Fantasy Football 2013 Week 1 Recap

It’s that time of year again!! Fantasy Football 2013 Week 1 Recap

Back to School!

Back to School!

Well, well, well… what a start to the Fantasy Football 2013 season.

In the “real” NFL, there were 4 safeties in the 1pm games.

Jacksonville actually scored some points even after turning down Tebow and staying with Gabbert! Good call Jags!

Philip Rivers’ passer rating when Chargers were up 28-7 with 10:46 left in 3rd quarter was 134.8 ..Thereafter, it was 0. ZERO.

In the “virtual” world of FF, we had a frickin tie in week 1. How does that even happen with our tiebreaker… ooooohhhhh, no tiebreakers. Congrats to the Clark family for the tie… hmmmmmmmmm, kind of makes you wonder. At least Steve & Erin didn’t tie, although they tried.

Team Gager led off right where they left off. Domination! 164 points leads the week in scoring… Balanced attack. Scary good.

On the flip side of that… Poor Danny. A ZERO and a negative starter. Next week, we think Danny brings his “A” game!

Dre unceremoniously welcomed Mr. Rissler to the league with a beatdown. Welcome wagon has left the station!

Justin & Paulie brawled and Paulie just squeaked out a win. Good stuff from both teams though!

I speak for everyone when I say, Let’s give this league a PULSE! Someone say something!!


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