*The Perspective * ~ Fantasy Football — Week 4 recap & Week 5 coverage

*The Perspective * ~ Fantasy Football — Week 4 recap & Week 5 coverage

Duck Attack

Who, Who, Who? Who let the Duck’s out?

Well, well, well. Last week was a doozy with most matchups ending in sheer carnage. We had one battle that came down to the last minutes of the monday night game and ended in what you might call an upset… certainly it stayed true to the winner’s team name!

Last week my predictions of the games finished, 6-0. Yes indeed, Ladies and Gents… I am amazing and for only $0.00 you can get my weekly SRQ fantasy football matchup picks delivered straight to your home Atari computer!
That brings me to 16-8 on the season. Not that anyone outside of… me, cares about this, but similar to a cat and a cat toy, I have to entertain myself. (That’s what she said!)

Entertaining yourself!

Onto Week 4 Recaps…
As always, I start with the highest scoring winner and work my way down to the lowest scoring winner.

Rodgers A Doodle Doo – 162 A LONG Road ahead – 93
The road is even longer now. And lonelier. LONG road is the last remaining team to go winless through week 4 and they did it in glorious fashion as Rodgers Doo, just went off like a… like a… similar to a… I guess, a light. He went off like a light.

Team Pounder – 150 In-Zane in the Membrane – 120

In-Zane had a good week, but as you can obviously see, Pounder Pounded. He made Membrane into a Pound Cake. He Pounded like Bam-Bam. He went all whopper like a Quarter Pounder! Pounder remains one of two teams to continue the undefeated ways 4 weeks in. Looking unstoppable!

Team A-Shift Rules – 146 Team 3-Peat Zalla – 81

The other undefeated team in the league, showed why with a stomping of the defending champ, dropping her to 1-3. Its a turning point for 3-Peat these next 2 weeks! A-shift just keeps on cruising ahead and a showdown with Pounder looms in the future!

Charles in charge – 139 Gippers Gangsters – 115
Both teams were good enough to win this week, unfortunately they played each other and Jared had the stronger players! Somehow Charles in Charge overcame 5 INT’s from ROMO. Oh yeah, Roddy white scored 34 FF Pts. That’ll do it! Both teams find themselves 2-2 and positioned well for the remaining 2/3 of the season.

Dreznin Style – 136 Jace Invaders – 90
Whew. Drew Brees leads all scorers this week and just in time. 1-3 Dreznin rebounds from the gutter to put a win on the board, while Jace returns to .500 at 2-2 on the season. The invaders are primed to meet next weeks matchup heads up!

ComebackKid – 116 Victory Cruz – 114
The best matchup of the week that never should’ve happened. A kicker on Monday night outpoints a backup goal-line RB and ComebackKid lives up to his name to sneak away with a win. Only…Victory Cruz started Pittsburgh defense who are normally worth way more then 2 points, only they actually didn’t play in Week 4 as they were making sure Ben Roethelisberger stayed out of trouble. Then again, a win is a win.

WEEK 5 pick-ups

Ok, these pick-ups, waiver wire guys and “sleepers” are getting more obvious and less common each week.

Brian Hartline – WR Dolphins
Brandon Bolden – RB New England
Domenik Hixon – WR NY Giants – aka-Former Akron Zip!
Kendall Hunter – RB SF 49ers – Seems to be getting a larger role each progressive week
Nick Novak – K SD Chargers – If you need a kicker, then Novak is the guy, as Kaeding looks like he could be done for the season and the chargers score a lot.
Matt Hasselbeck – QB Tenn Titans – Other then the fact that Tennessee sucks, they will have matchups from time to time, where they can put up some points… Thanks Detroit!

Onto the Week 5 SRQ matchups.
This week I want to compare each matchup to a character from a Will Farrell Movie… so on that note, let’s “Shake n’ Bake!”

Harold Crick

Harold Crick Matchup
Team Pounder (4-0) v. Rodgers A-Doodle-Doo (2-2)
A confused but organized mix of chaos and success. Does routine, remain in motion or does chaos reign supreme!! If there was a week to rise up, this is it.
Rodgers – 144 Pounder – 125


Talledega Nights
Team A-Shift Rules (4-0) v. A LONG Road Ahead (0-4)
Jean Girard versus Ricky Bobby. Is it “Hakuna Matata, bitches!” time? or will we hear the cut-down, “Ladies and Gentlemen, that is a new track record. As it stands now, Jean Girard is sitting on the pole, which is a statement of fact, and is in no way a comment on the driver’s sexual orientation. ” Danny is hoping that Cal Naughton Jr., doesn’t start to look at him and his fantasy team as he does jesus, “Cal Naughton, Jr.: I like to picture Jesus as a figure skater. He wears like a white outfit, and He does interpretive ice dances of my life’s journey. “… Let’s all hope that’s the case!
notwithstanding the above… A-Shift- 138 LONG- 126


The Anchorman: Ron Burgandy Matchup
Charles in Charge (2-2) v. ComeBackKid (3-1)
Someone in this matchup has many leather bound books and their abode smells like mahogany. I’ll let you figure out which one is which.
Earlier this week, this smack talk was overheard between these two arch rivals! “I’m gonna punch you in the ovary, that’s what I’m gonna do. A straight shot. Right to the babymaker.” We’ll let you decide who said it to who!

Me thinks this will closer then ESPN postulates. In fact, i’m picking an upset.
ComeBackKid – 119 Charles – 117


Step Brothers Matchup
Gippers Gangsters (2-2) v. Jace Invaders (2-2)
Brennan Huff taking on Dale Doback! One person will tea bag your drum set the other comes from a house of learned doctors. Despite their vast differences, they can both agree that their favorite non-pornographic magazine to masturbate to is unequivocally, Good Housekeeping! On that note…
Gippers – 108 J-Invaders – 107

frank the tank


Old School/Elf Matchup
In-Zane in the Membrane (2-2) v. Victory Cruz (1-3)
A cross between Frank “The Tank” Ricard and Buddy the Elf! They both like candy and beer! Both teams can rebuild a Camaro or draw a Manger scene on an etch-a-sketch! Both teams enjoy streaking and yet, both enjoy wearing green velvet elf outfits. Ironically, both owners’ middle name is Francisco!
This one seems too close to call.
We hypothesize…
Membrane – 117 Victory – 114


The Other Guys Matchup
Dreznin Style (1-3) v. Team 3-peat Zalla (1-3)
Sometimes, you are a peacock and you just have to fly! Other times, your a lion and a tuna is stalking you. We have all been there and its glorious, once you get over that wall! Anyhow, a depressing and monumental matchup of the past 2 seasons top two teams as they both try to right the ship and mount a charge back to the top of the standings! We’ll see who gets off the best Desk Pop!
Dre Style – 127 3-Peat Zalla – 122

Have a great week!


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