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Weeks 3-5

Well these weeks have literally flown by.

It’s all about perspective!


“All you can handle, Bro!”

The workouts have remained fairly consistent and the eating has remained steady as well.

The one new aspect which my wife is amazing at, but I tend to struggle with is a cleanse.

She has started her 6 day cleanse and she will crush it.

I am stumbling into my cleanse by under preparing and not making it a priority.  I bought smoothie products to blend only to have to leave the house at 7:30am this morning and by the time I left my son had just woken up.  At the end of the day, its a bunch of excuses and I will buckle down today.

Let’s do this!


I’ll keep you posted as to how things proceed.

Week 2 recap – Journey back to health

Week 2 recap – Journey back to health


Pic from the past – Back in 2011 when I was near my leanest and in top shape!

The past week has been a tough week.  As in life, things at work or at home arent always copacetic and this week had a bit of resistance in all those areas.  This naturally affected my workouts and at the end of the day, my eating.

Mind you, I stayed quite diligent in eating reasonably well, such as a quest bar as a snack or bringing a banana to work in addition to a snack as I knew I would be hungry.  I find myself a bit hungrier on the mornings I hit the gym.

The good news is, even with some later dinners and additional days with caloric intake near 2,200 total, I still managed only 1 Lenny & Larrys Protein cookie and was able to drink a solid amount of water.  At least 64 ounces per day if not closer to 100.  My goal for week 5 and thereafter is 128 ounces per day.

The best part of the chaos is being able to focus and hit the gym again.  Those mornings at the gym are wonderful and I leave there feeling like I got some good work in.

I’m looking forward to week 3 and surprising my wife in Clewiston, FL as she runs her first 50 mile race at the Skydive Ultra!  Can’t wait to see the look on her face when she see’s my sister, brother-in-law and myself cheering her on!


Pregnant Woman on Raw-Food Diet Causes Controversy: Is She Bananas?

Pregnant Woman on Raw-Food Diet Causes Controversy: Is She Bananas?

Dreznin's Find your fit challenge Feast

Dreznin’s Find your fit challenge Feast

By Beth Greenfield, Shine Staff | Healthy Living

Can a pregnant woman be healthy on a raw vegan diet?

It’s a question being beaten to a pulp following a recent interview with Australian designer Loni Jane Anthony, 25, an expectant mother, who discusses her adherence to such a diet — including her tendency to consume 10 bananas for breakfast and 6 mangoes for lunch. The strict eating regimen has made Anthony, also a photographer with more than 103,000 Instagram fans, the subject of public scorn, with some deriding her for endangering both herself and her baby.

“You kind of realize who your friends are,” she tells News.com.au in the Tuesday interview, referring to the frequent eye rolls she gets over the fact that she follows the “80/10/10,” a raw fruit and veggie diet providing 80 percent carbs, 10 percent fat and 10 percent protein. “I’ve had a lot of judgment from people thinking I’m nuts and saying ‘Why is Loni eating 10 bananas for breakfast? Is she crazy?’ People tend to shut you out because you’re not in the social circle of alcohol or drinking coffee …They’re in their comfort zones of eating junk and they don’t want to be around someone who makes them feel guilty.”

A typical daily menu for Anthony, she says, might include a few “mono meals,” meaning one type of fruit, like oranges or bananas or watermelon; a smoothie; and for dinner, a large salad with tahini dressing—plus plenty of warm water with lemon.

She says she switched to the diet, created by longtime athlete and trainer Douglas Graham, after a lifestyle of heavy drinking and lots of junk food that led to a battery of health problems. “I started getting skin infections, acne, and putting on weight, which was weird because I’d always been so slim,” she says. “I wanted to sleep all the time and ended up with a whole range of health problems including candida overgrowth, hormone imbalance, irregular periods, and hair loss. I also got really sick on a trip (read: fully-blown bender) to Thailand and picked up parasites and dengue fever.”

For complete article, CLICK HERE <—-====

Find your fit challenge Days 6 & 7

Find your fit challenge Days 6 & 7

Day 6 was a struggle for me, to say the least.

You can have your cake... But can you eat it, too?

You can have your cake… But can you eat it, too?

With a handful of appointments (one held at local coffee and pastry shop) (I got a lemon decaf hot tea!) and the next appointment held at a whole foods, Day 6 was a testament to willpower. Add in winds of up to 20 mph and temps hovering in the mid 50’s to low 60’s for job #2 and it made for a long 14 hour day of trying to stuff veggies down my gullet. All in all, it was a success and eventually I made it home no worse for the wear!

Day 7 was actually pretty smooth sailing and the reward of a blackened chicken salad from my work awaited me afterwards! I am eating the salad as I type this and it is magical!

I am looking forward to the next 2 weeks and conquering this challenge and my future head on! The detox/cleanse portion is over and the healthy eating /no alcohol/no caffeine portion begins…

More power to you if your doing this, on your way to doing this or have no intention of doing this and are enjoying a juicy burger right now.

If you are interested in learning more or taking a look at some of the products/supplements I am using, then drop me a line or a comment herein!



Find your Fit Challenge Day 4 & 5

Day 4 & 5 were more of a challenge to say the least, although it is fun to tell people about the journey and experience…

Dreznin's Find your fit challenge Feast

Dreznin’s Find your fit challenge Feast

I have been making more brain farts for sure, including giving $20 more in change back to customers.
Fortunately they were stand up people and handed the money back to me.
I also left the sliding doors unlocked on Jonell’s house when I left. Duh!

As far as feelings go, I am doing well and feel solid. Not great, not bad… just a confident solid!

I am looking forward to the next couple of days as this will allow me to really reach the goal of 7 days detox.

It’s been two straight days and nights working full days at both jobs. Basically 26 hours worked over 2 days… Kind of runs you down, when your eating a ‘normal’ diet, let alone a cleanse diet.

I am looking forward to taking my “emancipation” pills tonight and crushing tomorrow! (most likely a 13 hour day!)

Day 1 of my new Succeed with Sean Blog

The beginning of my weight loss journey - My first race - Greater Cleveland Triathlon

Jilly Jill & Sean - My Pre-Inspiration days!

Day 1 of my new Succeed with Sean Blog – I have included these 3 pictures to remind myself and to show you reading this, of where I began my path to progress.

Yesterday was a good day, and although the weather and my not 100% right calf prevented me from running, I got in a 45 minute cycling trainer workout, 20 minutes on the elliptical runner and a medium back and tricep weight session in.

Dinner consisted of 1.5 servings of skinless baked chicken breast, 2 servings of asparagus, 1 serving of baked sweet potato fries & 2 servings of sugar-free pudding cups for dessert and as much H2O as I can fit in my body.

The beginning of my weight loss journey II - My first race - Greater Cleveland Triathlon

Signing off for now. More to come…

Mississippi Burning… its cookies in the oven. — Obesity Rates Jump in 28 States… Now thats some Lovin’ in the Oven!

Obesity Rates Jump in 28 States

Obesity Rates Jump in 28 States

The only streaks longer then Mississippi’s 6-year run as the fattest state are #1. The Simpsons are still on Television, #2. Dare I say the Chicago Cubs or the winless city of Cleveland and finally #3. the fact that Kim Kardashian, for that matter, all the Kardashian’s are still drawing the american public to a light like moths. I just don’t get it with this family!

I digress.

Article via By Amanda Gardner
HealthDay Reporter by Amanda Gardner

Drum Roll please…. For the Sixth year in a row, Mississippi has been labeled the FAT-test state in the US. I guess someone had to win it, but as most other states have to deal with economic struggles and natural disasters, Good Ol’ Miss just keeps eating, barely taking a breath in between bites.

for the top 10 list and the full article, click here <—

For the entire list of States to see where your phat arse landed, click here — (I am in Florida and we ranked 36th… Son of a Biscuit… Time to go for a run!)

Take some action – Click here <—

Dieting? Lose more Fat and Build more Muscle!

Article seen on Livestrong.com, written by Andrew Bennett.

Many trainers and fitness gurus will tell you that you cannot build muscle at the same time as burning fat. It is much harder to build muscle on a diet, due to caloric restriction, however, the human body is truly an amazing machine. With proper nutrition and training, the body can partition nutrients, breaking down body fat for energy and building muscle simultaneously. There are training and dietary tips to put you on the fast track to building muscle and losing fat on your next diet.

Step 1
Perform resistance training workouts three to five days per week. Lifting weights or using weight machines stimulates muscle growth and keeps our bodies burning fat for up to 48 hours or more following training sessions. Find a good training program and stick to it for at least four weeks. The e-books “Xtreme Lean,” by Jonathan Holman and Steve Lawson, and “Combat the Fat,” by Jeff Anderson are two good choices. In addition, you can access thousands of free training articles at Bodybuilding.com.

To see the remaining 2 steps, click here on the link to the article written by, Andrew Bennett

Step 2
Do cardiovascular workouts five days per week. The “Muscle Nerd,” Jeff Anderson, recommends low-intensity cardio, such as walking at a steady pace on the treadmill, set at an incline. Low-intensity cardio uses more body fat for fuel and does not break down precious metabolically active muscle tissue. However, jogging, swimming and riding a bicycle are also good cardio exercises. Workout duration may vary from 10 to 60 minutes. Cardio is cumulative, so you can do it all at once, or split it into several smaller sessions. Take at least one day off a week from all formal training.

Step 3
Add NA, or negative-accentuated, sets to your workout. The negative portion of an exercise is the range of motion in which the weight is lowered. Slowly lower the weight on any given exercise with a 6-second count. According to fitness authors Jonathan Lawson and Steve Holman, this strategy causes micro-tears in muscle tissue, which take a lot of calories to repair. In addition, the NA technique triggers the release of growth hormone, which is a potent natural fat-burning hormone in our bodies.

Step 4
Add drop sets to your workout program. Drop sets extend the tension on muscles to help increase muscle tone and definition. Many trainees know from experience that higher-rep training helps with fat-burning, however, they do not understand why, or how, to optimize this training variable. To do a drop set, complete a full set of 10 repetitions, for example, then immediately decrease or “drop” the weight and do another set of 6 to 8 reps until the point of exhaustion or failure. Training to failure means stopping the set when you can no longer do a controlled repetition. Once you get the hang of drop sets try double or triple drop sets, decreasing the weights several times and performing back-to-back sets with no rest in-between.

Step 5
Eat five or six smaller meals throughout the day. According to the “Fat Burning Bible,” the best macro-nutrient ratio for burning fat is 30 percent protein, 30 percent fat and 40 percent carbohydrates. Eat “clean” by consuming only lean proteins, such as fish, turkey, chicken, lean beef cuts or whey protein. For carbohydrates, stick to oatmeal, brown rice, whole-grain bread and pasta or sweet potatoes. The majority of your fats should come from olive or flax seed oil, avocados, natural peanut butter or nuts and seeds.

To view the remaining 2 steps, click here on the link to the article, written by, Andrew Bennett.

Andrew Bennett enjoys exploring health and fitness through his personal workouts, as well as researching the latest about the subject. As a natural body builder, Bennett enjoys the ongoing pursuit of health and wellness in all aspects of life. He writes articles, blogs, copy, and even award-winning screenplays.

Dieters Beware: Food Calorie Counts Are Frequently Off

By JEFFREY KLUGER Jeffrey Kluger – Wed Jan 6, 5:20 am ET

When you buy a car with a six-cylinder engine, you expect to get six cylinders. When you buy a dress in a size 10, you expect a size 10. And when you buy a burger at a fast-food joint that’s listed on the menu as containing 500 calories, you jolly well expect 500. But you may be getting a lot more than that. The same may true of the omelet and the pasta you get at a sit-down restaurant – and of the frozen dinner with the label you read so carefully before you tossed it in your supermarket basket and took it home.

According to a new study published in the Journal of the American Diabetic Association, prepared foods may contain an average of 8% more calories than their package labels own up to and restaurant meals may contain a whopping 18% more. Worse still, as far as Food and Drug Administration regulations are concerned, that’s perfectly O.K. (See the top 10 notable new diet books.)

The findings are the result of work conducted by Susan Roberts, professor of nutrition at Tufts University, and Jean Mayer, of Tufts’ USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging. It was Roberts who initiated the study, and it was her own struggles with weight that got her started. Author of the book The Instant Diet, she was working on new recipes for the paperback version (retitled The “i” Diet) and, as was her practice, used herself as a guinea pig. As a rule, she lost weight on the menu plans she recommended to readers, but when she redeveloped some of the meals using what were supposed to be calorically equivalent supermarket or restaurant foods, the pounds stopped dropping off. Just as suspiciously, she always felt full.

For the full article, click here <—–