NFC Championship Game – SF vs. ATL

San Francisco 49ers vs. Atlanta Falcons

Colin Crabtree

Colin Crabtree

This certainly seems like an easier pick to make… but once you really examine the depth of these teams, you come to find its not such an easy pick and some of the things you felt so confident in, could in fact be areas where you may well want to have some trepidation about.

Colin Kaepernick – One of those areas. This guy balls hard. 181 yards rushing last game, and when he started to break off the outside and find a lane it felt as if I was sitting on a airplane on a runway looking out the window watching another plane take off… He has the acceleration that can almost only be measured in horsepower.

That being said… He has actually performed a little worse then Alex Smith did. I know it doesn’t feel like it, but its true… Point of reference —-> Grantland’s Bill Barnwell

SF Running Game is solid. Frank Gore looks good to go.

The SF defense is about as stout as they come... They are susceptible to allowing the big play here and there, but they usually make the other teams pay. If they can consistently get to Matt Ryan, this could be a lockdown!

Atlanta on the other hand STILL doesn’t strike fear into most people... But they should. They are akin to a reliable automobile. They are well balanced on both sides of the ball. The largest weakness in the past was the running game and a sometimes porous defense. Say hello to Jacquizz Rodgers and a defense that has locked down inside the redzone.

Here’s proof that no one believes in Atlanta… (except Georgians!)



With Julio Jones and Roddy White AND Tony Gonzalez, Atlanta is always in the game (see Seattle game ending)!

My prediction

San Francisco – 32 Atlanta – 28 Gonna be a close one!


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