Week 13 & Fantasy Football season recap — The Perspective

Week 13 & Fantasy Football season recap — The Perspective

23-12-1 final prediction totals. That’s a spicy MEATBALL!!!



Fail 3

Defending Super Bowl champion ZB’s are continuing their dominance of this league and look to put their stamp on it again with a win and clinching of the #1 seed. MOORE is hoping to lick his wounds and change his momentum with a win and a shot at the top seed. Its the BATTLE ROYALE on CENTER STAGE! This matchup includes, the #2, #3 & #4 FF ranked QB’s. The #1 Tight End, Defense & Kicker and the #2 Wide Receiver, so you know these teams are legit and stuff.

I think there will be some tweaks to the rosters before the games begin, so I am guessing this outcome off the cuff.

Prediction — LIM – 159 ZB’s – 149

I figured DeSean Jackson was gonna disappoint, but not both starting RB’s. Especially Michael Bush against Miami, but who could’ve predicted a 31-0 lead for Miami before Carson Palmer really had a chance to stop throwing INT’s and start throwing garbage time TD’s. Mike Bush never had a chance. 19 yards on 10 carries.

Actual Score — LIM – 163 ZB’s – 108

Another battle where a participant needs to win to secure the 4th playoff spot. Will The Peacock Slayers take down another team and crush some more dreams or will BOOM win again as in their previous matchup (101-64).
Even though, the prognosticator in me, thinks BOOM takes this matchup and the 4th playoff spot, I do see a crack in the foundation. His roster features 6 players playing against 2 teams. 3 NY Giants facing Green Bay and 3 SF 49ers facing St. Louis. Both seem like smart plays, but if things go awry in one of these games, this matchup could also change dramatically. For that reason alone, I am picking another upset.

TPS – 129 BGTD – 121

When the Peacock slayers come to slay the Peacock’s they EFFIN Bring it!! Even in sitting Alex Smith (who scored (-1) points the previous week and starting Flacco against the flaccid Browns, OF COURSE Fantasy Football Laws dictate that Flacco scored all of (4) pts and Alex SMith on the bench dropped (36). But it didnt matter. The 49ers Defense (30) pitches a shutout, Chris Johnson (31) saved his best for last and Eli Manning (41) keeps making it rain out there in losing efforts. Meanwhile, Cam Newton has become this Rookie of the Year by not sharing. Thereby nullifying Jonathan Stewart, Steve Smith (3 pts) and DeAngelo Williams from glory, pitchmen for advertisements and fantasy football relevance.

Actual Score – TPS – 162 BGTD – 111

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Battle cry cannot seem to stop the bleeding and need a win here to have a chance at the 4th and final playoff spot. Christmas is on cruise control and looking to lockup the top seed with a win and a little help.
So onto the potential outcome! 3 word for X-mas – Rodgers, Romo & Murray! You can’t spell Battle CRY without CRY and this is what Leeroy will be doing once his Roethlisberger’s, Freeman’s & Forte’s sputter out again. Just looking at the matchups.
A brutal end to a brutal end of a season for Leeroy.

BLC – 148 BCLJ – 108

While holding the pillow over Leeroy Jenkins face, I thought about how much I enjoyed this years 13 week season and what fun, competitive season it turned out to be. Oh no, I forgot to remove the pillow!! I think Leeroy is a goner. I better get out of here. For BCLJ, #1 pick Adrian Peterson (0 pts) missed his second consecutive week, Matt Forte (1 pt) sprained his MCL in the 1st qtr, Matt Hasselbeck (8 pts) is Matt Hasselbeck. I had a hunch it was going to be a brutal end of the season for BCLJ and although he gave it all he had, a 4 game losing streak to end the season is similar to Nic Cage’s downward spiral in Losing Las Vegas. Christmas looks solid and yet another ridiculous performance from Aaron Rodgers (46 pts) and solid days from LeSean (24) and the Ravens defense (19) equal the top seed and maybe some Cashola for taking the pinnacle spot! My winnings shall be placed in Paulie Savings & Loan and I can’t complain with my 27% interest I’m charging!

Actual Score – BLC – 143 BCLJ – 97

DOBACK & HUFF (4-8) VS. THATS 1 IN A ROW (5-6-1)
Doback can play spoiler here, or 1 in a row puts in a last ditch effort to claim the final playoff spot! Looking at the top 5 matchups of the QB’s, RB’s & WR’s I cannot help but love, love, love… Doback.
I mean, Cam Newton against the Yuccaneers, Frank Gore against St. Louis porous run defense after last weeks beatdown against the Ravens. I expect Gore to run roughshod. I can totally get on board with starting 2 WR’s against Cleveland, usually. Not sure about both of them going off, but 1 for sure.
1 in a row has some tougher conflicts, such as… the underwhelming, league leading turnover machine Philip Rivers facing a staunch Jags defense. Arian Foster with T.J. Yates at QB playing a solid Falcons defense that will most certainly put 8 guys in the box to stop Foster. Finally, Ryan Pickspatrick against Tennessee. Last weeks TD showing is a mirage. He’ll revert back to Pickspatrick this week.

D&H – 134 T1IAR – 122

Now that’s just showing off. Bully. Needs to win to get in the playoffs, doesn’t even start a kicker and wins by 43 points. Whether cocky or lazy, it paid off as 1 in a row claims the 4th seed. Arian Foster (24) and Reggie Bush (18) and Philip Frickin Rivers (41) did work. While on the other side of the ball, James starks (0), Vince Young (12) & Torrey Smith (3) did not do any work. Doback did do one thing amazing this year. He took a chance on Cam Newton and it worked out awesome. That guy was a beast.

Actual Score – T1IAR – 138 D&H – 95


Doback & Huff

Doback & Huff 4-9
A newbie to the league. He paid the newbie price, bringing up the rear. In reality, a 4-9 record isn’t that bad for a first go around and as mentioned, the Cam Newton, Tony Gonzalez and Houston Defense were all great picks. Another silver lining on Doback ‘s season is he defeated the #2 & #3 teams in the league. We look for good things from Doback next season and he can still make waves in the Special Olympic Playoffs.

The Peacock Slayers 4-8-1
#1 defense in the 49ers, an amazing Waiver wire pickup in Victor Cruz and Eli Manning is the #6 QB as of this story, which is solid. Ok, where to begin. Let’s start with Chris Johnson… For the first 8 weeks of the season, he flat out sucked. He has been money 3 of the last 4, but it was waaaaaay tooooooo late by then. Andre Johnson’s hammy’s blew him up, but that was always a risk with him (check the past 2 seasons with Hamstrung Dre). Joe Flacco regressed, Alex Smith plays well in a system that is all about defense and running the ball (as in little to no passing needed) and Hakeem Nicks is an enigma. 6 weeks in FF point double figures and 6 weeks in FF single digits. The Peacock Slayers are scrappers though and it wouldnt surprise us to see them improve dramatically next season.

Leeroy Jenkins

Battle Cry – LeeRoy Jenkins 5-8
The top pick in our leagues draft. 5-4 at one point and that’s when the trash talking begin. 4 straight losses later. Not a peep. Confidence and Fantasy Football are fickle bitches. #1 pick Adrian Peterson gets injured and misses week 12 & 13, Matt Forte gets injured and misses week 13. Ryan Matthews starts off with 5 above average weeks (89 total pts), gets a BYE and then 5 miserable weeks (22 total pts). The combination of Ben Roethlisberger (10th rated QB), Matt Hasselbeck (14th rated) & Josh Freeman (18th rated) was mostly abysmal. Even worse, 3 stud WR’s, when you can only start 2 each week and Fantasy Football law states that if you have 3 studs and can only start 2, you will over think this and when you start one guy who goes off the previous week (Mike Wallace wk 3 (30 pts) to wk 4 (7 pts)) or (Jordy Nelson wk 11 (30 pts) to wk 12 (2 pts)) only to take a dump the next, you know what its like to play Fantasy football.
Similar to Euthanasia, we just happy that Leeroy Jenkins isn’t in pain anymore. RIP.

Boom goes the dynamite

Another surprise ending. Losing 5 of the last 6 games, another Zaller gets snuffed out of the playoffs when early on it appeared all 3 zallers were destined to make it to the postseason. Now we are left with only 1. Look, if ever there was a team that deserved a pass, it was this one. Here is the carnage that this NFL season left in its wake… Jamaal Charles (IR), Matt Schaub (IR), Jahvid Best (IR) & Tim Hightower (IR). I actually think that finishing 6-7 with those injuries was quite a feat. I expect BGTD to be sniffing around the playoffs next season for sure.

Connect One

Thats One in a Row 6-6-1
I knew that tie was gonna be a factor, I just didn’t think it would be the deciding factor in making the playoffs. I’m just glad that last seasons last place finisher has fought back after a 1-5 start to go 5-1-1 down the stretch and grasp that final playoff spot. He could be a force in the postseason. He drafted Peyton Manning, but thats on him. Most people thought Peyton was doomed this season anyhow. Kenny Britt going down was a blow, and losing Jason Campbell was… not much of a blip on the radar. Honestly, this team seems like it would be an easy team to beat, but everyone on this roster is all over the place and some shrewd waiver wire pickups have patched some holes (Reggie Bush). Philip Rivers has mostly sucked, Ryan Pickspatrick came out of the gate like Secretariat but has become mostly sucky. Arian Foster continues to be a BEAST each week even with the 3rd string QB playing. Other then that, this roster is balanced but underwhelming. #7 Wr& #14 WR, #7 TE, #10 Def… Anything could happen with this team. We’re just glad we’re still talking about them!


Zalla’s Baller’s 8-5

Defending Champ. Never count them out. #3 seed in the playoffs. They have a dog in this fight… ironically that dog is named Buddy. Seriously though, Tom Brady & Rob Gronkowski are a 2 man wrecking crew and if no defense continues to cover Gronk, then expect him to keep tearing up FF matchups everywhere! Also, #1 kicker David Akers is on this team along with another top ten QB, #9 Matty ‘Ice’ Ryan. You never know what your gonna get with Roddy White or Percy Harvin this season.

Beast A'la mode

Beast Mode 9-4

In beast mode currently and getting ready to hammer that pedal to the floor. Just missed out on the huge payday of the #1 team by 4 points. This team is legit! #1 WR in Wes Welker, #2 & #5 QB’s in Drew Brees & Matthew Stafford & Marshawn Lynch (?) & Vincent Jackson. A strong bench makes this team scary! Beastly, even!
I know deep down, in his heart of hearts and in places Danny won’t talk about. He misses LeSean. Danny, rest easy my brother, you’ll see LeSean very soon. And then you’ll see him in your nightmares!! Muah, MUAH, MUAH!!!

So your saying there's a chance!

Brandon Lloyd Christmas 9-4

Already spent my winnings on a spatula and the DVD set of Golden Girls and the matching t-shirt. #1 QB in golden boy Aaron Rodgers (the #3 pick in this years draft!) & #7 Tony Romo, #1 RB LeSean McCoy & #3 Ravens D, so yeah, we’re pretty good. Things happen though, and its been a relatively healthy season for my squad, which is in complete contrast to last year. Ultimately, we are excited (yes i’m referring to my team in the “we”) about a fervent and vivacious playoff.

1,2… Christmas is coming for you…
3,4… Better hope your players score…
5,6… Gonna get in some good licks…
7,8… A huge win, I prog-nos-ti-cate…
9,10.. Christmas WINS AGAIN!!

Muah, MuAH, MUAH!!!

Good luck to all, and what a fun season this has been.

I hope you have enjoyed the write-ups as I have mostly enjoyed writing them. I did feel bad always writing so negatively towards Paulie’s team when they started sucking like a gay porn star at the end, but I’m better now.

Mazel Tov!!


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