From 32 to 1, presenting the Shutdown Corner preseason power rankings

From 32 to 1, presenting the Shutdown Corner preseason power rankings

Mayhem is Everywhere

Mayhem is Everywhere

By Frank Schwab | Shutdown Corner

Before the season kicks off a month from today in Denver, as the Ravens begin their Super Bowl defense against the Broncos, there will be more news that changes our views on teams.

For now, here are the Shutdown Corner preseason power rankings in case you missed any, from 32 to 1. The preview for each team is linked on the team name.

32. Oakland Raiders
Best-case scenario: Get Jadeveon Clowney, have a franchise player to build around.
31. Jacksonville Jaguars
Can’t win without a quarterback.
30. Arizona Cardinals
Their offense was a question mark even before running backs started getting banged up.
29. Buffalo Bills
It’ll be a productive season if E.J. Manuel shows he’s the clear QB of the future.
28. Cleveland Browns
Can see Browns moving up quickly, but Brandon Weeden’s camp struggles are a concern.
27. Tennessee Titans
Titans need to be a lot better on defense to move up.
26. Kansas City Chiefs
Honestly, the Chiefs are too low right here. This ranking should change in a hurry.
25. New York Jets
Get ready to see Geno Smith, because that seems to be the direction we’re headed.
24. San Diego Chargers
Still haven’t seen anything to indicate they won’t drop like a rock this year.
23. Philadelphia Eagles
They will be plenty happy when games start and the focus can be on football.
22. Miami Dolphins
Their left tackle situation is a mess, but Dion Jordan already looks like an intriguing rookie.
21. St. Louis Rams
Lot of pressure on Sam Bradford, especially if the no-name running backs don’t produce.
20. Minnesota Vikings
If the rookies come along fast, not out of the question for them to return to the playoffs.
19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Darrelle Revis should be ready by Week 1. Real question is, will Josh Freeman show up?
18. Dallas Cowboys
Get ready to enjoy Jason Garrett’s lame duck season.
17. Detroit Lions
The pieces are there for them to take a big jump, but the secondary is still shaky.
16. Pittsburgh Steelers
Defense will be good. Will Le’Veon Bell and the receivers produce for the offense?
15. Indianapolis Colts
If you told me we’ll consider Andrew Luck a top three QB by season’s end, I’d believe it.
14. New Orleans Saints
Sean Payton’s return doesn’t completely fix a horrendous defense.
13. Chicago Bears
Don’t forget, the Bears were 7-1 before Jay Cutler suffered a concussion last year.
12. New York Giants
If Hakeem Nicks can stay healthy (yeah, we know, it’s unlikely), then watch out.
11. Carolina Panthers
Still haven’t changed my opinion that this is the NFL’s breakout team in 2013.

For the top 10 and #1. CLICK HERE <——–=============


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