The Perspective ** From Fantasy Football to Bad Playoff NFL predictions

The Perspective ** From Fantasy Football to Bad Playoff NFL predictions

Slippery when wet

Slippery when wet

Home team in CAPS

Cincinnati versus HOUSTON

Seems like Houston is in trouble lately and the Bengals are under the radar… forget what you know.
Houston is too good and will flip the switch.

Texans – 27 Cincy – 21

Minnesota versus GREEN BAY

We understand that Adrian Peterson should be the MVP and he is the feel good story of the regular season. We love, “All Day” and regret not drafting him in our FF league. But we also love reality… and Christian Ponder is sober, real.
Green Bay has very little running game, but they don’t need it.

GB – 38 Vikings – 17

Indianapolis versus BALTIMORE

Chuckstrong vs. Ray Lewis’s retirement
Andrew Luck vs. Ray Rice & Wacko Flacco
Overachieving lucky team versus contender experiencing all kinds of injuries.

Ravens – 29 Colts – 27

Seattle versus Washington

One of the coolest games we could see save for Brady v. Manning IV.
Seattle and Washington have both gone 7-1 over the second half of the season and both look strong.
On that same note, Seattle did play one of the toughest schedules in the league this year. The faults are easy to spot though.
Seattle at home is money in the bank. On the road, its like a crumpled dollar bill in a vending machine… they tend to let you down.
The RG3’s or team formerly known as the Redskins, have a solid running game predicated on strong passing numbers from Bob. It’s the defense that shines though and playing at home will be the 12th man they need.

Gonna be a slugfest and a close one.

I give the nod to Russell Wilson and The Beast.

Seahawks – 23 RG3’s Skins’ – 17


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  1. where do I email you directly? Where are you racing next?

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