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Fantasy Football Players who are going to destroy your team from the inside out in 2015.

Fantasy Football Players who are going to destroy your team from the inside out in 2015.


A new season is upon us tonight!  Football is here, Hallelujah!!

I felt is was my opportunity to sprinkle in some debbie downer tidbits at this point.

I wanted to dive right in with some players who are, in my opinion, most likely to frustrate you and leave you steaming from the ears.


I think  Matthew Stafford, Drew Brees and Philip Rivers are all quality candidates to produce big numbers for FF teams in 2015.  I also believe these 3 QB’s are all most likely to disappoint you moving forward.

For Stafford, he was the 15th best QB last season.  That’s a problem.  What makes you think he got better this year?  Calvin Johnson is a year older.  I’m concerned for Mr. Stafford and I think he finishes with similar FF numbers..  24 Total TD’s, 12 INT’s & 8 Fumbles.

For Mr. Rivers, he was the Jeckyl/Hyde of last season.  He ended up finishing 12th in the QB rankings, just getting squeezed out of 10th.   In his first 8 games of 2014, his FF stats were 20 TD’s & 5 INT’s.  He threw for over 250 yards in 6 out 8 games and was on fire.  Then the wheels fell off.  For his final 8 games his line was 11 TD’s & 13 INT’s with 4 of 8 games over 250 yards passing… He systematically cratered numerous FF teams hopes of making the playoffs and did so all with this goofy smirk on his face.  If you believe he will be more 1st half then 2nd half, more power to you and pick up some antacid at Costco while youre at it.

Finally, Mr. Drew Brees.  This is a little more victimization then his skills eroding.  He lost Jimmy Graham and Kenny Stills.  He still has unproven Bradin Cooks and of course one year wonder Mark Ingram.  What would give you any hope that this season is going to be better or not substantially worse then last year?


Justin Forsett – I don’t trust him.  He has had one year where he performed above expectations.  Previous to that, he was never trusted as the lead back, whether the talent was greater in front of him or the staff never felt he was the right guy to get the job done.  After a resurgence last season as the surprise starter in Baltimore, he is now 30 years old, with his height (5’8″ and 197 lbs) and he nicked up his MCL in preseason so it looks like he will be sidelined for a couple weeks to start the season.  Pretty much falls in line with our expectations for 2015.  Pass.

DeMarco Murray – I mean come on.  He ran behind Dallas wall of an O-line last season.  Now he is in Philly where they have all kinds of weapons and they use them liberally.  Ryan Matthews will snipe carries and catches.  The WR corps are plentiful and we expect them to throw a lot.  DeMarco is a stud and he will be fruitful this season.  He just won’t be as good as he was last year.  Mark my words.

Mark Ingram – I loathe putting him on this list as he was a BOSS for me last season.  Came out of nowhere and scored 9 TD’s in 13 games last season.  Here’s the rub.  The last 6 out of 7 games, he was disappointing and also helped crater many FF teams playoff hopes.  He is a bruising back and gets a majority of the goal line touches, but he also gets his ass kicked in doing so and those hits add up.  Expect Mark Ingram to miss some time this season (he missed 3 games last season) and expect his numbers to take a small hit..  He finished 13th in the RB ranks in 2014.  We are anticipating a lower rank by the end of the year this season.


Jeremy Maclin – I love him this season.  I’m scared to death of him this season. I loathe him this season.  He was the 9th best WR last season because he played on Philly’s offense.  Now he is in KC.  I realize he is the guy in this offense.  But he still has Alex Smith throwing him the rock.  He is still battling Jamaal Charles for targets and does anyone remember the name Dwayne Bowe (58th ranked WR in 2014) and do you recall that NO Wide Receiver on Kansas City caught a TD last season.  The entire season.  Now that figure has to go up, but how much, really?  Do you think it improves J-Mac to better then a 9th place WR finish?  We don’t.

Kenny Stills, Javaris Landry, Greg Jennings & Davante Parker – Too many cooks in the kitchen.  The only one I might take a flyer on is Javaris as he is the slot, quick look guy and Tannehill can find him all day.  Tannehill doesn’t have the arm to consistently feed Kenny Stills.  Greg Jennings has been irrelevant for a couple of year (really since he willingly left Green Bay and Davante is too ripe)

Odell Beckham Jr. – I know. It’s the ODB-jr.   He’s literally made of plastic and has tacky hands.  He catches everything.  He also had 12 TD’s in 12 games last season while Victor Cruz was on IR.  He averaged 100+ yds and 1 TD per game.  We expect a slight regression.  He may still get his 10-12 TD’s and his 1,100 to 1,300 receiving yards but it would be over 16 games and that takes him down a notch or two.  Look, I’ll summarize it this way.  If you’re facing a choice between Demaryius Thomas, ODB or Julio Jones,… I would wager JJ and DT are more likely to perform.



Ultimately, the choice is yours, and these are just my opinions.

Best of luck this season and check back for more Fantasy Football information!

2015 NFL Week 1 picks w/ scores

All teams on right are home teams.

Thursday’s Games  –

Pittsburgh @ New England

NE – 38  Pitts – 31

Sunday’s Games

Green Bay


GB – 35    Chi – 17

Kansas City


KC – 28   Houston – 20


New York

Cleveland – 17   NYJ – 14



INDY – 30    Buffalo – 13



Miami – 31     Wash – 28



JAX – 27      CAR – 23


St. Louis

SEATTLE – 42     ST. Louis – 16

New Orleans


ARIZ – 28    NO – 27


San Diego

SD – 37    Det – 24


Tampa Bay

TB – 20    TENN – 13



CINCY – 28    OAK – 25



DENV – 52   Balt – 21

New York


Dallas – 35    NYG – 17

MONDAY’s Games



PHILLY – 48   ATL – 18


San Francisco

MINN – 23   SF – 21

2015 Fantasy Football introduction article

With the first game of the season only 2 days away, I finally broke down and decided to resurrect my fantasy football blog.  At this point, its wholly organic and i’m not quite certain what the specific subject or direction is, so I’m hopeful that it finds its way.


By this point, you should’ve already had your draft and have a team with tons of potential and questions marks.  I’m looking at you Jarvis Landry and Joseph Randle.

This year I am playing in a few leagues, but the main FF league is one that we have a live draft and it is PPR (Points Per Reception), so the pressure to load up on highly targeted WR’s is upon all of shoulders.  Some people deviate from the norm and take their QB early and true to form as the RB pool is shallow, 6 of the first 7 picks off the board this year were RB’s.  We had 1 QB in the first round (12 teams/picks) and 4 WR’s.

You certainly don’t need me to tell you who to take with the 1st round pick and probably shouldn’t for the 2nd round either.  If you’re stumped between Jamaal Charles or Antonio Brown for the 4th or 5th pick, then you’re gonna be fine.  Remember, my team didn’t do very well last season and just missed the playoffs.  Sure, injuries decimated my lineup and bad luck as well, but that’s fantasy football.  If you think your roster will look identical at the end of the season as it does today, you’re a bit green.

Now our league again is focused on PPR, which provides 1 additional avenue to gather FF points.  So use this to your advantage.  This is typically where one can excel in the league.  I drafted smaller receivers who tend to play the slot and are targeted many times… i.e. – Julian Edelman, T.Y. Hilton.  Now in retrospect, Gronk and Andre Johnson are the TD Hawks on both of those teams, but TY & Edelman should always be on the QB’s radars.  Both of those teams are high octane offenses with chaotic running games… In theory it should go well….

In regards to a PPR league and RB’s… Think it through… I drafted Le’Veon Bell and Lamar Miller.  This screams potential BIG Points with all the dumpoffs and short escape valve routes, but no guarantee’s.

Finally, the QB.  What to do, what to do?  Do you bite early and take a potentially more productive gunslinger like Andrew Luck or Drew Brees? or do you wait and get yourself a wildcard with a ceiling like Ryan Tannehill or Eli Manning?  I believe most would say, you choose based on your draft position.  If you are the 12th and 13th pick in the draft and you know it will be 23 picks before youre up again… maybe you take Luck with the 13th versus a Dez Bryant or DeMarco Murray type.   In most cases, people take the quality names at the WR or RB position and wait on the QB.  The thought being, in most cases there are 2 or 3 sure fire star QB’s who will produce almost every week.  There are  6 to 8 QB’s who fall somewhere in the middle… from the Tom Brady’s to the Russell Wilson to the Tony Romo’s.

As for “Sleeper’s”, I agree with Mr. Bill Barnwell, that there really aren’t sleepers anymore.  In fact, due to everyone having a cell phone, laptop or Ipad, really all the data you need is at your fingertips and there are 1,000’s of talking heads espousing facts, opinions and conjecture on all players.  The bottom line is some sleeper you had in mind 4 weeks ago is not going to make the final 53 on said team and some player you’ve never heard of will light up the preseason only to get drafted in the 9th round with all kinds of hype surrounding them and simply ride the pine.

I would prefer to have a proven workhorse like Anquan Boldin or Steve Smith Sr, then a long shot like Devin Funchess or Leonard Hankerson.

Keep in mind injuries are inevitable in FF.  If you have a roster spot you’re willing to designate as untouchable, then it may be worthwhile to stash a Knile Davis or Jerrick McKinnon or Ronnie Hillman.  The downside is during some bye week in the future, you will be tested as to whether to drop that backup producing little to no points and pick up a fill in starter to complete your roster.

Good luck to all and remember, have fun, talk shit and come up with a good team name.

Some Stats to chew on…

Some Stats to chew on…


* The highest scoring team through 5 games is Team Vetri (4-1) with 668 points an avg of 133.6 per game
* The lowest scoring team through 5 games is Team Clark (2-3) with 466 points an avg of 93.2 per game
* The highest scored against is, yours truly, Hanging on for Life (1-4) with 701 points an avg of 140.2/game
* The lowest scored against is Team Ginexi (4-1) with 498 points an avg of 99.6/per game scored against.
* The highest individual performance was Demaryius Thomas last week with 49 points.
* The potential biggest surprises for draft pick over performing include, Steve Smith, Le’Veon Bell, Darren
Sproles and Antonio Brown.
* Some potential busts (not including injured) include Adrian Peterson, Keenan Allen, LeSean McCoy, Detroit
RB’s, Marques Colston, Cordarelle Patterson, Tom Brady & Cam Newtown.

This just underlines the point, that each week is truly a toss up and based on one players results, that alone can sway the outcome…

I write this from a position of bias. My team is solid. The second highest scoring team in the league with 634 point scored or 126.8 per game. A per game avg good enough to win 2 or 3 games with ease… but when you face Julio Jones and Matt Ryan as they team up to score 56 points on the hapless Bucs… it sways the fantasy outcome.

Or let’s say Mr. Thomas (49) scores 2 TD’s, totals over 200 yards receiving and catches 10 passes while Russell Wilson (35) runs for over 100 yards with 3 TD’s… those two players alone accounted for (84) fantasy points. That is tough to overcome, even if you have a couple players perform well.

That’s fantasy football though and its fickle. This week, someone will face off against the team that owns Drew Brees while he’s on a Bye week or A.J. Green with his busted toe or Adrian Peterson and his crimes and this may give them an opportunity to notch a win. These are the expected turns and the unexpected ricochets that fantasy football brings.

I'm a Peacock, You GOTTA LET ME FLY!!

I’m a Peacock, You GOTTA LET ME FLY!!

It’s difficult to lose some of these weeks, when going in I was certain I was coming away with a win… Brutal in a couple cases (Looking at you Mr. Rissler)

But that is fantasy football. My resolve to win is strengthened as I empty my free agent budget to hopefully finance a win or two while completely mortgaging my future away if something cataclysmic should occur… (Like losing Jimmy Graham for the season – That was a close one!)
You may make a trade that fills a perceived flaw, or stand pat as you steamroll your way to the playoffs.

This week is make or break for a few teams including, The Commish, Mrs. Commish and DRE and Dumber.

Also a clash of the titans is upon us as two 4-1 teams face off. Good luck to both Ginexi & Rissler.

So, I toast the fantasy gods and beg for mercy heading into week 6 and ask the simple question…

“Are you not entertained?!!”

** On a side note…
Let’s see a little more trash talk and some shenanigans.

Fantasy Football SRQ League Weekly Breakdown

I must start with a preface that with my schedule these days, it may be difficult to keep up any consistent writing.

Props to Justin Clark for motivating me to write something for this week.

“Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die”

Inigo Montoya vs. Team Rissler

Phillip Rivers against Colin Kapernick

Dez Bryant versus Jordy Nelson

This is gonna be a good time!  A party of the ages!

Prediction – Inigo Montoya gets revenge for his father!!


Team Vetri faces off against Team Commish

On paper this is practically dead even.  Andrew Luck against Matt Ryan…  Julio Jones could go off again, but so could Reggie Wayne…

Tough call…

Prediction – Vetri takes it by a nose


Darren to be Bad versus Team Clark

Another toss up.

Darren to be Bad — “Has he been tested?”

Team Clark — “How do feel about the Dolphins?”

Prediction – Darren to be Bad goes Fossey, Fossey, Fossey, Madonna, Madonna, Madonna and pulls out a win.


Beats by Ray against Back that Pass Up

This appears to be a no-brainer.

Prediction – Back that Pass up wins big and enjoys a smooth Chatterton’s afterwards!


Flip McGillicuddy vs. Team Ginexi

In my opinion, this entire contest comes down to the Mysteriousness-tation of Jamaal/Knile Gate.  Who plays, who scores, who starts.

Prediction – Team Ginexi shakes it for a close win over the underdog McGillicuddy.  Anybody’s call.  Both have quality dance moves.


Team Zaller vs. Team Clark

Lot’s of fun and games until reality sets in.

Like Matt Stafford, dislike Tony Romo

Prediction – Team Clark easily wins out.


Good luck this week.

Are you ready for some Football…fantasy?

Are you ready for some Football…fantasy?

Too soon to declare mutiny against Buccaneers head coach Greg Schiano

Too soon to declare mutiny against Buccaneers head coach Greg Schiano

Eric Adelson

TAMPA, Fla. – This seems like a good spot for a mutiny. What could be more appropriate on a winless team that features a pirate ship in the end zone and a taskmaster head coach one star calls “Hard Core Schiano”?

The chatter this week in the NFL is not about if the scowling Greg Schiano is going to be made to walk the plank here, but how soon. He said too little about the MRSA outbreak that got Lawrence Tynes tied to an antibiotics line. He was alleged to have rigged the captain’s vote that unseated quarterback Josh Freeman from that leadership role. Even the new star, Darrelle Revis, was reported to vent about the coach’s hard-charging ways. The Bucs are 0-2, and Schiano has become as much of a cartoon villain as Bucco Bruce.

Unfortunately for those who smell blood in the water, the sharks are going to have to circle just a little longer. The storyline doesn’t match up with the reality. At least not yet.

“You guys are trying to throw the kitchen sink at us,” Bucs offensive tackle Donald Penn blared as he stood outside his locker Wednesday. “You’re trying to bring us down. It shouldn’t be like that. We’re good. I talked to Revis. He’s good. I talked to Josh. He’s good. We are unhappy we lost the last two games, that’s it. I love my head coach; I love all my teammates. We’re fine.”

For complete article and other NFL news, CLICK HERE <———============

Fantasy Football 2013 Week 1 Recap

It’s that time of year again!! Fantasy Football 2013 Week 1 Recap

Back to School!

Back to School!

Well, well, well… what a start to the Fantasy Football 2013 season.

In the “real” NFL, there were 4 safeties in the 1pm games.

Jacksonville actually scored some points even after turning down Tebow and staying with Gabbert! Good call Jags!

Philip Rivers’ passer rating when Chargers were up 28-7 with 10:46 left in 3rd quarter was 134.8 ..Thereafter, it was 0. ZERO.

In the “virtual” world of FF, we had a frickin tie in week 1. How does that even happen with our tiebreaker… ooooohhhhh, no tiebreakers. Congrats to the Clark family for the tie… hmmmmmmmmm, kind of makes you wonder. At least Steve & Erin didn’t tie, although they tried.

Team Gager led off right where they left off. Domination! 164 points leads the week in scoring… Balanced attack. Scary good.

On the flip side of that… Poor Danny. A ZERO and a negative starter. Next week, we think Danny brings his “A” game!

Dre unceremoniously welcomed Mr. Rissler to the league with a beatdown. Welcome wagon has left the station!

Justin & Paulie brawled and Paulie just squeaked out a win. Good stuff from both teams though!

I speak for everyone when I say, Let’s give this league a PULSE! Someone say something!!

From 32 to 1, presenting the Shutdown Corner preseason power rankings

From 32 to 1, presenting the Shutdown Corner preseason power rankings

Mayhem is Everywhere

Mayhem is Everywhere

By Frank Schwab | Shutdown Corner

Before the season kicks off a month from today in Denver, as the Ravens begin their Super Bowl defense against the Broncos, there will be more news that changes our views on teams.

For now, here are the Shutdown Corner preseason power rankings in case you missed any, from 32 to 1. The preview for each team is linked on the team name.

32. Oakland Raiders
Best-case scenario: Get Jadeveon Clowney, have a franchise player to build around.
31. Jacksonville Jaguars
Can’t win without a quarterback.
30. Arizona Cardinals
Their offense was a question mark even before running backs started getting banged up.
29. Buffalo Bills
It’ll be a productive season if E.J. Manuel shows he’s the clear QB of the future.
28. Cleveland Browns
Can see Browns moving up quickly, but Brandon Weeden’s camp struggles are a concern.
27. Tennessee Titans
Titans need to be a lot better on defense to move up.
26. Kansas City Chiefs
Honestly, the Chiefs are too low right here. This ranking should change in a hurry.
25. New York Jets
Get ready to see Geno Smith, because that seems to be the direction we’re headed.
24. San Diego Chargers
Still haven’t seen anything to indicate they won’t drop like a rock this year.
23. Philadelphia Eagles
They will be plenty happy when games start and the focus can be on football.
22. Miami Dolphins
Their left tackle situation is a mess, but Dion Jordan already looks like an intriguing rookie.
21. St. Louis Rams
Lot of pressure on Sam Bradford, especially if the no-name running backs don’t produce.
20. Minnesota Vikings
If the rookies come along fast, not out of the question for them to return to the playoffs.
19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Darrelle Revis should be ready by Week 1. Real question is, will Josh Freeman show up?
18. Dallas Cowboys
Get ready to enjoy Jason Garrett’s lame duck season.
17. Detroit Lions
The pieces are there for them to take a big jump, but the secondary is still shaky.
16. Pittsburgh Steelers
Defense will be good. Will Le’Veon Bell and the receivers produce for the offense?
15. Indianapolis Colts
If you told me we’ll consider Andrew Luck a top three QB by season’s end, I’d believe it.
14. New Orleans Saints
Sean Payton’s return doesn’t completely fix a horrendous defense.
13. Chicago Bears
Don’t forget, the Bears were 7-1 before Jay Cutler suffered a concussion last year.
12. New York Giants
If Hakeem Nicks can stay healthy (yeah, we know, it’s unlikely), then watch out.
11. Carolina Panthers
Still haven’t changed my opinion that this is the NFL’s breakout team in 2013.

For the top 10 and #1. CLICK HERE <——–=============

Congratulations to Team Pounder! Champion of the SRQ Fantasy Football league

Congratulations to Team Pounder! Champion of the SRQ Fantasy Football league



1. Team Pounder
2. Team ComeBackKid
3. Jace Invader’s
4. Gipper’s Gangsta’s
5. Team A-Shift Rules

Take note, SRQ Fantasy League.

3 of the top 5 teams and the league champion are all rookies this season!

Keep Smiling!

Keep Smiling!

Next year is going to be awesome!!!