2015 Fantasy Football introduction article

With the first game of the season only 2 days away, I finally broke down and decided to resurrect my fantasy football blog.  At this point, its wholly organic and i’m not quite certain what the specific subject or direction is, so I’m hopeful that it finds its way.


By this point, you should’ve already had your draft and have a team with tons of potential and questions marks.  I’m looking at you Jarvis Landry and Joseph Randle.

This year I am playing in a few leagues, but the main FF league is one that we have a live draft and it is PPR (Points Per Reception), so the pressure to load up on highly targeted WR’s is upon all of shoulders.  Some people deviate from the norm and take their QB early and true to form as the RB pool is shallow, 6 of the first 7 picks off the board this year were RB’s.  We had 1 QB in the first round (12 teams/picks) and 4 WR’s.

You certainly don’t need me to tell you who to take with the 1st round pick and probably shouldn’t for the 2nd round either.  If you’re stumped between Jamaal Charles or Antonio Brown for the 4th or 5th pick, then you’re gonna be fine.  Remember, my team didn’t do very well last season and just missed the playoffs.  Sure, injuries decimated my lineup and bad luck as well, but that’s fantasy football.  If you think your roster will look identical at the end of the season as it does today, you’re a bit green.

Now our league again is focused on PPR, which provides 1 additional avenue to gather FF points.  So use this to your advantage.  This is typically where one can excel in the league.  I drafted smaller receivers who tend to play the slot and are targeted many times… i.e. – Julian Edelman, T.Y. Hilton.  Now in retrospect, Gronk and Andre Johnson are the TD Hawks on both of those teams, but TY & Edelman should always be on the QB’s radars.  Both of those teams are high octane offenses with chaotic running games… In theory it should go well….

In regards to a PPR league and RB’s… Think it through… I drafted Le’Veon Bell and Lamar Miller.  This screams potential BIG Points with all the dumpoffs and short escape valve routes, but no guarantee’s.

Finally, the QB.  What to do, what to do?  Do you bite early and take a potentially more productive gunslinger like Andrew Luck or Drew Brees? or do you wait and get yourself a wildcard with a ceiling like Ryan Tannehill or Eli Manning?  I believe most would say, you choose based on your draft position.  If you are the 12th and 13th pick in the draft and you know it will be 23 picks before youre up again… maybe you take Luck with the 13th versus a Dez Bryant or DeMarco Murray type.   In most cases, people take the quality names at the WR or RB position and wait on the QB.  The thought being, in most cases there are 2 or 3 sure fire star QB’s who will produce almost every week.  There are  6 to 8 QB’s who fall somewhere in the middle… from the Tom Brady’s to the Russell Wilson to the Tony Romo’s.

As for “Sleeper’s”, I agree with Mr. Bill Barnwell, that there really aren’t sleepers anymore.  In fact, due to everyone having a cell phone, laptop or Ipad, really all the data you need is at your fingertips and there are 1,000’s of talking heads espousing facts, opinions and conjecture on all players.  The bottom line is some sleeper you had in mind 4 weeks ago is not going to make the final 53 on said team and some player you’ve never heard of will light up the preseason only to get drafted in the 9th round with all kinds of hype surrounding them and simply ride the pine.

I would prefer to have a proven workhorse like Anquan Boldin or Steve Smith Sr, then a long shot like Devin Funchess or Leonard Hankerson.

Keep in mind injuries are inevitable in FF.  If you have a roster spot you’re willing to designate as untouchable, then it may be worthwhile to stash a Knile Davis or Jerrick McKinnon or Ronnie Hillman.  The downside is during some bye week in the future, you will be tested as to whether to drop that backup producing little to no points and pick up a fill in starter to complete your roster.

Good luck to all and remember, have fun, talk shit and come up with a good team name.


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