Fantasy Football 2012 – Some QB ideas beyond the norm

I am in a 12 person live draft league this season as we added 4 spots and changed the roster from a 2 QB league with no flex, to this; QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, FLEX, TE, K, DEF.

You can have your cake… But can you eat it, too?

So while drafting a top tier QB was always a strong play, I feel even though the dynamic has changed, the theory still stands up.

If you are unable to grab any of the below guys in the top 5, then depending on your league, whether its equally balanced to RB’s and WR’s or a PPR league, then draft accordingly… (i.e. – Calvin Johnson, Ray Rice, Adrian Foster, etc)

Aaron Rodgers
Tom Brady
Drew Brees

Next tier
Cam Newton
Matt Stafford

Final Tier

Romo – Dallas offense looks suspect in protecting Romo
Vick – High upside / Injury risk
Eli Manning – Will most likely regress a bit from 2011 numbers

QB Ideas for 2012

Peyton Manning – 36, 4 total neck surgeries, missed all of 2011. (vs) It’s Peyton Manning.
Philip Rivers – A hot mess last season. Still plays in the same division with KC, Den & Oakland, so a 9-7 or 7-9 season with big offense is probably on the horizon.
Matt Flynn – Other then having to play San Francisco twice, they get to play St. Louis and Arizona a total of 4 times, so that ought to help.
RG3 – He just has to be on here. I see something like, 14 passing TD’s and 11 Rushing TD’s. with 18 INT’s. Its going to be a fun but bumpy season.
John Skelton – Kevin Kolb won’t be starting much longer
Christian Ponder – He can sling it. Percy Harvin can catch it. Toby Gerhart is a so-so option in lieu of an iffy Adrian Peterson.
Vince Young – If Buffalo gets off to a rough start (give it 5 games) say a 1-4 start, then look for Vince to relieve Fitzy2.


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