Fantasy Football SRQ League Weekly Breakdown

I must start with a preface that with my schedule these days, it may be difficult to keep up any consistent writing.

Props to Justin Clark for motivating me to write something for this week.

“Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die”

Inigo Montoya vs. Team Rissler

Phillip Rivers against Colin Kapernick

Dez Bryant versus Jordy Nelson

This is gonna be a good time!  A party of the ages!

Prediction – Inigo Montoya gets revenge for his father!!


Team Vetri faces off against Team Commish

On paper this is practically dead even.  Andrew Luck against Matt Ryan…  Julio Jones could go off again, but so could Reggie Wayne…

Tough call…

Prediction – Vetri takes it by a nose


Darren to be Bad versus Team Clark

Another toss up.

Darren to be Bad — “Has he been tested?”

Team Clark — “How do feel about the Dolphins?”

Prediction – Darren to be Bad goes Fossey, Fossey, Fossey, Madonna, Madonna, Madonna and pulls out a win.


Beats by Ray against Back that Pass Up

This appears to be a no-brainer.

Prediction – Back that Pass up wins big and enjoys a smooth Chatterton’s afterwards!


Flip McGillicuddy vs. Team Ginexi

In my opinion, this entire contest comes down to the Mysteriousness-tation of Jamaal/Knile Gate.  Who plays, who scores, who starts.

Prediction – Team Ginexi shakes it for a close win over the underdog McGillicuddy.  Anybody’s call.  Both have quality dance moves.


Team Zaller vs. Team Clark

Lot’s of fun and games until reality sets in.

Like Matt Stafford, dislike Tony Romo

Prediction – Team Clark easily wins out.


Good luck this week.


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