Ham Sandwich — Arkansas should consider themselves lucky

Ham Sandwich — Arkansas should consider themselves lucky

Canned Ham

Razorback coach, Bobby Petrino didn’t set the bar real high. Talking out of one mouth in 2007 to Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank about staying with the team and immediately thereafter taping letters to the lockers of his players that he was bolting to join the collegiate ranks of coaching. You stay classy, coach!

Stealthily meeting with a rival college while employed at another in 2003. Getting caught lying about it. Niiiiiice.

Now, going 21-5 while at Arkansas is a good thing to hang your hat on. Having an affair with a 25 yr old, while employing her over other qualified candidates, gifting her $20,000 all while sleeping with her… Not good, Coach.

Then getting on a motorcycle, crashing it, and trying to go Jason Bourne with the facts of the accident. Of for Pete’s Sake, coach.

I am thrilled that The University of Arkansas decided to make the clear and correct decision in this matter and fire Bobby Petrino.

It would be wise for Mr. Petrino to work on his marriage and talk to his 4 children, as I assume there may be some questions awaiting.


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