2012-2013 NFL Division winners, Wildcard and Super Bowl predictions


2012-2013 NFL Division Champs, Wildcard & Super Bowl prediction

NFL Cheerleaders 1

NFL Cheerleader 2


Predicting to the OLDIES!!!

NFC Division Winners;
Giants (I really wanted to go Philly here, but I am forcing myself to go NYG. Just a hunch)
Packers (Just too strong not to be here)
Falcons (Panthers & Bucs are gonna make this close)
49ers (A No Brainer)

– Buccaneers & Eagles

AFC Division Winners
Patriots (Jets and Bills will battle for second)
Chargers (Really? If not them, then whom? Denver & Peyton?)
Ravens (Big Ben staying healthy is the hunch that swayed me)
Texans (This division is weak)

– Steelers & Denver


S.F. 49ers vs Houston Texans

SB Champion = S.F. 49ers

Our Vote for Replacement Referees!

my choice for replacement refs

Just for keeping the ego in checks’ sake… Here are last years predictions. <——– CLICK HERE


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