This Triple Amputee Is A Stone Cold Badass – article by Donna D via Buzzfeed

This Triple Amputee Is A Stone Cold Badass – article by Donna D via Buzzfeed

Warning: May cause spontaneous desire to achieve greatness. Corporal Todd Love isn’t going to let something like losing all but one of his limbs slow him down.

This Triple Amputee Is A Stone Cold Bad Ass – “No More Procrastinating!!”

The Spartan Race is an international obstacle course that challenges participants to push themselves beyond their limits. Which is exactly what Corporal Todd Love chose to do as part of Team E-X.T.R.E.M.E., an eight member group that signed up to run the Beast, the most brutal of all Spartan events.

Over a span of five and a half hours, 22-year-old Love covered 10.5 miles of muddy, rugged terrain and completed over 75 obstacles with minimal help from his team.

Team E-X.T.R.E.M.E.,

The corporal had been preparing for the challenge ever since he began to recover from the explosion in Afghanistan in 2010 that left him with only one of his natural limbs. Love said he set out, “…to push [myself] in all things physical, proving that overcoming obstacles isn’t just something you attempt, it’s something that you embrace.”

You can read more of his awesome, awe-inspiring and incredible story here. <——-

Team X-T.R.E.M.E. is not stranger to endurance challenges. The team is actually a non-profit organization with an ongoing mission to Honor, Empower and Motivate our nation’s wounded heroes and it was started by Jeremy Soles, a United States Marine Corps and Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran.

Corporal Todd Love conquering another challenge — The Spartan Race w/ Team E-X.T.R.E.M.E.

Known for donning blacked out gas masks for endurance events that restrict 25 – 30% of oxygen intake, Team X-T.R.E.M.E. completed the brutalizing 10.5 mile course and all the obstacles on Saturday. With over 75 obstacles to speak of, it was no small task. The gas masks are worn as a symbol of encouragement and inspiration for their fellow wounded brethren and to honor the sacrifice of our nation’s wounded veterans. The venue in Leesburg, VA is a unique location, normally reserved for horse racing, but it wasn’t horses that were unleashed on the landscape this weekend, it was people who would ultimately hurdle, climb, crawl and run their way to the finish line. ~ Original Spartan Race Blog article by Carrie Adams


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