Mandeville Beer Garden takes root in Rosemary District

Mandeville Beer Garden takes root in Rosemary District

Pic by Nick Friedman

Sipping a beer with her brother in Lowry Beer Garden during a trip to their native Denver, Rebekah Mandeville-Gelvin had a thought.

“I wish we had something like this in Sarasota,” she thought aloud as she surveyed the outdoor beer garden, lush with greenery and brimming with energy.

“Why not?” her brother replied.

That was 2013. Today, she’s less than two months away from realizing that dream in the form of Mandeville Beer Garden — Sarasota’s first true beer garden, located at 428 N. Lemon Ave. in the Rosemary District.

(It’s OPEN!!) As the grand opening approaches, Mandeville-Gelvin says she’s excited to open an establishment where people from all walks of life can come and enjoy themselves.

“Sarasota doesn’t have a place where people can go to enjoy the fruits of all of our brewers’ labors,” she says. “There are people doing incredible work here, and to be able to showcase that in the form of a beer garden, it’s really an intangible thing. It’s about the experience.”

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