The Perspective — Fantasy Football Players who are going to burn you in 2012

The Perspective — Fantasy Football Players who are going to burn you in 2012

I shoot from the hip.

Take it from the folks at “The League”. Fantasy Football is no laughing matter! Its more comical then that.

Unlike the fantasy football guru (Bill Barnwell at Grantland) who pours over statistics and logic to unearth amazing intricacies and nuggets of wisdom. I am not even close to this. I work 2 jobs, am consistently training for an eventual Ironman race of some kind and enjoy spending time with an amazing girlfriend who is even in one of my league’s this season! I have no doubt she will be a fierce competitor!

I enjoy assisting others to perform well in their respective fantasy football leagues, so on that note, here are some grenades (Jersey Shore Plug) to avoid in 2012.

Some of the players on this list have high upside but huge downside. Others are plagues on themselves and their teammates. T.O., we hardly knew you as a Seahawk!

Let’s just get the usual suspects out of the way early…

Kenny Britt – Made of glass. Will cost you a high draft pick. Also, seems to always be in trouble.

Sidney Rice – See Gumby and Mr. Bill. Rice is Mr. Bill. Also, true rookie QB is starter.

Marshawn Lynch – I’m not trying to pick on Seattle, but Marshawn may start the season on IR. Plus he is always in Beast Mode even at the grocery store while carrying a piece… of Smith and Wesson.

Darren McFadden – Burn me once, shame on me.

Mark Sanchez – Still Mark Sanchez. Still plays in NY. Still has very little at RB. Now has Tebow on his heels.

Tony Romo – He will have to throw, so he will get some points, but no Laurent Robinson and Miles Austin hasn’t had a good season in years. The O-line is horrendous and Romo seems to have no time to think. Avoid if possible. Eli or Rivers would be a better pick, especially since Dallas has to play NYG and Philly Defenses 4 times!

On that same note, DeMarco Murray gives me bad vibes. He is multi-talented, but I see Witten and Dez being the beneficiaries of dump-offs and hail mary’s while the running game gets stuffed.

Michael Crabtree and Randy Moss – One isn’t very good and the other isn’t very fantasy friendly.

I’ll put Peyton Manning for the obvious reasons including, neck surgeries, 36+ yrs of age and a new offense that plays 15 outdoor games with 8 in Denver, Colorado.

Jonathan Stewart and DeAngelo Williams – Maybe one gets hurt. Maybe they share the carries. Maybe Mike Tolbert sneaks into the mix. Maybe Cam Newton never hands the ball off. etc, etc, etc…

As much as it pains me to put him here due to my bias… Josh Freeman. I just don’t trust him… yet.

Rob Gronkowski – I may be the only idiot to put him here, but I think he regresses quite a bit this year. That may only mean he is on par with the JerMichael Finley’s and Tony Gonzalez’s, but still its not 2011 Gronk and thats how your drafting him.

Rashard Mendenhall – Avoid. See Redman, Dwyer.

Trent Richardson – Name the last browns RB to be good. Besides Jamal Lewis in 2007… 2 Knee surgeries, O-line is tough, Rookie QB, thin WR group… Avoid.

Chris Johnson – I have this overwhelming feeling that Chris Johnson is going the be the recent 2011 CJ and not the pre 2011 CJ. Just my gut.

Maurice Jones-Drew – Super nice guy. Rushing leader from 2011. Holdout. Same crappy offense with Blaine Gabbert, save for Justin Blackmon and Laurent Robinson (who is really not as talented as he made you believe last year).

Arian Foster – Look, he will be fantastic. He plays Jacksonville, Indy and Tennessee 6 times this season, so he’ll do fine. But so will Ben Tate. He should be drafted behind Ray Rice and LeSean McCoy.

Ronnie Brown – Most likely starter for week 1 and possibly week 2. Ryan Matthews will be back. Ronnie Brown is just not that good anymore. He will get some touches early, but upside is low.

Antonio Gates – I love me some AG. But his peak is in the rear view mirror. He is still a stud, but drafted well after Jimmy Graham, Gronk and Aaron Hernandez.

I’ll put Kevin Kolb, John Skelton, Beanie Wells, Sam Bradford, Danario Alexander and Danny Amendola on here together since they play in the same division. Too much unknown chaos and as Matthew Berry from ESPN says, “At its fundamental level, fantasy football is all about minimizing risk and giving yourself the best odds to win.”

Victor Cruz – I understand he was great last year and extremely affable. He will not duplicate last season’s numbers. See DeSean Jackson for a recent example.

Andre Johnson – He is hurt every season. Why would this season be any different? Being drafted way too early. Big upside but huge downside.

Frank Gore. Again it pains me to write this, because Gore has been a FF point machine for me in the past, but he is well past his expiration date as he has been ridden hard.

I hope that helps. Have a great season!!


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