Is it time to Secede? Week 10 recap and Week 11 predictions ++ The Perspective ++ Fantasy Football

Is it time to Secede? Week 10 recap and Week 11 predictions ++ The Perspective ++ Fantasy Football

texas secession

Similar to the 100,000+ Texan’s who are pushing for secession, I may have to consider seceding from our league. My team has created a darkness inside me. I am ashamed each week and loathe Ryan Matthews, Rashad Jennings & Felix Jones, more then I could’ve imagined.

On a serious note, I am looking forward to watching the Buccaneers work on making the playoffs! Go Doug Martin!!

Week 10 was a back-breaker for some, including “Over Dramatic”. Six teams make the playoffs in our league and in essence, 5 are already in, while one team is in prime position to take the 6th and final spot, leaving 2 teams to grapple over a miracle finish over the final 2 weeks while winning out and hoping other factors outside of their control fall into place.

As hard as I want to believe I still have a chance. I. DO. NOT. So on that note, I take a moment of silence to pay tribute to…


Over Dramatic – Playing against teams in different weeks whose players had record setting scoring weeks… from Jamaal Charles (230+ yds rushing & 3 TD’s), Doug Martin (250+ yards rushing & 4 TD’s), Aaron Rodgers (6 TD Passes), Jordy Nelson (180+ yds receiving & 3 TD’s) and the Bronco’s defense (2 TD’s & 2 INT’s) squashed most chances of actually winning. This team played the highest scoring team of each week 4 times out of 10 weeks. 3 Peat Zalla and Victory Cruz were tied for the second most with 2 weeks each. Such is life and although this team is the 7th highest scoring team, they are sitting in 9th place. They have had the second most points (1,252 or 125.2/week) scored against them, by a large margin. In contrast, the second least points scored against a team is Come Back Kid, who has had (1,024 or 102.4/week) against them. That is 23 points per week to overcome. A big deal, but a moot point at this point.

The Worthless Herd – Inconsistency. Chris Johnson has been great in the last 3 of 4 weeks. Matthew Stafford has done just enough to be the 10th best QB. Fred Jackson was a bright star for 4 weeks. Jordy Nelson had 3 good weeks, 1 of those weeks was great. (See Over Dramatic above) Every year we joke around with Danny, but really we want him to succeed. Next year is going to be the year of D-LONG!!!

Victory Cruz – Disappointing. Victor Cruz was electric to start the season but has dropped off. Frank Gore has been solid. Tony Gonzalez is the stud on this team. Cam Newton is the 20th ranked QB. After Over Dramatic had finally had enough of RB roulette and dropped Steven Jackson after he did NOTHING all season (9 weeks), he gets 3 times his normal carries and runs for 100+ yards and a TD against the 49ers. Go Figure! It’s been that kind of season for these teams.

3-Peat Zalla – Just sad. Former 2 time-champion. The fall from grace was swift and blunt. Eli Manning and Ahmad Bradshaw just pooped the bed 5 out of 9 weeks. Arian Foster is the only player ranked better then 13th at their position (save for backup Carson Palmer). None the less, we think Erin will be back on her championship march next season.

“All you can handle, Bro!”

Looking at Week 11.

Congrats to the Playoff clinching Teams!

Come Back Kid at 9-1 is gunning for the top seed!

Pounder at 8-2 is set for the playoffs!

A-Shift Rules at 7-3 is at worst, a 5 seed.

Here is where it gets interesting…

Gippers Gangsters (6-4) face In-Zane (4-6) and Come Back Kid (9-1) over the final 2 weeks.

Jace Invaders (6-4) face Worthless Herd (3-7) and Over Dramatic (3-7)* = *played Over Dramatic in Week 4, losing 90-136.

Charles in Charge (5-5) face Pounder (8-2) and Victory Cruz (3-7).

Rodgers A-Doodle-Doo (4-6) face Over Dramatic (3-7) and A-Shift Rules (7-3).

In-Zane in the Membrane (4-6) face Gippers Gangsters (6-4) and Pounder (8-2).

Roethelisberger = “Drink and Drunk”

Against the other remaining ‘In Contention’ teams…the tie-breakers look like this…

Total points scored.
Rodgers Doodle-Doo – 1209
Charles in charge – 1186
Gippers Gangsters – 1153
In-Zane Membrane – 1116
Jace Invaders – 1115

Anyhow, in Week 11, we prognosticate the following outcomes…

Sorry, I slept with your mom

CBK – 140 VCruz – 120

Pounder – 145 CiC – 125

A-Shift – 148 3-Peat – 142

GG’s – 138 Membrane – 116

The Herd – 119 Jace – 115 *Upset Special!

OD – 128 Rodgers – 127 Playing Spoiler!

Good luck this week!


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