Fantasy Football Players who are going to destroy your team from the inside out in 2015.

Fantasy Football Players who are going to destroy your team from the inside out in 2015.


A new season is upon us tonight!  Football is here, Hallelujah!!

I felt is was my opportunity to sprinkle in some debbie downer tidbits at this point.

I wanted to dive right in with some players who are, in my opinion, most likely to frustrate you and leave you steaming from the ears.


I think  Matthew Stafford, Drew Brees and Philip Rivers are all quality candidates to produce big numbers for FF teams in 2015.  I also believe these 3 QB’s are all most likely to disappoint you moving forward.

For Stafford, he was the 15th best QB last season.  That’s a problem.  What makes you think he got better this year?  Calvin Johnson is a year older.  I’m concerned for Mr. Stafford and I think he finishes with similar FF numbers..  24 Total TD’s, 12 INT’s & 8 Fumbles.

For Mr. Rivers, he was the Jeckyl/Hyde of last season.  He ended up finishing 12th in the QB rankings, just getting squeezed out of 10th.   In his first 8 games of 2014, his FF stats were 20 TD’s & 5 INT’s.  He threw for over 250 yards in 6 out 8 games and was on fire.  Then the wheels fell off.  For his final 8 games his line was 11 TD’s & 13 INT’s with 4 of 8 games over 250 yards passing… He systematically cratered numerous FF teams hopes of making the playoffs and did so all with this goofy smirk on his face.  If you believe he will be more 1st half then 2nd half, more power to you and pick up some antacid at Costco while youre at it.

Finally, Mr. Drew Brees.  This is a little more victimization then his skills eroding.  He lost Jimmy Graham and Kenny Stills.  He still has unproven Bradin Cooks and of course one year wonder Mark Ingram.  What would give you any hope that this season is going to be better or not substantially worse then last year?


Justin Forsett – I don’t trust him.  He has had one year where he performed above expectations.  Previous to that, he was never trusted as the lead back, whether the talent was greater in front of him or the staff never felt he was the right guy to get the job done.  After a resurgence last season as the surprise starter in Baltimore, he is now 30 years old, with his height (5’8″ and 197 lbs) and he nicked up his MCL in preseason so it looks like he will be sidelined for a couple weeks to start the season.  Pretty much falls in line with our expectations for 2015.  Pass.

DeMarco Murray – I mean come on.  He ran behind Dallas wall of an O-line last season.  Now he is in Philly where they have all kinds of weapons and they use them liberally.  Ryan Matthews will snipe carries and catches.  The WR corps are plentiful and we expect them to throw a lot.  DeMarco is a stud and he will be fruitful this season.  He just won’t be as good as he was last year.  Mark my words.

Mark Ingram – I loathe putting him on this list as he was a BOSS for me last season.  Came out of nowhere and scored 9 TD’s in 13 games last season.  Here’s the rub.  The last 6 out of 7 games, he was disappointing and also helped crater many FF teams playoff hopes.  He is a bruising back and gets a majority of the goal line touches, but he also gets his ass kicked in doing so and those hits add up.  Expect Mark Ingram to miss some time this season (he missed 3 games last season) and expect his numbers to take a small hit..  He finished 13th in the RB ranks in 2014.  We are anticipating a lower rank by the end of the year this season.


Jeremy Maclin – I love him this season.  I’m scared to death of him this season. I loathe him this season.  He was the 9th best WR last season because he played on Philly’s offense.  Now he is in KC.  I realize he is the guy in this offense.  But he still has Alex Smith throwing him the rock.  He is still battling Jamaal Charles for targets and does anyone remember the name Dwayne Bowe (58th ranked WR in 2014) and do you recall that NO Wide Receiver on Kansas City caught a TD last season.  The entire season.  Now that figure has to go up, but how much, really?  Do you think it improves J-Mac to better then a 9th place WR finish?  We don’t.

Kenny Stills, Javaris Landry, Greg Jennings & Davante Parker – Too many cooks in the kitchen.  The only one I might take a flyer on is Javaris as he is the slot, quick look guy and Tannehill can find him all day.  Tannehill doesn’t have the arm to consistently feed Kenny Stills.  Greg Jennings has been irrelevant for a couple of year (really since he willingly left Green Bay and Davante is too ripe)

Odell Beckham Jr. – I know. It’s the ODB-jr.   He’s literally made of plastic and has tacky hands.  He catches everything.  He also had 12 TD’s in 12 games last season while Victor Cruz was on IR.  He averaged 100+ yds and 1 TD per game.  We expect a slight regression.  He may still get his 10-12 TD’s and his 1,100 to 1,300 receiving yards but it would be over 16 games and that takes him down a notch or two.  Look, I’ll summarize it this way.  If you’re facing a choice between Demaryius Thomas, ODB or Julio Jones,… I would wager JJ and DT are more likely to perform.



Ultimately, the choice is yours, and these are just my opinions.

Best of luck this season and check back for more Fantasy Football information!


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