Jax
Nick Foles – Phi
Colin Kaepernick – SF
Brandon Weeden – Cle vs KC
Ryan Fitzpatrick – Buf

Alex Green
– James Starks is out. No one else really.
Michael Bush
Bryce Brown – There is no way this cat is still out there in your league
Jacquizz Rodgers – Atl
Ben Tate – Keep an eye on him, especially if the Texans clinch

Percy Harvin is now on IR, so maybe Jerome Simpson… seriously though besides Kyle Rudoplh, Ponder has looked so inept I would avoid minnesota Wr’s.
Randall Cobb – If Jordy is nicked up, this looks even sweeter
Justin Blackmon – Cecil Shorts has a concussion. Who else does Henne throw to?
Jermaine Gresham – His stock went up with Mohamed Sanu’s IR placement.

Is it time to Secede? Week 10 recap and Week 11 predictions ++ The Perspective ++ Fantasy Football

Is it time to Secede? Week 10 recap and Week 11 predictions ++ The Perspective ++ Fantasy Football

texas secession

Similar to the 100,000+ Texan’s who are pushing for secession, I may have to consider seceding from our league. My team has created a darkness inside me. I am ashamed each week and loathe Ryan Matthews, Rashad Jennings & Felix Jones, more then I could’ve imagined.

On a serious note, I am looking forward to watching the Buccaneers work on making the playoffs! Go Doug Martin!!

Week 10 was a back-breaker for some, including “Over Dramatic”. Six teams make the playoffs in our league and in essence, 5 are already in, while one team is in prime position to take the 6th and final spot, leaving 2 teams to grapple over a miracle finish over the final 2 weeks while winning out and hoping other factors outside of their control fall into place.

As hard as I want to believe I still have a chance. I. DO. NOT. So on that note, I take a moment of silence to pay tribute to…


Over Dramatic – Playing against teams in different weeks whose players had record setting scoring weeks… from Jamaal Charles (230+ yds rushing & 3 TD’s), Doug Martin (250+ yards rushing & 4 TD’s), Aaron Rodgers (6 TD Passes), Jordy Nelson (180+ yds receiving & 3 TD’s) and the Bronco’s defense (2 TD’s & 2 INT’s) squashed most chances of actually winning. This team played the highest scoring team of each week 4 times out of 10 weeks. 3 Peat Zalla and Victory Cruz were tied for the second most with 2 weeks each. Such is life and although this team is the 7th highest scoring team, they are sitting in 9th place. They have had the second most points (1,252 or 125.2/week) scored against them, by a large margin. In contrast, the second least points scored against a team is Come Back Kid, who has had (1,024 or 102.4/week) against them. That is 23 points per week to overcome. A big deal, but a moot point at this point.

The Worthless Herd – Inconsistency. Chris Johnson has been great in the last 3 of 4 weeks. Matthew Stafford has done just enough to be the 10th best QB. Fred Jackson was a bright star for 4 weeks. Jordy Nelson had 3 good weeks, 1 of those weeks was great. (See Over Dramatic above) Every year we joke around with Danny, but really we want him to succeed. Next year is going to be the year of D-LONG!!!

Victory Cruz – Disappointing. Victor Cruz was electric to start the season but has dropped off. Frank Gore has been solid. Tony Gonzalez is the stud on this team. Cam Newton is the 20th ranked QB. After Over Dramatic had finally had enough of RB roulette and dropped Steven Jackson after he did NOTHING all season (9 weeks), he gets 3 times his normal carries and runs for 100+ yards and a TD against the 49ers. Go Figure! It’s been that kind of season for these teams.

3-Peat Zalla – Just sad. Former 2 time-champion. The fall from grace was swift and blunt. Eli Manning and Ahmad Bradshaw just pooped the bed 5 out of 9 weeks. Arian Foster is the only player ranked better then 13th at their position (save for backup Carson Palmer). None the less, we think Erin will be back on her championship march next season.

“All you can handle, Bro!”

Looking at Week 11.

Congrats to the Playoff clinching Teams!

Come Back Kid at 9-1 is gunning for the top seed!

Pounder at 8-2 is set for the playoffs!

A-Shift Rules at 7-3 is at worst, a 5 seed.

Here is where it gets interesting…

Gippers Gangsters (6-4) face In-Zane (4-6) and Come Back Kid (9-1) over the final 2 weeks.

Jace Invaders (6-4) face Worthless Herd (3-7) and Over Dramatic (3-7)* = *played Over Dramatic in Week 4, losing 90-136.

Charles in Charge (5-5) face Pounder (8-2) and Victory Cruz (3-7).

Rodgers A-Doodle-Doo (4-6) face Over Dramatic (3-7) and A-Shift Rules (7-3).

In-Zane in the Membrane (4-6) face Gippers Gangsters (6-4) and Pounder (8-2).

Roethelisberger = “Drink and Drunk”

Against the other remaining ‘In Contention’ teams…the tie-breakers look like this…

Total points scored.
Rodgers Doodle-Doo – 1209
Charles in charge – 1186
Gippers Gangsters – 1153
In-Zane Membrane – 1116
Jace Invaders – 1115

Anyhow, in Week 11, we prognosticate the following outcomes…

Sorry, I slept with your mom

CBK – 140 VCruz – 120

Pounder – 145 CiC – 125

A-Shift – 148 3-Peat – 142

GG’s – 138 Membrane – 116

The Herd – 119 Jace – 115 *Upset Special!

OD – 128 Rodgers – 127 Playing Spoiler!

Good luck this week!

Fantasy Football Week 8 & 9 recap and Week 10 predictions * The Perspective * Muscle Hamster Style

Fantasy Football Week 8 & 9 recap and Week 10 predictions * The Perspective * Muscle Hamster Style

Mucle-Hamster Style

“4 More Years… It’s like the Groundhog came out, flipped us off, took a dump and here we go again.”

Standings after week 9.

Come Back Kid 8 1 .889 —
Team Pounder 8 1 .889 —
Team A-shift RULES 6 3 .667 2
Gipper’s Gangsters 6 3 .667 2
Jace Invaders 5 4 .556 3
Rodgers A doodle doo 4 5 .444 4
Charles in Charge 4 5 .444 4
In-Zane In The Membrane 4 5 .444 4
Over Dramatic 3 6 .333 5
Team 3-Peat Zalla 2 7 .222 6
The Worthless HERD!! 2 7 .222 6
Victory Cruz 2 7 .222 6

Looking ahead to final 3 weeks, 2 teams have clinched the playoffs.

and Pounder at 8-1 are already in.

A-Shift Rules and Gipper’s Gangsters at 6-3 are on the path to success and should reach the playoffs without too much trouble.

Jace Invaders got a huge win this past week and at 5-4, should put together a redeeming run into the promised land.

The sixth and final playoff spot is up for grabs between 4 teams. Over dramatic has the toughest road, at 3-6, they must win out and hope for others to fail.

The 3 teams at 2-7 are for all intensive purposes, eliminated from the playoffs, barring some miracle finish. But, hey you never know.

This is as far as I got last week.

I am just unable to consistently write this, but I do enjoy it when I get the time.

Regardless, if anyone wants to take over, please let us know, and I will somewhat gladly hand over the reigns.

Keep Smiling!

Week 10 predictions

CBK – 158 IZITM – 144

Pounder – 133 Cruz – 89

GG – 119 CIC – 117

OD – 125 A-Shift – 124

Jace – 120 3-Peat – 100

RADD – 123 TWH – 101

Good Luck!

Week 8 Fantasy Football Like/Dislike player recommendations – * The Perspective * Pulp Fiction Style!

Week 8 Fantasy Football Like/Dislike player recommendations – * The Perspective * Pulp Fiction Style!


What is the theme of this list?
What is going on here with * The Perspective *?

“Say ‘WHAT’ one more time… Mofo!

Players I like… (Note* Players I like and dislike, simply means, I like these guys more then usual this week. I won’t mention every QB or RB that is a stud, because its too obvious, like Arian Foster or Aaron Rodgers. If those players aren’t on a BYE, your starting them regardless… Anyhow, I digress.)

Peyton Manning
– Love him on the big stage against a non-defense.
Andrew Luck – Tennessee defense is a misnomer unto itself.
Carson Palmer – In lieu of McFadden performing, Palmer may be forced to throw a lot.
Eli Manning – Seems like a possible shootout
Tony Romo – Seems like a possible shootout
Robert Griffin 3 – The Pittsburgh defense is relying on yesteryears hype. They’re good, but not that good.


QB’s I dislike…this week.

Philip Rivers – Just because
Sam Bradford – He will probably throw a lot against NE’s defense to try and keep Rams in the game, but i think a good number of passes find the ground or DB’s.
Kolb/Skelton – 49ers defense. No thanks.

RB’s I like this week…

Chris Johnson – I very much dislike that i’m putting him on this list. He is so schitzo this season. but Indy provides a cushion to his fall and he responds well to cushions.
Mike Leshoure – Calvin johnson is always covered this season. Only other option is LeShoure.
Vick Ballard – by default
Kendall Hunter – could see lots of work against Arizona. They want to keep ball out of Alex Smith’s hands and Frank Gore healthy-ish.
Ryan Matthews – If there is one thing the Browns allow, its RB’s to amass FF pts. This should be a solid game for rushing yards and check down passes.
Darren Sproles – Against the Denver rush, he will be used as screener and check down guy. I could see him getting 7-11 catches.

RB’s to dislike this week…

LaRod Stephens-Howling – 49ers defense. Enough said.
Felix Jones – Oy Vey Felix.
Steven Jackson – In a clear timeshare with D-Richardson.
Michael Turner – Not that good. Not that bad. I just dislike him this week.
Jamaal Charles – I think Oakland stacks against the rush and begs Brady Quinn to throw.

How to plan for a hurricane

WR’s I like…

Lance Moore – see NO vs. Den.
Eric Decker – see above.
Andre Roberts – Larry Fitz is going to be smothered.
Percy Harvin – snuck him in here! Lawd have Percy!!
Wes Welker – Should reign supreme against Rams!
Jeremy Maclin – Hip is fine!
James Jones/ Randall Cobb – Should light it up this week
Nate Washington – Indy defense
Miles Austin – not Dez Bryant this week.

WR’s to avoid this week…
Dez Bryant – just a hunch – Again, obviously unless you have someone better, you start him!
Dwayne Bowe – Oakland CB’s and DB’s and Safety & Brady Quinn at QB
Steve Smith – Bears D
Brandon Lloyd – I think he doesn’t have the chops to get open like he used to.

New England

St. Louis
Ny Giants

Week 6 & 7 Recap * The Perspective * Fantasy Football Armageddon and a glimpse into Week 8 pick-ups and predictions *

Pulp_Fiction Jules

Week 6 & 7 Recap * The Perspective * Fantasy Football Armageddon and a glimpse into Week 8 pick-ups and predictions *

(Read it aloud in Samuel Jackson’s voice) “The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy My brothers. And you will know My name is the Lord when I lay My vengeance upon thee.” ~ Jules, Pulp Fiction


Recapping each team from weeks 6 and 7 versus each individual matchup. (from the best to the worst)

Team ComeBackKid – (2-0) and overall (6-1) May need a name change to Team Domination!

Gipper’s Gangsters
– (2-0) and overall (5-2) Envious of the other rookies impressive starts, Gipper’s is well on her way to usurping the other two!

The Worthless Herd
(2-0) overall (2-5) D Long took offense to Dreznin’s worthless herd comment… and now they are feeding off the “Nobody believes in us” mantra as they cling to playoff relevance! Second Half Warrior Pick!!


Dreznin Style (1-1) overall (3-4) 6th place is the best place! Schitzo Drez Style scores 160 one week and 80 the next. Never know what’s going to happen next week!

Jace Invaders (1-1) overall (3-4) Jace used the element of surprise to take down one of our leagues giants and the last undefeated team in week 7. Well played, sir!

Team 3-Peat Zalla
(1-1) overall (2-5) Last years champion just has too much pride and fights back to take week 7 and hang onto this season’s relevance by the skin on their teeth!

Team Pounder (1-1) overall (6-1) Still #1 in our league, but reeling from their first loss. Will they bounce back or is this the inevitable slide toward reality?

Rodgers-A-Doodle-Doo (1-1) overall (3-4) 5th place as they milked 6 touchdowns from Aaron Rodgers in week 6 to hang on to the scoring lead. Regardless, Mr. Discount Double Check has been resurrected and lives! Throw in a surprising Shonn Greene and this team has legs!!

Charles in Charge (1-1) overall (3-4) In my humble opinion, Charles in Charge and Dreznin Style are carbon copies of each other. Good weeks and bad weeks, never really comprehending what’s coming the next week!

Team A-Shift Rules (0-2) overall (5-2) Reality has begun to set in for one of our leagues rookies. Still in command atop the league, but on the cusp of being pulled back into the battle with the slew of 3-4 teams, A-shift better regroup and right the ship!!

In-Zane in the Membrane – (0-2) overall (3-4) As bad as the last two weeks have been, Paulie sits at 3-4 and the playoffs are a realistic couple of wins away!

Victory Cruz (0-2) overall (2-5) The saddest part of Victory Cruz is they could very well be 3-4 or 4-3, but being too busy or unable to change the roster, especially during the bye weeks has led to some close losses and the title of whipping boy of the league. Here’s hoping they are able to make a little time for Fantasy Football and all the treasures it provides, unlike family, work and friends!


Looking at Week 8 Matchups

Team CBK (6-1) v. Rodgers DD (3-4)

Based on recent history, I’m taking the team who is El Grande el fuego!
CBK – 155 RDD – 130

Team Pounder (6-1) v. The WH (2-5)
I want to believe in Long’s comeback. I really do. Oh hell.
WH – 129 Pounder – 128

Gippers Gangsters (5-2) v. Over Dramatic (3-4)
The time has come for another relationship to be tested by the pressures of fantasy football.
OD – 133 GG – 118

A-Shift R (5-2) v. IZITM (3-4)
Both teams have key players on BYES. Both rosters look evenly matched. ESPN has IZITM favored by 38 pts.
A-Shift – 111 IZITM – 109

Charles IC (3-4) v. 3Peat Z (2-5)
This may end up being the closest matchup of the week.
3PZ – 119 CIC – 105… Maybe not.

Jace Inv (3-4) v. Vic Cruz (1-6)
JI – 140 VC – 78

In conclusion… we should all be carrying this wallet!

Bad mofo wallet

P.S. – 8-4 over the two weeks… 29-13 overall…

Week 5 Recap & Week 6 Predictions * The Perspective * Fantasy Football * Red Solo Cup

Week 5 Recap & Week 6 Predictions * The Perspective * Fantasy Football

Welcome to Fantasy Football… Where Fantasy meets Reality!

I’m short on time this week and exhausted from 2 jobs and my obsessive training. and insomnia.
But I do have some energy from my 2 game winning streak and a shot of hope in this league!

Last week I finished 5-1 which jumps my record to 21-9 on the season. I have no idea how I’m getting these right, and really…it is irrelevant anyhow.

7 Sharks

Last weeks matchups

Dreznin Style – 157 3-Peat Zalla – 138 – If Erin played anyone else in the league, she would’ve won, but alas, those words have been said previously and all too often.

Team Pounder – 132 Rodgers-Doodle-Doo – 114 And another one bites the dust. Pounder is a week or two away from clinching a playoff spot and running amuck on his inaugural season! Boom goes the dynamite???

In-Zane Membrane – 130 Victory Cruz – 117 Closer then the score indicates, but Oh Cam Newton… what happened? A Philip Rivers switch would’ve made all the difference… but then I feel like we say this every week. Is Cam Newton Vince Young Part 2?

Team A-Shift Rules – 116 Danny Long’s Herd of Worthless Players -54(except Julio Jones, who he traded for peanuts)
62 point gap. 62 POINT LOSS. SIXTY-TWO POINTS. The end.

Gippers Gangsters – 114 Jace Invader’s – 100
A Quiet win, but another notch on Gangsters belt.
This league is turned on its head at this point, as two rookies are 5-0 and the third rookie is 3-2 and in the upper half of the league, while the defending champion is on the ropes and the runner-up is in the same position.

ComeBackKid – 95 Charles in Charge – 81
ComeBackKid does it again. What a season. Bobby Griffin3 gets a concussion and while normally this would spell CRISIS for most teams, ComebackKid can just put rookie Andrew Luck in and watch his team win another weekly matchup!!

Moving onto week 6 matchups… I still want to put some effort into this write up and get it done before the games actually start! So I’m gonna youtube some stuff and just shoot from the hip!!

The ‘Party all the time’ Matchup

Team Pounder (5-0) v. A-Shift Rules (5-0) Well, folks. We have arrived at the peak of the mountain. This matchup feels similar to the all-star game in baseball in that the winner of this week, would appear to be in fantastic position for home field advantage in the playoffs… Oh nevermind, we don’t do that!
Pounder – 142 A-Shift – 139

The ‘Call Me Maybe’ Matchup

ComeBackKid (4-1) v. Jace Invaders (2-3)
Just another week for ComeBackKid. Crucial week for Jace. 2-4 is a long road back… while 3-3 feels oh so nice and relaxing.
I think this entire matchup hinges on whether Robert Griffin III plays. Pierre Garcon, Adrian peterson and the Vikings D are all in play… Oh and Julio Jones has a new owner…A nice trade for Jace!
Jace – 124 ComeBackKid – 120

The ‘David Hasselhoff’ Matchup

In-Zane Membrane (3-2) v. Charles in Charge (2-3) These teams are quite evenly matched up… Having said that, I like Charles’ matchups much better this week.
Charles in Charge – 117 In-Zane – 108

The ‘“Journey” – Separate Ways’ Matchup

Gippers’ Gangster’s (3-2) v. 3-Peat Zalla (1-4) The matchups of the leagues ladies. ESPN say’s this matchup should finish 116-116. I think it will be closer.
Gipper’s Gangsters – 117 3-Peat Zalla – 115

The ‘MC Hammer, Pumps and uh Bump’ Matchup ** (Watch video at own risk)

Rodgers-Doodle-Doo (2-3) v. Victory Cruz (1-4)

As of 1:38pm on Saturday, Victory has 3 starters on BYE WEEKS, but that aside if he changes his roster in time, with P Rivers, LaGarrette and I guess… Baldwin? then he may only lose by a small amount.
Rodgers – 122 Victory – 63 Based on the current lineup. (If updated – 122-106)

The ‘Red Solo Cup’ Matchup

Dreznin Style (2-3) v. Last team on the Left (0-5)
The good news. No Julio Jones to deal with. The bad news. No Drew Brees to deal with. I guess these things depend on your perspective. ESPN has Danny favored by 41 points. I hope that doesn’t hold up because I really, really, really, really need this win. Thanks again for trading Julio before our game danny. Maybe you can trade Dwayne Bowe and Matt Stafford before Sunday at 1:00?
Dreznin – 125 D-LONG – 124 I couldn’t help myself…

The Perspective * Fantasy Football Week 6 pick ups

The Perspective * Fantasy Football Week 6 pick ups

Grouped by position, but no rankings within the position… Here goes!

Jeremy Kerley – NYJ WR

Jordan Norwood – Cle WR

T.Y. Hilton – INDY WR

Early Doucet – ARI WR


Kevin Kolb – QB Ari

Christian Ponder – QB Min

and I guess, if your really in a pinch… Brandon Weeden facing Cincy D or Russell Wilson facing NE defense.


Vick Ballard – Indy RB

Alex Green – GB RB

William Powell – Ari RB

Kendall Hunter – SF RB <— most likely already picked up


Brandon Myers – TE Oak

Jacob Tamme – TE Den

Joel Dreesen – TE Den


Browns D – a comedy of turnovers for both teams?
Cincy D

Tampa Bay D

Indy D