Ivory Lounge lawsuit against condo owners continues

Ivory Lounge lawsuit against condo owners continues

by: Alex Mahadevan via The Observer.com

The battle between a downtown Sarasota nightclub owner and his residential neighbors at 50 Central Ave. will continue in court after a judge’s action this week.

Circuit Court Judge Rochelle Curley on Tuesday denied Plaza at Five Point Condominium Association’s request to dismiss the lawsuit Ivory Lounge owner Ambrish Piare filed last year. The suit claims condo owners have made false claims and defamed the bar in order to shut it down.

“Obviously, we’re very pleased,” said attorney Andrea Mogensen, who is representing Piare and his firm Jarala Entertainment in the suit. “We’ll begin to engage in discovery and proceed with litigation.”

In early 2014, the city of Sarasota rejected claims Plaza at Five points residents made that the nightclub violated its conditional-use permit, deprived residents their right to quietly enjoy their units, lowered their property values and operated as an “adult cabaret.” Mogenson said that complaint is just one of several “well-documented” incidents cited in the suit.

“The acts of the (Plaza at Five Points owners) were intentional, spiteful, malicious, without justification and made with a  purpose to,” interfere with the Ivory Lounge’s lease and operations, harm business relationships and compel the city to revoke the bar’s permit, according to the May 12 complaint.

– See more at: http://www.yourobserver.com/news/sarasota/Front-Page/0130201538460/Ivory-Lounge-lawsuit-against-condo-owners-continue#sthash.BtVYpvbL.dpuf


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