Subway commercial spokesman Jared Fogle marks 15 years of turkey subs and keeping the weight off

Subway commercial spokesman Jared Fogle marks 15 years of turkey subs and keeping the weight off

The formerly obese college student who turned his life around by eating the chain’s sandwiches has a net worth of $15 million. He still works with Subway, the only job he’s ever known.

By Rheana Murray / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS



It’s been 15 years since Jared Fogle waltzed into a Subway and ordered his first 6-inch turkey sub — hold the cheese and mayo.
Now he flashes a Subway “black card” for free food, flies first-class and has an estimated net worth of about $15 million.
Not bad for a 35-year-old dad from central Indiana whose only claim to fame is losing a lot of weight eating the chain’s sandwiches.
“I never expected any of this,” Fogle told the Daily News. “I was a business major in college. I thought maybe I’d work for an ad agency or a PR firm.”
Instead he wound up the famous face of Subway’s longest-running campaign — the only adult job the Indianapolis native has ever known.
In the late ’90s at Indiana University, Fogle was all but invisible. Tipping the scale at 425 pounds, he avoided friends and social events to save face, gobbling junk food alone in a dorm room.
“I knew you were supposed to go on dates and go to parties, but because I was so big, I just took myself out of the equation,” says Fogle, who is 6-foot-2 and now weighs 200 pounds. “I didn’t want to allow myself to be made fun of.”

picture via subway

picture via subway

Change began in his junior year, when Fogle moved off campus. In March of 1998, he walked into the Subway that happened to be attached to his off-campus apartment building and grabbed a nutrition brochure.
The Subway diet was his own idea — a 6-inch turkey sub for lunch and a full-length veggie sub for dinner, both meals with a bag of baked chips and a diet soda.

“The big thing was no mayo, no oil, no cheese,” he said. “I did it for 11 months.”
Fogle says he never got sick of eating Subway, but admits he craved pizza and cheeseburgers.
“In the early days, I had to literally hold onto the side of my chair, because if I had gotten up I would have gotten in my car and driven to the drive-thru,” he says.
After three months, Fogle lost 94 pounds. In a year he shed 245 pounds, more than half his original body weight.
News of his transformation spread after his college newspaper published an article about weight loss. The astonishing photos — a trimmed-down Fogle posing with a pair of 60-inch-waist jeans he used to wear — attracted local media and magazines.

Jared from Subway -- weight loss -- healthy living

Jared from Subway — weight loss — healthy living

After his first national commercial — he has since filmed more than 300 — Subway’s sales shot up 20%. Overall, sales more than tripled to $11.5 billion in 2011, from around $3 billion in 1998, according to Nation’s Restaurant News.

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