The Homeless/Vagrants are getting out of control. * Updated Pics * 3/19/2013

The Homeless/Vagrants are getting out of control in downtown Sarasota and surrounding cities.

UPDATED – With Pictures of Homeless, Vagrant, Displaced


Drugs & Laziness

Drugs & Laziness

Lazy & Drunk

Lazy & Drunk

Ian who lives on the corner



Hobo's with signs

Hobo’s with signs


Hassling downtown patrons

Hassling downtown patrons






photo (1)

It appears the city and police are making a gentle push to move the growing hoard of bums that congregate outside Elaine Fischer’s store on North Lemon Ave, the downtown public library, five points, and throughout downtown, every evening.

Sarasota Homeless outside the Elaine Fischer store


THE PROBLEM IS REALThe perspective is different. I am confident that there are many voices who argue for compassion and support for the homeless. I understand this support for folks who are earnest in making positive strides, volunteering and putting in an effort to lift themselves up. From what I see every night while I work downtown, the homeless on the streets of Sarasota, are not the ones you would find on an infomercial with Sarah McGlaughlin music playing in the background.

* Open containers of alcohol
* Sprawled out on the sidewalk
* fights
* drunken and drugged out behavior
* verbal and physical hostility towards any authority
* begging and harassment of locals, tourists and patrons of downtown businesses
* unsanitary actions and behavior
* mental instability and unpredicatability
* constant loitering
* endangering themselves (this is exhibited mostly by drunken dancing out in the street
* Numbers have grown from 2 to 3 per night to 10 to 14 per night.
* Apparently (from a co-worker who bikes to work) the library had 30+ gathered outside. I’m sure this would be intimidating for anyone, especially a woman who is WORKING herself to the bone and being a productive, tax paying citizen.

Here are some links and articles which support these nightly actions…

Your local ACLU board members. The main catalyst behind what Sarasota has become!

Pete Tannen
Andrea Flynn Mogensen
Hannah Ackerman
Joan Donnelly
Michael Barfield
Gwen Calloway
Joan Froede
Joseph Hirshfeld
Dr. Ted Hoffman
Dr. Mark Magenheim
Daniel Rein
Andrew Swain
Grissim Walker
Victor Yengle

Updated 03/19/2013

Sarasota Police arrest homeless man for burglaries

Homeless woman so high, she gets free health care and leaves hospital on her own and walks into traffic.


Cops: Couple has sex in Nokomis park as kids play

Venice Police: Woman sexually assaulted on beach

2011 Census Results

Sarasota taps brakes on homeless campaign

Homeless man decapitated in fight over spilled food

Sarasota homeless man charged in double homicide

Also, here is a link to the Sarasota Salvation Army, which I’ve been told is one of the country’s largest at 65,000 sq ft.


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