Welcome to the SRQ 2012 Fantasy Football Season

Welcome to the SRQ 2012 Fantasy Football Season

Brief Draft Recap & Team by Team season predictions

DRAFT RECAP brought to you by Sean Dreznin and Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks Approved!

The draft was held at Buffalo Wild Wings.
Our leagues rookies are Don Clark, Jonell Romanus and Jeff Gager. Let the hazing begin!
Someone ordered chicken wings. Much beer was consumed.
Justin kept pleading with Sean to draft Mark Sanchez, but he withstood the onslaught!
Danny was defiant about every SRQ 2012 rule and/or league setting.
Erin has a 8.333% chance of TRI-Peating!
The draft lasted 4 days and 13 hours.

Ok. Onto the season predictions!
I am evaluating each team on a surface view, which is completely biased on my gut feeling towards the 3 top players on each team from the QB, RB & WR position. Also a quick glance at the #2 RB & WR & TE position for depth, as having Gronk or Aaron Hernandez is better then having sume dude named Martellus or Kellen Winslow… poor, poor Kellen!

I have a minimal filter, and I mean nothing personal by the below word beatin’ Immabout to give you… but then again,remember my predictions from last season? Not exactly spot on!

Team Flounder, I mean Team Pounder!
Tom Brady is always good news to see headlining a fantasy roster. A.J. Green and a healthy Andre Johnson also make for nice bookends. It gets kind of awkward from there, but Don is a newbie to the league, although we assume he has watched football on a television at some point. Enjoy Trent Richardson and Beanie Wells decisions each week!
2012 Qwik Pik – (3-9)

Team Drumseteabagger
Look, we hate being this negative so early in the season, but looking at the top 3, its a fair amount of upside but cataclysmic downside. RG3 could be a productive QB in Washington, but he could also throw 2 picks and fumble the ball most games, just as easy. Same with Adrian Peterson, in that he can be a fantastic RB or get hurt and leave a gaping hole (sss-sss-sss) at a most important position! The depth on this team seems thin, but then, I may have said the same thing about Cam Newton last year.
2012 Qwik Pik – (4-8)

Team That’s One in a Row
Jared. We meet again. After last years renaissance, we felt J-Clark would be able to build on that momentum. But alas, it would appear on paper to look less then promising. Tony Romo is a risky pick, albeit a solid producer, but a risky pick. Tough to trust Dallas this season.
Marshawn Lynch is in unvoluntary beast mode due to back spasms and a possible league suspension lingering over his gold grilled head. Jamal Charles may be a stud, or he may revert to being a recovering ACL tear running back with a solid backup in Hillis. All risky bets. We like some risk, but not this much. The House always wins!
2012 Qwik Pik – (5-7)

Team Gippers Gangsters

Upside… Best QB in history. Downside… 36+, 2 neck surgeries, playing outdoors 15 times versus the Indy Dome, new receivers and system. Its a tough call on this team. They have the chops to hang, but I can easily see them being a tough luck loser more often then not. Such is fantasy football life.
2012 Qwik Pik – (5-7)

Team Victory Cruz

And that makes 3 clarks all below the important .500 line. Next season we’ll have to get Lisa, Rachel & Aubrey so they can show you guys how its done. Its not easy to type, im laughing so hard. Ok, seriously, this team has moxy, we like Mojo and Cam and Cruz, but someone has to be tough luck loser. When I called my Psychic, Ruby. She said her Tarot cards all came up short on Gore and the Steelers defense and just read, Fantasy Failure.
2012 Qwik Pik – (5-7)

Rodgers Doodle Doo
Say it aint so Rooster. Although, props on a fantastic team name to start the season off!! Rodgers will crush again this year and O.G. Fitzy will certainly deliver some solid points, but my knees buckle when I think of Michael Turner and Shonn Greene. Remember when Turner was nicknamed, “The Burner” back in 1984? I’m trying to say he’s slow. Like a Hoveround or driving on US 41 by Bahia Vista.
2012 Qwik Pik – (6-6)

REMINDER — All of this is a crapshoot, so bare that in mind as I proceed. Like, I really have any clue how Hakeem Nicks’s surgically repaired foot holds up or if Chris Johnson is going to suck as bad as he did last season… But I digress….

Your Playoff Teams are as follows;

Team A-Shift
I’m listing them here because they are GM’d by a rookie to our league, but I like this team. I like this team so much, I want to take them behind the middle school and get them pregnant. What’s not too like… Ray Rice, Jimmy Graham, Matty Ice Ryan in a new passing offense with Julio and Roddy and Brandon Lloyd. Good stuff. It could also be fool’s gold and all come crashing down with one swift injury. Imagine this team with DeAngelo filling in for Ray Rice… Yikes!
2012 Qwik Pik – (6-6)

Team Bowe and Staff
Oh Danny Boy! I think Danny figured this fantasy football thing out. Avoid LeSean McCoy and grab players with “J”‘s in their names… Julio Jones, Jordy Nelson, Chris Johnson, BenJarvus, etc… Just wishing the jubilant jivetastic best to the Jibroni’s (I know its a G) at Bowe and Staff!
2012 Qwik Pik (7-5)

Team My, My, My Bironas
You know you love Drew Brees! The rest of this team is built to score points… and just keep scoring points until you beg for Mercy! Wes Welker, the “unbreakable” Ryan Matthews, Percy Harvin and Steven Jackson… This team could score 160 one week and drop 70 the next. Stability say hello to my little friend, Topsy-Turvy
2012 Qwik Pik (7-5)

Team 3-Peat Zalla
Momma said Knock You Out! And she will. Lots of “If’s” here, but we are going on track record. Greg Jennings and his concussions, Antonio Gates and his glass legs, Arian Foster and Ben Tate in the mix, Ahmad Bradshaw and his myriad of injuries. This team could easily finish (4-8), but if history rings true, they won’t.
2012 Qwik Pik (8-4)

Team Jace Invaders
Another fantastic team name! Also another Zaller. Look, this team is friggin solid and the only reason we don’t have them winning this league is the fact that the defense is not quite as strong as the next team, the WR depth drops a bit and the TE Tamme is not Vernon Davis. Now, having said all that, the Seahawks defense could be scary good at home, Tamme and luck could become clairvoyant pals and Pierre Garcon could be RG3’s best weapon. Maybe. Maybe not. We think not. But I still hope to only see this team once, as LeSean, Fred Jackson, Brandon Marshall and a healthy Vick spell trouble for most other teams…
2012 Qwik Pik (8-4)

Team In-Zane in the Membrane
Great Team Name once again! Shit. Another Zaller. I swear I didn’t get my season entrance fee waived by writing this. I just adore this team. The depth is deep. <—- I'm positive this is negative! I’m getting loopy writing this as its been a long day! Jay Cutler should have a strong season, Forte as well, Sproles will continue to score all kinds of points and the 49ers defense is insane for sure… WR depth looks solid as well with a couple homerun hitters in DeSean and Hakeem. We really like Ben Tate as a flex play as well. Strong pick!
2012 Qwik Pik (10-2)

After typing this all out and re-reading it… I feel dirty and hate myself a little bit. Time to go watch Leaving Las Vegas!

Let the comments trickle in.

Paulie, you can send the check to Dreznin Industries, P.O. Box Yo Momma, SRQ


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