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Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds LIVE playing the song SQuIRM! Love this song!

Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds LIVE playing the song SQuIRM! Love this song!

Fantasy Football Week 8 Predictions & Prognostications



Fantasy Football Week 8 Predictions & Prognostications

So far in my weekly picks, I am 5-5, which as you math majors know is about half. If I was playing baseball, I’d be batting .500 and be the MVP! If I was a synchronized swimmer, I would be wearing a goofy floral pattern swim cap and a nose pincher. Period.

Some of the slyer more attentive clones in the league may have noticed one active trade party. Romo & Juliet made 2 trades! They received crippling news about their 2 headed QB juggernaut and simply reloaded and pulled off a trade to save their season. Well Done. It certainly appears on paper that Team Submission just moved into the drivers seat of the league with the #1 & #2 ranked QB’s headlining their roster! BOOM! I do see Paulie selling his soul to save his season and in turn creating a monster with Submission. But what’s done is done and we all wish we could have pulled that trade off!

Moving on. A fun little tidbit. Who do you think is the late round pick up of the season so far?
Remember 16 Rounds and 160 total picks.

1). Matt Forte – (106 pts) – Drafted in 16th round as pick #156
2). Ahmad Bradshaw – (93 pts) – Drafted in 15th round as pick #141
3). Hakeem Nicks – (113 pts) – Drafted in 14th round as pick #138
4). Kyle Orton – (146 pts) – Drafted in 13th round as pick #123
5). Arian Foster – (130 pts) – #85 in 9th round

On the flip side… worst draft picks so far… No injuries, just bad performances!
1). Larry Fitzgerald – (47 pts) #3 pick overall
2). Kevin Kolb – (64 pts) #11 pick overall (2nd Round)
3). Ronnie Brown – (39 pts) #23 pick overall (3rd Round)
4). Shonn Greene – (35 pts) #26 pick overall (3rd round)
5). Ray Rice – (76 pts) – #4 pick overall but keep in mind Adrian Peterson #6 pick has (122 pts) & Chris Johnson at #10 has (118 pts). Just saying!

constantine angel

constantine angel

The Hebrew Hammer (5-2) versus Calvin and the Chimpmunks (2-5). It’s crunch time for Calvin and the gang. A must win game against the league leader seems like a tall order, but stranger things have happened and that IS why we play the games. On paper the projected numbers look askew as Calvin is picked to win, but stranger things have…. you see where im going with this! So onto the predicted studs & duds. Studs – D-McNabb & Mendenhall will do well this week but keep your eye on Megatron as well. As for the Hammer, he starts Stafford, Foster, gore & Gates and all should do well. As for the disappointments, we can see let downs from the Patriots players and surprisingly, Matt Schaub. Whereas most think he has a big game, with a gimpy Andre Johnson and not much else WR wise, we think a running attack takes over and Schaub doesn’t have to do to much work. Anyhow, Hammer may get a let down from Jennings and Brees.
PREDICTION – Hammer -128 Calvin – 112

Romo & Juliet (4-3) versus Team Fla needs a win vs. Ga (4-3) Certainly a separation game if ever there was one. The winner stands resolute in knowing the future looks solid while the loser will be thrown right back into the battle at 4-4. This is a new flavor as the roster for R & J has changed dramatically over the past week. The QB’s aren’t nearly as intimidating with Eli (on a Bye) & Cassel as the starters although both are producing well as of late, we think another consistent showing is in order. We are confident Paulie adds another starter to the roster depending on the daily news coming out about health and starting assignments. Its most likely Troy Smith, Tavaris or Gradkowski, but we’ll see! Even with Cadillac starting in place of Turner the Burner, we think the 1-2 punch of Brady & Fitzpatrick brings home the bacon! This may be one of the last weeks to noogie R & J so get it in while you can!
Motor Boating – 109 R & J – 97

Stephen Kings IT

Stephen Kings IT

Team Submission (4-3) vs. Team RC (3-4) Well this matchup got scary, just in time for Halloween! The former 50% theory for Submission is out the window and now we think it will become the 75% theory meaning this teams points will come from 3 players. Fantasy Football Gods help us if other players on this team have good weeks, because we see scoring records being set by this new juggernaut. Then again, Karma can be a fickle mistress as well and when things seem to good to be true or the grass seems remarkably greener on the other side. To combat the powers of the newly created super team of Submission, RC jacked Kitna for $42 big ones breaking up the Bermuda triangle of QB’s off the waiver wire, doubling my bid which was done to exclude Paulie and his $19 FA budget! Muah!!! If C-Johnson, S-Jax & Reggie Wayne can deliver the goods, this team has a fighting chance. We are going out on a limb here, but in the end, we think as long as Rachel gets a kicker not on a bye and gets stable showings from the overall roster, they pull the upset.

RC – 112 Submission – 111

Team Rooster (4-3) vs. The Big BENbowski (3-4). I feel like I constantly pick against and under rate Rooster, so when looking at the roster and matchups this week, I took a more peace loving, neighbor hugging open minded approach. Based on a couple of roster moves, V Young & Pierre, etc… this team looks ready to pounce again. Onto the other side of the equation, BENbowksi has a roster full of underachieving and overachieving players… No one seems to be simply achieving, save for Big BEN, of course, and its only a matter of time before he starts Bar Crawling or hopping again…right?
For Rooster we like TJ against Buffalo and Andre on Monday night! For BENbowski we like Marshawn Lynch and Randy Moss against his former mates in NE! IN all confidence, we like the starting QB’s of BENbowski more then we like the matchups of Rooster, but my word is my bond.

Rooster – 97 BENbowski – 96

Team EV’s All-Stars (3-4) vs. Malcolm in the Middle (3-4) Matchup of the Bottom Feeders! The Catfish of the league square off! Malcolm just paid a high price for a new shiny TE to replace JerMichael. LeSean McCoy, the Jason Vorhees of the league, is on a bye on Halloween weekend. If that isn’t a sign of the apocalypse, then we don’t know what else you need to see. On the flipside, there is so much doughy goodness on the Verdel side of things this week, with delicious matchups staring them in the face like a Zombie hungry for Brains! BRAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnSsssss…..
The only player that actually frightens me is Jason Campbell. He looked like Matt leinert two weeks ago throwing for 80 yards and 2 picks in an ugly loss then when his team scores 59 points in an actual NFL game last week he throws for 200+ yards and 2 TD’s…Really, that’s it? Underwhelming and scary to say the least, but he plays Confusing Seattle this week, so maybe he shows up and maybe he doesn’t. If he scores over 15 pts, EV’s wins big, if he scores 7-14 pts EV wins and gets to shout “Yippie Ki Yay MF!” if he scores 5.5 – 6.75 points the she wins and gets a free jar of creamy JIF peanut butter. If he scores -2 – 5 points we still think she wins by a little, but any more damage then that, and ZOIKS!

EV – 103 Malcolm – 82

Happy Halloween!

YOUR PSA brought to you by SRQ 2010. Be careful out there kids. Make sure to check your candy for razorblades and hypodermic needles and if someone gives you pennies or healthy granola snacks, its ok to leave a burning pile of dog crap in a brown paper bag. But in all seriousness, don’t leave it in a plastic bag, that bag burning can be bad for the environment.

The Longboat Key Chamber of Commerce will hold the island’s first ever triathlon and duathlon, on Sunday, October 24, 2010.

Longboat Key First Ever Triathlon

Florida’s Newest Endurance Event Set for October

The Longboat Key Chamber of Commerce will hold the island’s first ever triathlon and duathlon, on Sunday, October 24, 2010. Hosted at the Longboat Key Club & Resort, the endurance event will start at 7:30 a.m. and include a half-mile swim, 20-mile cycling ride and five-mile run. Duathlon distances will be a 2 mile run, 20 mile bike and 2.5 mile run.

Suncoast Ft. DeSoto Triathlon Info

2010 Suncoast Triathlon
Saturday, October 23, 2010. 7:00 AM start.
Swim .33 miles, Bike 10 miles, Run 3.1 miles
Fort De Soto Park, The Fort, St. Petersburg, Florida

Fantasy Football Week 3 Recap & Week 4 Preview

debbie downer

debbie downer

Fantasy Football Week 3 Recap & Week 4 Preview

I am gonna do a quick recap and then elaborate on the upcoming weekly matchups at the end.

Well, well, well. Week 3 was a week to forget for at least half the league, myself included. (Wah-wah-waaaaaaaaah)

Team 1st Place – 154 Team Last Place – 112
In the highest scoring matchup (winner w/ highest score), Team 1st place has resurrected his season by scoring 154 POINTS!!! Yikes. Well, everything is relative and DeSean & Dustin Keller & the Steelers D most likely will not duplicate those simultaneous scorgasms again. Brady & Turner look to be solid producers each week and 1st place is 2-1 and looking dangerous. Team last place needs a self-confidence boost and relatively quickly not that 112 points is anything to shake a stick at. Where is an EMT when you need one? 0-3 is a dark place and although there is hypothetical light at the end of that tunnel it could just be the hypothetical train coming. Time to make or break the season in Week 4. Your team is the epitomy of multiple personalities. Mojo & Lloyd & Marques Colston and everyone’s favorite drunk teammate, Braylon (aka – Mr. Inconsistency).



Playing with a stacked deck – 136 Team Carlos (aka Team Tyler) – 61
(61 points is not a misprint)
Paulie’s team is looking fine tuned. 4 studs again this week. Peyton & Romo are consistent again, although together they sound like a bad tv show on the CW. The league enjoyed the 3 point performance from $55 free agent pickup, Brandon Jackson, although the Yin to that Yang is the emergence of Ahmad Bradshaw as the starter and the progressive disappearance of Brandon Jacobs. Brandon Marshall also broke off a little sumtin, sumtin… we’ll see if that can continue, but other then the NYJ, we see no other reason why it cannot, and if Indy can’t run the ball, then Peyton should continue to mass produce ridiculous weekly fantasy points throwing to guys named Blair & Pierre. 3-0.

Team Carlos is the epitomy of sadness. He is the squirrel that darts out in traffic and looks like he is gonna make it only to make a quick second guess juke and end up under an SUV. Halfway through Sunday, we texted the baby kissers and lamented how Jahvid Best (3 points and potential toe injury) was starting over Rashard Mendenhall (22 points) the exact opposite of last week. P.S. – Austin Collie was also watching the action from the bench, fortunately, he dropped the one pass or he would have scored 3 TD’s and caught 200 yards…alas he was only 170 & 2 scores… OY VEY! Sometimes Fantasy Football can be maddening. 0-3.

Kiss Da Baby – 125 Pimpin’ Ain’t Brees-y – 112“You’re suspect! Yeah, you! I don’t know what your reputation is in this town, but after the shit you tried to pull today you can bet I’ll be looking into you. Now the business we have, heretofore, you can speak with my aforementioned attorney. Good day, gentlemen; and until that day comes, keep your ear to the grindstone.” Ben Affleck in Good Will Hunting. Holy let down. Kiss Da Baby had some letdowns, by propensity of letdown impact; Addai – 3pts, Downtown Ronnie Brown – 5pts & Lfitz – 8pts and the rest of his team picked up the slack. Orton threw for over 400 yards and looked mean, Gonzo went off for 21 pts & the Eagles D held possibly the worst team in the NFL to 3 points. Thanks Jacksonville for picking up Trent Edwards on the waiver wire, that should really help! FAIL. 1-2.
As for Pimpin, the biggest Debbie Downer was FORTE acres and a Mule on MNF. 3 points, are you effin kidding me? The good news is he wasn’t the poorest performer, that belonged to the Bucs D. 38 points allowed at home to 3rd string QB Charlie Batch… And of course, Favre’d again with 8 points against Detroit Lionesses. The usual suspects delivered, with Brees (32 pts), Gore (18 pts) and Roddy White (14 pts) but in the end (that’s what she said!) it was WAY too little, a little to late. I really hate those Wrangler Jeans commercials now. 1-2.

Team Submission – 124 Crystal Meth TwEEkers – 79
79 points – our other league “Cleveland Steamer”

Submission just has this roster of players who’s teams are just bad enough that this one player must hoist their sorry ass team on their back each week and grab all the delicious fantasy points the defense allows. Rivers throws for almost 500 yards and 3tds and Adrian runs for 180 and some scores.. He is a beast. I feel like I mentioned something eerily similar to this last week about these 2 players scoring at least 50% of the teams points and yet, here we are again…. 3-0.
TwEEkers – LeSean McCoy is your Homeboy! The LeSean curse is true. He is the guy who asks you if you want to spend a night with him in a haunted house and if you do make it through, you and him get to split a million dollars… only you are the hot blond or the goofy black guy in this scenario and the entire audience knows your fate is doomed. So far LeSean is 1 for 3 in delivering the goods. For the TwEEkers playoff hopes, he better improve his numbers – delving a bit deeper, we see that other the Aaron Rodgers (28 pts) and the Bengals D (14 pts), not another starter scored in double digits, which equates to a fantasy wasteland. The one shining thing we can all look back on and laugh about is how you had a bench player that scored 30 points! Your backup Qb Marc ‘the franchize” Sanchez. Ouch. 1-2.

Team RC – 118 Team Rooster – 111
In what can only be described as a, “cornucopia of hypothetical decisions” this became a very close matchup. Whether RC started Henne (26 pts) instead of Garrard (-2 pts) (Barf) or Mike Wallace (24 pts) (not from 60 minutes) or even Santana Moss (20 pts) instead of Reg Wayne (6 pts) (not lil wayne) her team seem destined to win, no matter how hard she tried to give this game away… 2-1.

Rooster may have finally run out of luck. 7 points short of a fantastic start and playoff certainty now becomes a test of scheduled endurance or schedule endurance, with some great teams headed down the pipe, the best thing to do, is hope for bad bye weeks for your opponents. Your unlucky moment came in the form of Jeremy Shockey (15 pts) sitting instead of Visanthe Shiancoe (0 pts) whose name actually sounds like some noise I would make if I stubbed my toe on a door or hit my thumb with a hammer. Good showing by the free agent pickup of the year, so far, Mike Vick (37 pts). 2-1.

For the downtrodden to lift hopes and spirits and the overachievers to keep the egos in check… Some interesting stats from a Matthew Berry & Mike Polikoff, ESPN article this week. These statistics are from 2009 10-team prize eligible teams in ESPN leagues.

we need more cowbell

we need more cowbell

RECORD after WEEK 3 and success percentage of making the playoffs
3-0: 75 percent
2-1: 51 percent
1-2: 27 percent
0-3: 9 percent

RECORD after WEEK 4 and success percentage of making the playoffs
4-0: 85 percent
3-1: 65 percent
2-2: 38 percent
1-3: 16 percent
0-4: 3 percent

In other words, it doesn’t look great, but its not impossible. Incidentally, 25 % of teams that started 3-0, DIDN’T make the playoffs, so don’t get too cocky. And if you are 0-3, you keep playing. The point of course is that every week matters, that you are assured of nothing right now and no matter how bleak it seems, you have a shot. Most importantly, you have to keep working on your team, filling holes (that’s what she said!), improving your team through the waiver or trades and gearing your roster to win this week and beyond. Let’s get going!

Onto the week 4 matchups

Playing with a stacked deck 3-0 vs. FORTE OUNCE 1-2.
Matchup of the week. In what can only be described as a miscarriage of justice, the disappointing 1-2 40oz’ers head into town to face the cocky PWASD parolees. With Romo & Miles Austin on a bye, we think the timing is right for the ACE to fall on the river and deliver a winning hand to 40oz. We’ll guesstimate 129 – 116.

Team Rooster 2-1 vs. Team Carlos 0-3
While we thoroughly enjoyed the new name and picture of Team Carlos/Tyler. Looking at the rosters and the preview, we think the shamrock Roosters continue the lucky assault on the early schedule and take this matchup, taking advantage of lingering injuries to Ray Rice, Jahvid Best & Brent Celek. Just saying! Rooster 99 – Carlos 88.

Team 1st place 2-1 vs. Team Baby Kissers 1-2
The other important matchup as this is a big deal for both teams futures. See percentage chart above! This should be a close matchup and because there are too many moving parts here, I cant really zero in on key players… Either perform or go home.
We hypothesize Baby Lip Lock – 113 1st place – 111

Team RC 2-1 vs. Mister Rodgers 1-2
The 3 headed QB has replaced Kolb for Shaun Hill which means Garrard, Henne or Notting Hill better bring the lumber to the showdown, because that’s where this battle is going to be won or lost. it’s a QB fight to the death! As much as we despise LeSean and think he is a huge curse on any fantasy squad that owns him, we are concerned with the delicious matchups that Rodgers players face this week.
We are not going against our gut though. RC – 105 Rodgers – 96

Team Submission 3-0 vs. Team Last Place 0-3
Will Steve beat his boo? Will Boo beat her Steve? Does anyone else care? This seems like such an easy pick. But Bye weeks are here and they are mean! Adrian will be watching this one from his lazy boy at home!
Screw it, were going, Last Place – 98 Submission -93

Augusta 70.3 Ironman Results

Augusta, Georgia 70.3 Ironman Results <—– Click here

Week 2 Recap – Fantasy Football SRQ 2010 league

Fantasy Football 2010

Fantasy Football 2010

I am short on time this week, as I have a career test to take ( I am trying to draw the turtle from the brochure so I can get my drawing certificate) this friday morning and actually need to spend this time studying, but alas, I need a break. So here goes.

I’ll start with the highest score winner/matchup and work my way down.

Dreaming Tigers – 124 over We SUck Again!!!-117 Look, I know lots of things. I know I like cake, I know bees will sting you and I know the sky is blue, but for the life of me, I have no idea how The Dancing Tigers / Crying Dragqueens beat WSA. Holy Two Mendenhall and a Baby! Jamaal Charles sucked, OchoCinco may have found love, but he couldn’t find the endzone let alone a number higher then 4. 4 catches for 44 yards and 4 fantasy points = “qua-RAIN-tah ee QUA-tro” is more like it. But hold the horses, LeSean (the Le means feminine in NFL speak) went apesheet crazy and A-rod2 was flammable as well. Add in double digit performances from every other roster spot including the Velour Track Suits D-Fense and a win is a win… Holy Shnikes! The Flamboyant Tigresses only started 1 QB… Indeed, it appears that we may suck again. Another prolific letdown from top draft picks Ray Rice and Mendenhall couldnt support the strong showings from Schaub and D-McNabb, other then some solid WR numbers, the rest are low single digits and roughly 8 points short of Victory. Both teams have tough matchups next week as the Zaller boys stroll into town… It doesn’t matter which team you play… pick your poison. We still like WSA, but they will need to win… The Fantasy Bell has begun to toll for them…

Playing with a stacked deck – 119 conquers Kiss Da Baby – 101
Another matchup where both teams reached trip figures. On the surface these teams look close, as some players showed up and others dropped some low, low, low numbers off. We are looking at you Tony Gonzalez and Rob Bironas, but the key difference was Tony Romo and Miles Austin in desperate time against Chicago puffing up their numbers that won this contest. In the end the favorite beats consistency and solid play, as pretty boys Peyton and Romo delete the twitter accounts of Matt Ryan and Kyle Orton. Up next for the Baby Kissers is a date with Pimpin’ ain’t Brees-y which should be a good matchup as both teams are consistent in weekly scoring. We see Stacked Deck looking strong heading into week 3 similar to the Ines Sainz dust-up, we would like to see next weeks sacrifice show up looking good and ready to back it up. Ahem, We are looking at you Jahvid Best. If Stacked deck wins again, we might need to change our email address and block the message board as it could be full of self-love comments from Paulie. Jared says he will name his first born Jahvid if he wins. Thanks for stepping up Jared and Rachel!

Submission -112 submits? Breezy – 100 getting the win with room to spare. Oy Vey. This one finished a lot closer then if felt all Sunday. Typical Breezy, losing big going into Monday night needing, lets say 50 points to win, his players go off and get him 46 points, so he can avoid swallowing all those pills next to his seltzer and espn cheat sheet. Needing a monday night miracle from Brees and Gore he gets great games from each and falls 12 points short.
Alright, for Submission, Phillipe Reevers and AP get over 50% of his teams points, which is nice. For Breezy, Favre drops a negative duece on Sunday thereby effectively ending all hope for a win on MNF. Suck a big one 40-yr old win virgin. Look, we still believe in Favre and know he will right himself against the Detroit Lions which must look like a three legged blind goat walking into the proverbial Lions Den… So Submission as previously mentioned takes on the Dreaming Tigers which could prove to be a wild card game. We think the Tigers may pull an upset here. Breezy travels to see the Baby Kissing Bandits, which we already talked about… Are you even paying attention anymore?

1st place – 97 mercifully ends RC week 2 adventure – 81
This is a mixture of solid play from 1st place, who plugged Sam St.Louis Rams Bradford into QB2 spot and got almost the same amount of points as his QB1. A 14-13 double headed solid QB run. Remember when I said, I threw up in my mouth a little bit when describing Garrard, Kolb & Henne. This time I just spewwed all over my hemp sandals. G-zus this QB trio looks bleak for the future. Gonna need to grab someone off waivers or hope for a turnaround from one of these guys… oops Kolb just lost his starting gig to Vick. Yikes. DeSean (De stands for Unknown weekly Fantasy Football Savior) looks to have good repoire with starting QB Vick in philly, so heading into Week 3 1st place takes on Domination in a must win for EV. Gonna be interesting. RC heads off to face Rooster in an important matchup of chaos. We have no idea what is gonna happen in that game. None Whatsoever.

Finally, the sweet bitter end.

Rooster – 89 leapfrogs Domination – 69

Effin Rooster is 2-0 and easily the surprise team of the season. They aren’t winning sexy, but they are winning, and I assure you, (as performed by Denny Green and Herm Edwards) “Thats why they play the games!” & “They are who we thought they were!” Indeed, whether its underwhelming competition or great weeks from a select individual or two, Rooster gets the DUB-U. Andre Johnson went back to his old form catching passes and being an elite receiver (27 points) and waiver wire pickup and newly christened started Mike Vick came up big, you could say he was the “Top Dog”. Too soon? (20 points). Anyway, the pundits will argue that a 69 point showing from an entire roster is the epitome of poor performance, but we warned about this squad in our early season write-up.. If one of your QB’s doesn’t deliver then the overall roster might not be strong enough to support itself, such as Mojo and Felix getting you a combined total of…. let me get the calculator… hang on….carry the… 3 points, then this team can forget about winning… Braylon edwards was on your bench, he was the 2nd highest scorer on your team and he celebrated by drinking his face off, driving 3 friends around town and getting a DWI. I hate Braylon Edwards like the progressive insurance commercials. Anyhow, the next weeks games are uber important for both as a win for sleeper Rooster puts them in primo position for a strong season and another loss for Domination makes their playoff aspirations dismal at best.

Big ups to Team Zaller, Team JDClark & Team Kickass for great name changes. We would all like to see more creativity and some chatter on the message boards. I feel like I need to put another quarter in to have my private conversation/dance with Paulie. Ok, that analogy sucked a little bit, so its back to studying.

P.S. – Baby Powder Kissers. I’m coming for you and your precious little baby. Pucker up.

Sand Key Triathlon 2010 results

Sand Key Triathlon 2010 results

NFL Kickoff Live – Dave Matthews Band – Why I Am & Burning down the house

NFL Kickoff Live – Dave Matthews Band – Why I Am & Burning down the house cover of talking heads.

Ironman Canada 2010 Results



Ironman Canada 2010 Results

Props to my cousin, Joel Matalon who finished his first Full Ironman this past weekend in approx. 15 hours and 35 minutes. Way to go Cuz!