The Perspective – 2012 Fantasy Football – Week 1 recap & Week 2 predictions

The Perspective – 2012 Fantasy Football – Week 1 recap & Week 2 predictions

The Mascot for the SRQ 2012 Fantasy Football league

Ok, the good news is half your league won in week 1. The bad news of course, is half your league lost. If you were on the latter of the two, its not time to panic, just time to breathe and focus on week 2. Here is the link to this week’s Matthew Berry’s Love/Hate on ESPN and why, “A little perspective goes a long way!”

Week 1 had some serious let downs from some serious players including
, Wes Welker, Mike Vick, Michael Turner, Chris Johnson, Vincent Jackson, Hakeem Nicks, Eli Manning, Trent Richardson, etc, etc, etc…

But then again
, some week 1 unforeseen studs included CJ Spiller, Shonn Greene, Alfred Morris, Stevan Ridley, Michael Bush, Kevin Ogletree, Lance Moore, Robert Griffin 3 & Mark Sanchez!

So after looking at some of the regulars who grace our score sheets each week
, we see the usual suspects in Adrian Peterson, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Ray Rice, Calvin Johnson, Jimmy Graham, yada, yada, yada… the must-starts!

In week 1 contests, you just never know what your going to get as team story lines develop, new offensive schemes show themselves and another year of wear and tear on last years performers begin to show their effects.

Do we see repeat performances from the let downs?
Only a couple. Mike Vick, Chris Johnson and Trent Richardson. We wouldn’t touch these guys. I understand that CJ caught some serious passes, but as a RB, this guy has become kryptonite. After seeing Brandon Weeden play QB, I now realize there is no hope for Trent Richardson at all. Mike Vick has been in the league for 10+ seasons and he looked like a rookie throwing 4 INT’s against Cleveland. Yeccch!

Do we see repeat performances from the unforeseen stars? A couple will continue to produce. Shonn Greene, CJ Spiller, Lance Moore and Robert Griffin 3. CJ looked good. Lance will come and go with the tides or the wave of Saints offense and RG3 will eventually run into a good defense, but for now, ride these guys!

Rodgers A Doodle Doo (1-0) – 141 vs Thats One in A Row (0-1) 124
Valiant efforts from both teams, but looking at the rosters from each team, it is easy to see where this was lost. RB’s. Rashad Jennings and Jamaal Charles both underwhelmed, while the rest of the team held their own. Also, having Demaryius Thomas go off for 27 pts was HUGE, in spite of Michael Turner dropping 3 points in a blow out win. If you can’t ring up rushing yards in a bludgeoning, when can you?

Jace Invaders (1-0) 140 vs In-Zane in the Membrane (0-1) 111
We said, Jace Invaders would win the league, right? Let’s just pretend that’s what I said. After this commanding performance, I wish my predictions were in pencil and not ink/type. Jace got the one consistent Bear performer in Brandon Marshall! Cutler and Forte looked solid, but alas, the combo of Pierre Garcon and LeSean McCoy was too much for Hakeem Nicks and DeSean Jackson to contend with. I’m certainly having second thoughts about In-Zane winning the league, let alone making the playoffs. Show us something Paulie!

Team Drumseteabagger (1-0) – 134 vs Team 3-Peat Zalla (0-1) 110
Holy Crap! First Cam Newton, now Robert Griffin 3! Parisi has the golden touch on rookie QB’s! All he needed was a stout Raven’s defense and this contest was never really in doubt. Dropoffs from Antonio Gates, Peyton Hillis & Greg Jennings made for a bumpy week 1.

Gippers Gangsta’s (1-0) 119 vs A Stafford Infection!!! (0-1) 113
Welcome to the league! She comes out swinging and down goes Danny! A nail biter to the end, this was a good matchup. Peyton Manning looks fine tuned and ready to feast! A last minute switch by Danny put the Bills defense in to start which led to a (-5 pts). Now we can debate sit/starts all day long, but ultimately, you have to start Chris Johnson in week 2… right? 11 carries for 4 yards!

Team A-Shift Rules (1-0) 117 vs Team Victory Cruz (0-1) 109
Another Newbie strikes! A-Shift looks goooooood. Even their back up TE scored as much or more then 4 of Cruz’s starters. Matt Ryan was just a beast and Ray Rice made up for DeAngelo being DeAngelo.

Team Pounder (1-0) 103 vs Team My, My, My Bironas (0-1) 101
Oy Vey. Barely squeaked over 100 points. This was a train wreck matchup and it only got worse as the games dragged on. Wes Welker gets 1 point. Adrian Peterson starts over Toby Gerhart and scores 2 TD’s. Even a stinker from Beanie Wells (1 pt) and Trent Richardson (5 pts) wasnt enough to score less then Bironas. I wasn’t keen on my team at the draft, and I am beginning to loathe them now. Time to sack up.

As for WEEK 2 Matchups and predictions for SRQ 2012

Rodgers A doodle doo (1-0) vs Jace Invaders (1-0)
Solid matchup on paper. But really when you start looking at player matchups and really, the actual players, its hard not to like Jace in this one. Pretty convincingly.
Jace – 138 Rodgers – 112

Team Pounder (1-0) vs Gippers Gangsta’s (1-0)
Two undefeated rookies face off for bragging rights and to stay perfect on the season. This looks to be a close contest.
Really pouring over the roster and its a tough call. This won’t be decided until Monday night, and ultimately, we think Gippers Gangsta’s take it in a barn burner!
Gippers – 124 Pounder – 123

Team Drumseteabagger (1-0) vs A Stafford Infection (0-1)
Another really close call. I like the player matchups of Drumset better, so I pick them.
Drums – 121 Stafford – 115

Team A-Shift Rules (1-0) vs Thats One in a Row (0-1)

Again, not to sound redundant, this is too close to call on paper. Both solid teams, but alas, I like the matchups of one team better then another.
A-Shift – 138 1 In a Row – 118

Victory Cruz (0-1) vs Team My, My, My Bironas (0-1)
I think this is an easy one to call, and it pains me to do so. I think writing these recaps and predictions is going to be ugly this season if my team doesn’t do something soon!
Victory – 125 Bironas – 108

3-Peat Zalla (0-1) vs In-Zane in the Membrane (0-1)
I’m writing this after Cutler threw 4 INT’s and Forte left the game for good with a bashed up ankle, so in essence this prediction writes itself. You never know, but in this case, you kind of know.
3-Peat – 117 In-Zane – 98

For the rest of the fantasy world, some players who should go off this week, include;

Reggie Wayne – He and Andrew Luck are on the same page!

Steven Jackson – Washington defense should be solid, but Jackson should find paydirt!

Cam Newton – facing a Saints defense that just let RG3 go CRAZY on them!

Matt Ryan and Peyton Manning
– Feel like both QB’s in Monday nights game are going to score lots of points and be throwing all night!

Marshawn Lynch – takes some pressure off Russel Wilson and runs well against a porous Dallas defense

Aaron Hernandez
– in picking a TE this week, its easy to say GRONK or J-Graham, but Hernandez should lead them all.

RG3 – St. Louis defense. Enough said.

BenJarvis Green Ellis – Should exploit Cleveland defense for solid yards and a score or 2.

Matt Schaub – Havent seen his name on here for a while. HELLO Jacksonville!!!

Some quick sleepers – and potential point scoring fill-ins
Ryan Matthews – Sketchy reports coming out of camp that he might play. (See Adrian Peterson and Mojo-Drew)
Nate Washington – Kenny britt makes his way back. We think its only to free up big Nate for more catches!

Finally, some players to avoid.
I swear I wouldve put Jay Cutler on this list had I written it yesterday afternoon. I just like Clay Matthews! I didn’t see 7 sacks and 4 INTs.

Mike Vick, DeSean Jackson & Jeremy Maclin – facing the Raven’s Defense, after last weeks performance against Cleveland. I need to see these guys do WELL before I recommend them again. I just don’t see it happening this week.

Shonn Greene – look, after last week, you have to start him. Facing pittsburgh after the steelers got embarrassed by Denver last week and your playing at Heinz field. No thank you.

Chris Johnson – I’m done with him. I won’t talk about him anymore unless he proves us all wrong and delivers.

Matthew Stafford
– obviously you start Stafford. But he’s playing San Francisco in SF. They have possibly the best defense going. It’s gonna be a long afternoon.


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