The Perspective — Fantasy Football 2012 – Dig deep for RB’s

The Perspective — Fantasy Football 2012 – Dig deep for RB’s

Hang on for the RB picks!

Obviously, your drafting Ray Rice and Chris Johnson.

What’s not so obvious, is who your drafting between Rashard Mendenhall, Isaac Redman & Jonathan Dwyer. Most would say Isaac, but he has a nagging hip injury that remains to be seen if it affects him. Dwyer could be a steal.

Another iffy situation includes the Carolina Panthers. I wouldn’t touch any of these guys, including Jonathan Stewart, DeAngelo Williams, Mike Tolbert and others, including Cam Newton.

Reports seem to indicate that Michael Turner looks slow and old… which really means he will play most of the season and average 2.9 ypc in the first 3 quarters and 5 ypc in the 4th quarter of blowouts against the buccaneers and panthers. Look at Jaquizz Rodgers.

Keep an eye on Rashad Jennings, as Mojo-Drew is growing more frustrated with the Jags and vice-versa.

Ben Tate
is a great handcuff to Arian Foster and comes with the benefit of actually being used quite often. Remember that Houston plays the Jags and Colts 4 times. Big Points!

Toby Gerhart
could be another strong handcuff to Peterson. You just never know when it comes to an ACL & MCL comeback. Peterson is a freak, so we wish him the best… but just in case.

Fred Jackson > C.J. Spiller

Willis McGahee
should do just fine with Denver. Especially since the new QB doesn’t like to run it himself.

Ryan Matthews should fall in most drafts as his collar bone looks to hold him out to at least the 2nd week if not longer. He is still a stud RB. So you get him in week 3, 4 or 5. It’s better to pick him up in the 5th round then not at all.

Doug Martin
, but with reservations. This is LaGarrette’s job to lose and he has all kinds of room for error, as evidenced by his last season. Dude fumbles a lot. Also, stop hurdling guys.

Stay away from S.F.
Frank Gore is going to be under-used, while Kendall Hunter will be over-hyped and Brandon Jacobs will do virtually nothing. Good times!

The above paragraph can also apply to the NY Jets.
Tebow will steal the touches from lethargic Shonn Greene and his backup.


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