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The Longboat Key Resort wants to add a second hotel

LONGBOAT KEY – In most towns, if a resort wants to add hotel rooms it can do so by acquiring the proper building and occupancy permits. 



Longboat decision On May 12, the elections offices in Sarasota and Manatee counties will count the mail-in ballots they received in a Longboat Key referendum about replacing potential residential units with hotel rooms at The Resort at Longboat Key. 

For more information, Longboat voters in Sarasota County should call that elections office at (941) 861-8600 or go to sarasotavotes.com. Longboat voters in Manatee should call that elections office at (941) 861-8600 or go to votemanatee.com.

On Longboat Key, however, adding “tourism units” becomes a more complicated endeavor in which public opinion becomes the determining factor.

Ocean Properties, the owner of The Resort at Longboat Key, wants to build a second hotel with 259 guest rooms at its Islandside property on the south end of the key.

To do so, it must get the consent of the townspeople.

“In order to increase density, we have to hold a referendum,” Town Manager Dave Bullock said.

On March 12, 1984, Longboat’s electorate approved an amendment to the town charter. It states that, whatever densities (units per acre) were allowed on a property by the town’s comprehensive land use plan as of that date “shall not be increased without the referendum approval of the electors of Longboat Key.”

The Resort at Longboat Key Club consists of two areas: Islandside, a golf course community with houses, condos, a gulf-front hotel and amenities for club members; and Harbourside, a golf course community also called Bay Isles on Sarasota Bay with homes, a tennis center and other facilities for club members.

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Beach Road owners may get OK to build on contested lot

Beach Road owners may get OK to build on contested lot

by: Alex Mahadevan Digital Editor via Yourobserver.com

The owners of the Siesta Key property at 162 Beach Road refused to give up the fight to build on the never-been-developed lot. Now they’ll get another chance to ask Sarasota County commissioners for a variance to do so.

Following advice from County Attorney Stephen DeMarsh Tuesday, commissioners agreed in a 4-1 decision to a mediated settlement with Ronald and Sania Allen to hold a public hearing to consider tweaked site plans for the lot. It will be the fourth time commissioners vet a construction proposal for the property.

During the last public hearing in 2014, opponents cited the nearby nesting sites of snowy plovers, the history of flooding on the site and its environment as reasons to deny the request. 

“(The Allens) purchased the property assuming the risk of not being able to develop it,” said Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick attorney Cathleen O’Dowd, who represented the residents of the Terrace East condominium complex.

But, Icard Merrill attorney William Merrill, who represented the Allens, said denial of the request would constitute a regulatory taking.

“The case law from the United States Supreme Court on down is crystal clear on this,” Merrill said. “A regulation which denies all economically beneficial or productive use of land will require compensation under the taking clause.”

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What is the beast beach on the Gulf Coast of Florida?

Paradise... Officially!

Paradise… Officially!

2013 Siesta Key Triathlon Results

2013 Siesta Key Triathlon Results

If triathlon was easy, they'd call it football!

If triathlon was easy, they’d call it football!

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Ten Reasons why Sarasota is not #1

I found this on facebook yesterday and I as I was reading it aloud for myself and my girlfriend, we both found ourselves mimicking congregation members at a revival… Nodding our heads in agreement and emitting little sounds of appreciation and satisfaction! Enjoy!

Ten Reasons why Sarasota is not #1
August 26, 2012
Posted By: Rich Swier Jr.

Ten Reasons why Sarasota is not #1

I recently was sent a link to the recent Money Magazine Top 100 places to live. And of course, I fully expected to open the article, and see the words “Sarasota, Florida” right there in the top 10. We have all the key elements of a great city right? Low cost of living, amazing beaches, weather, amazing arts and culture, and a very charitable community. Well, after clicking “View Next 10” 10 times…. it became obvious to me, that Sarasota, Florida was not in the Top 10… and even more depressing, not even in the Top 100.

We didn’t even beat Troy, Michigan (no offense Troyans).

My depression, quickly turned into anger. Not at Money Magazine. Not at Troy, Michigan. But at myself. Shame on me for expecting that we would simply be voted Top 100 because we have nice sand and sunshine. Shame on me, for believing the “hype” that a city can be great because the weather is great. Shame on me for expecting the rubber stamp.

Here are my top ten reasons why Sarasota is no longer #1

(and how we can reclaim our position as one of the top cities to live).

REASON #10 – We don’t give a shit about Elections.

I realize this is a blanket statement. Believe me, I know a few people that love Politics. Eat it up like a sugar cookie. I see them at the City Commission meetings almost every time I go. And believe me, those people are dedicated as hell. You don’t know pain, until you have sat through a 7 hour City Commission meeting listening to people complain about traffic signals, sterile Turtles and Public Art. But for the most part, this City doesn’t care enough to vote. The Voter turnout in City Elections is horrific. Why? Is it Because they don’t believe the system works? Or because the Elections are in March? It doesn’t matter why. The fact is OUR CITY DOES NOT VOTE. The worst offender is youth. The voice of the 40 and under crowd is almost a rounding-error. That saddens me. If we no longer called it “City Elections” and called it “Complain about Irrelevant Crap Day”…. we would have a 86% voter turnout.

REASON #9 – Vagrants have taken over our downtown.

I understand the sensitivity of this debate. Before anyone begins to talk about this issue, they feel like they have to recite the “Homeless vs Vagrants” Political Correctness speech. Believe me, I have heard it more than the latest Justin Bieber song coming from my daughters IPod.
To be honest, I think everyone understands the difference, so let’s stop using the “we need to be sensitive” excuse, and solve the problem. Our own “ceremonial” Mayor stated in the last meeting that she is afraid to walk downtown, and something must be done. Two years it took our City Commission to acknowledge the problem, and then they told the Police Department “We support you to execute the law of the City”. So am I to assume, that the City Commission did NOT support this before? If I knew that vagrants and panhandlers had that much power and influence over our City Commission, I would have grabbed my backpack, grown out my beard, and set up a nice spot next to Ian at Mattison’s instead of going to the City Commission meetings.


The Colony Beach & Tennis Resort on Longboat Key, FL Update – with Photo’s, timeline & investor info

The Colony Beach & Tennis Resort on Longboat Key, FL Update – with Photo’s, timeline & investor info

The Colony Beach & Tennis Resort on Longboat Key, FL

The Colony Beach & Tennis Resort on Longboat Key, FL

The Colony Beach & Tennis Resort on Longboat Key, FL

The Colony Beach & Tennis Resort on Longboat Key, FL

Fourteen companies/investors — which includes six participants that either have local roots or businesses in the area — are in the running to either redevelop or teardown and rebuild the shuttered 41-year-old Colony Beach & Tennis Resort.

The Colony Beach & Tennis Resort Association Board sent a report March 8 to unit owners that revealed Colony unit owner Andy Adams and his AdamsMark LLC; local resort developer Larry Starr; Ocean Properties, Ltd. (owner of the Longboat Key Hilton Beachfront Resort, the Lido Beach Resort and Holiday Inn Lido Key); Sarasota-based MW Development & Investment Advisory; local commercial Realtor Stan Rutstein; and Sarasota-based Floridays Development Co. have all submitted proposals to restore the resort.

The eight other non-local companies and investors are Naples-based Coral Hospitality; New York-based Starwood Capital Group; Broomfield, Co.,-based Quintess; Harper Sibley; Stamford, Conn.,-based JHM LLC; Sonoma County, Calif.,-based Mayacama; The Koru Group; and Bob Understein and Greg McMurtrie.

The Colony Beach & Tennis Resort closed Aug. 15 after a U.S. Bankruptcy judged ruled to convert the Colony’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization with its 232 units owners to a Chapter 7 liquidation.

Colony owner and Chairman Dr. Murray “Murf” Klauber and the unit owners had been entangled in a legal battle since 2007, when Klauber filed a lawsuit in Sarasota County alleging the unit owners owed $14.1 million in resort repair costs. The Colony Association filed for bankruptcy in November 2008; and Bank of America filed a foreclosure suit against Klauber and seven of his corporations in April 2009.

The Chapter 7 liquidation ruling gave the Colony Association Board of Directors (the unit owners) control of the majority of the 18-acre property.


The Colony Beach & Tennis Resort on Longboat Key, FL

The Colony Beach & Tennis Resort on Longboat Key, FL


1968 — The Klauber family moves to Longboat Key from Buffalo, N.Y.

1969 — Dr. Murray “Murf” Klauber and a business partner purchase the Colony for $3.5 million and turn it into the first “tennis-centric resort” in America.

1972 — Klauber forms the first condominium hotel rental partnership agreement in the state.

1985 — The Colony is inducted into the Nation’s Restaurant News Fine Dining Hall of Fame.

1988 — Katie Klauber Moulton becomes president and general manager of the Colony.

2004 — The Colony is recognized as the No. 1 tennis resort in the U.S. by Tennis magazine for an unprecedented eight consecutive years.

2007 — Klauber files a lawsuit in Sarasota County, alleging the Colony Association unit owners owe $14.1 million in resort repair costs.

November 2008 — The Colony Association files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Tampa, forcing a federal bankruptcy judge to make the final decision on a two-year-old disagreement between the unit owners and resort operators.

April 2009 — Bank of America files a foreclosure suit against Klauber and seven of his corporations.

July 2009 — A federal bankruptcy judge rules the association does not have to pay $14.1 million in repairs.

Sept. 22, 2009 — Klauber and Moulton announce hotel operations will be suspended until further notice.

October 2009 — The Colony’s hotel-operating entity files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, putting the resort’s debts on hold.

December 2009 — Bankruptcy Court Middle District of Florida Judge K. Rodney May approves the re-opening of 100 rooms at the Colony and a $175,000 loan to Murf Klauber.

January 2010 — The Colony’s hotel-operating entity submits a reorganization plan that would renovate the resort at a cost of $20 million.

Feb. 26, 2010 — Developer/entrepreneur Randy Langley and businessman/lawyer David Siegal purchase loans for $10 million from Bank of America for Klauber-owned property and announce a plan to revitalize the resort.

April 2010 — The Colony Association asks May to convert the case from a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing to a Chapter 7 liquidation, which would make the Colony into a condominium association instead of a hotel resort.

June 2010 — May appoints William Maloney, a St. Petersburg-based, chief financial officer, restructuring partner with Atlanta-based Tatum Partners, as trustee to oversee all aspects of the Colony.

July 2010 — Siegal confirms that he and Langley will pursue mortgage foreclosure against Murf Klauber.

Aug. 9, 2010 — May converts the Colony Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization to a Chapter 7 liquidation, giving the resort’s 232 unit owners complete control of their units.

— Robin Hartill

The Colony Beach & Tennis Resort on Longboat Key, FL

Siesta Key Beach Live Webcam

Siesta Key Beach Live Webcam – It can help to ease the stress of snow, cold temperatures or just to check the surf conditions!!

Click Here for live feed <——

625 beach rd, Sarasota, FL | Powered by Postlets

625 beach rd, Sarasota, FL | Powered by Postlets.

625 beach rd, Sarasota, FL
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Your Ultimate Vacation Getaway Awaits Here! This beautifully decorated 2 bedroom/2 bath condo has all the comforts of home and a gorgeous view of the gulf of mexico.
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Furnished 2BR/2BA Vacation Condo   $1,300/week
Bedrooms 2
Bathrooms 2 full, 0 partial
Sq Footage Unspecified
Parking 1 dedicated

Beach Access
Beach Chairs Provided
Cable TV
Charcoal BB-Q Grill
Combo Living/Dining Room
Concierge Service
No Pets
High Speed Internet
King-size bed
Gulf View
Picnic Area
Pool Heated
Poolside Recreation Room
Private Beach
Putting Green

Not so obvious things for the beach

From the wordpress blog, Sugar and Spice

Can you say vacation hallelujah? So after beachin’ it for 10 days, lets talk about what you really need to know but no one talks about for a relaxed day at the beach.

Trash Bag. Clean up after yourself and leave the place as nice as you found it. Mother Nature will smile upon you. Promise. Keep it clean.

Food Tenderizer. Yep. This is an easy first aid remedy in case of a jelly-fish sting. Just sprinkle onto the skin that has been stung (be sure you have first removed, with a stick or shell – not your hands – any particles of jellyfish or tentacles). This is a quick way to alleviate the sting. It works very well with bees stings as well. Of course, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Baby Powder. This works so well at getting stubborn sand off of little and not so little bodies. After swimming at the beach then sorta drying in the sand, sprinkle baby powder onto those sandy parts, don’t be prissy about it – apply mucho, then brush off vigorously. Viola! Now the little’s are ready for a snack and smell like Luv’s Baby Soft.

Zip Lock Bags. A beach must, the camera is always here.

To put my 2 cents in, I also always use, Waterproof/ or Water resistant sun tan lotion of at least SPF 30, even though I am greek and tan relatively easy…. A little sweat or a dip in the H20 can make you reapply, and if you don’t… it can put a tender damper on a vacation…

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Readers react to BP disaster

Siesta Beach Lifegaurd Stand

Located on page 3 of 5 in Sarasota Herald Tribune ( )

Residents fight for our shores

I recently watched a media report on an Alabama town called Magnolia Springs with a bay of its own.

Mind you, this town has 1,000 residents. They have decided not to wait for the Bumbling Pariahs (BP) or the Clumsy, Bloated Government and are instead fighting to save their bay and shores.

The residents have contributed time and money and have rented nine barges, in essence, sealing off the mouth of the bay to waves and surface currents. The barges serve to keep waves and currents to a minimum and allow the booms to trap the oil. BP placed one boom a few weeks ago, which has been ineffective.

The residents rented three additional booms and placed them behind the barges.

I believe that the residents of Siesta Key have the heart, will and wealth to be proactive vs. reactive. If the oil smothers our shores, we will have no one to blame but ourselves, even as much as we would like to pass the responsibility and place all the blame on BP and the government. We drive the cars, we use the plastic bottles, we litter our beaches, we should take action and fight to save our shores.

I have a mantra that I recently began, which is simply, each time I visit the beach, I pick up and throw away a piece of trash. I hope that everyone will do this as well.

Simple steps can save our shores. Please be part of the solution!

Sean Dreznin