Sarasota, FL is Officially a Runners Paradise

Sarasota, FL is Officially a Runners Paradise

Sarasota is a Runners Paradise... Officially!

Sarasota is a Runners Paradise… Officially!

People often swim, cycle and row for exercise. But for many — either before or after work, on weekends or while on vacation — staying fit means tying on a pair of shoes and going for a run.

And for runners trying to decide where to vacation or to move, finding a county with the Road Runners Club of America’s seal of approval as an Outstanding Runner-Friendly Community has to be a plus.

In choosing Sarasota County, the national runners club founded in 1958 cited the county’s hundreds of miles of trails and sidewalks that wind their way along the Gulf Coast and Bayfront, Myakka River State Park, Legacy Trail and Oscar Scherer State Park.

The club’s opinion matters: It has 2,300 member clubs and events, in which more than 250,000 running club members participate.

Sarasota Athletic Association president Felicia Cox spearheaded the award-nomination process, which included an extensive list of program criteria and contacting running community partners for support.

Cox presented the award to Sarasota County Commissioners with partners from tourism agency Visit Sarasota County and New Balance Sarasota & University Park co-owner David Jackson. They and County Commissioner Joe Barbetta all provided information and letters of support for the nomination.

“Sarasota enjoys a well-deserved reputation as being committed to developing and maintaining safe pathways for runners while respecting the integrity of environmentally sensitive areas and wildlife habitat,” Barbetta said.

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