A Quote, poem, poetry or something that rhymes…

Picture by Clark Little – An Amazing photographer!

Loss of control, fate in the hands of the winds,
I know not who I am, my head it shakes and spins,
The knots in my stomach have grown too wound to unwind,
This frustration brings a darkness, that blackens and blinds.

I struggle with the notion, that nothing is wrong,
Something rotten grows inside, sapping all that once was strong,
Its up to us to make sure this darkness sees the light,
I will not quit nor falter, only to press on and fight.

This love is tragic and beautiful, something unknown to me,
It has drama, elation, distance and sheer epiphany!
I hope I never lose this love, this stressful carefree bond,
I guess only time will tell, whether upon us, love hath dawned.

~ Anonymous


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