Week 8 Fantasy Football Like/Dislike player recommendations – * The Perspective * Pulp Fiction Style!

Week 8 Fantasy Football Like/Dislike player recommendations – * The Perspective * Pulp Fiction Style!


What is the theme of this list?
What is going on here with * The Perspective *?

“Say ‘WHAT’ one more time… Mofo!

Players I like… (Note* Players I like and dislike, simply means, I like these guys more then usual this week. I won’t mention every QB or RB that is a stud, because its too obvious, like Arian Foster or Aaron Rodgers. If those players aren’t on a BYE, your starting them regardless… Anyhow, I digress.)

Peyton Manning
– Love him on the big stage against a non-defense.
Andrew Luck – Tennessee defense is a misnomer unto itself.
Carson Palmer – In lieu of McFadden performing, Palmer may be forced to throw a lot.
Eli Manning – Seems like a possible shootout
Tony Romo – Seems like a possible shootout
Robert Griffin 3 – The Pittsburgh defense is relying on yesteryears hype. They’re good, but not that good.


QB’s I dislike…this week.

Philip Rivers – Just because
Sam Bradford – He will probably throw a lot against NE’s defense to try and keep Rams in the game, but i think a good number of passes find the ground or DB’s.
Kolb/Skelton – 49ers defense. No thanks.

RB’s I like this week…

Chris Johnson – I very much dislike that i’m putting him on this list. He is so schitzo this season. but Indy provides a cushion to his fall and he responds well to cushions.
Mike Leshoure – Calvin johnson is always covered this season. Only other option is LeShoure.
Vick Ballard – by default
Kendall Hunter – could see lots of work against Arizona. They want to keep ball out of Alex Smith’s hands and Frank Gore healthy-ish.
Ryan Matthews – If there is one thing the Browns allow, its RB’s to amass FF pts. This should be a solid game for rushing yards and check down passes.
Darren Sproles – Against the Denver rush, he will be used as screener and check down guy. I could see him getting 7-11 catches.

RB’s to dislike this week…

LaRod Stephens-Howling – 49ers defense. Enough said.
Felix Jones – Oy Vey Felix.
Steven Jackson – In a clear timeshare with D-Richardson.
Michael Turner – Not that good. Not that bad. I just dislike him this week.
Jamaal Charles – I think Oakland stacks against the rush and begs Brady Quinn to throw.

How to plan for a hurricane

WR’s I like…

Lance Moore – see NO vs. Den.
Eric Decker – see above.
Andre Roberts – Larry Fitz is going to be smothered.
Percy Harvin – snuck him in here! Lawd have Percy!!
Wes Welker – Should reign supreme against Rams!
Jeremy Maclin – Hip is fine!
James Jones/ Randall Cobb – Should light it up this week
Nate Washington – Indy defense
Miles Austin – not Dez Bryant this week.

WR’s to avoid this week…
Dez Bryant – just a hunch – Again, obviously unless you have someone better, you start him!
Dwayne Bowe – Oakland CB’s and DB’s and Safety & Brady Quinn at QB
Steve Smith – Bears D
Brandon Lloyd – I think he doesn’t have the chops to get open like he used to.

New England

St. Louis
Ny Giants


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