Thank You!! Reddit’s Mass Pizza Delivery to 2-Year-Old Cancer Patient

Thank You!! Reddit’s Mass Pizza Delivery to 2-Year-Old Cancer Patient

photo by Lauren Hammersley

photo by Lauren Hammersley

By Beth Greenfield, Shine Staff | Parenting – Mon, Jul 15, 2013

A 2-year-old girl undergoing cancer treatments at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles was happily inundated with pizza deliveries after a public plea for the treat went viral on Reddit on Saturday.

“Send pizza room 4112” was the sign that Hazel Hammersley’s mom Lauren and grandmother Linda created out of medical tape in Hazel’s hospital-room window last week. “We had been here since July 4th and are always trying to think of ways to pass the time for a 2-year-old, since you begin to get a little stir crazy,” Lauren told Yahoo! Shine. “We didn’t think we’d actually get any pizzas!”

And for a couple of days, they didn’t. But when someone snapped a photo of the sign and put it on Reddit, Lauren said, “It went crazy.” Well over 20 pizzas were delivered to Hazel, who was diagnosed in April with rare stage-three neuroblastoma.

“She loved it. She woke up and there were pizzas everywhere,” said Lauren. “She had three slices.”

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To keep up with Hazel and her amazing progress, click here <———–===========


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