My friends ‘Kiwi’ & Chris and their ‘Lazybunz’ product featured in the Business Observer!

My friends ‘Kiwi’ & Chris and their ‘Lazybunz’ product featured in the Business Observer!

Photo by Mark Wemple.  Lazybunz

Photo by Mark Wemple. Lazybunz

‘Shoot for the Top’

By: Mark Gordon | Deputy Managing Editor

It’s tough to call Craig Rapihana lazy, given he competes in triathlons, played professional rugby in England and built a 32-employee construction business in Colorado.

It’s only his business that’s lazy.

Lazy Bunz, that is. The Sarasota-based company sells a foam-based recreational water float-seat, shaped like a saddle, that it calls a safe, simple and comfortable alternative to a life jacket. It’s hands-free, and allows a user to say upright in the water with feet floating.

“This is perfect for the boat,” says Rapihana. “We are giving people a product they love.”

That love goes deep: Sales have grown exponentially since Rapihana and his business partner, Sarasota financial adviser Chris Juall, launched the business in early 2013. Rapihana projects Lazy Bunz will surpass $500,000 in 2014 revenues. Rapihana currently works out of his car and home office, but he seeks a warehouse/office flex space in Sarasota to handle the growth.

Lazy Bunz are sold online and in several marine-themed retail stores, including 70 West Marine locations nationwide. It costs $40 for the base version, which comes Bahama Blue, Kiwi Green and Caribbean Coral. A model with a college logo of the University of Florida, Florida State or the University of Miami costs $45.

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