Week 12 Recap & Week 13 Predictions — Fantasy Football — The Perspective

Week 12 Recap & Week 13 Predictions — Fantasy Football — The Perspective

My Week 12 purrr—dictions are Here. <———

20-11-1 on the season. Not too shabby!

The recaps are going to sting a little bit this week. Its time for a reality check. Some of you are welcomed with open arms to the Champagne Room. Others are still squabbling over that last golden ticket and still others should proceed down the hall to the coat room to leave the building ASAP. It’s cold and lonely out there in Fantasy Offseason Land. No Worries, you’ll get em’ next year tiger!

ZB-166 BGTD – 122 In what can only be described as the King Lion embarrassing the up and coming Lion when they tried to claim supremacy, this was a virtual bloodbath. It lies heavily on the 2 QB spots. Although, BGTD got a solid performance from Mark ‘I will never win a super bowl’ Sanchez with 31 FF pts, and Jimmy Graham (22) & Brandon Marshall (20), the rest of the team didn’t offer much point support and with Tom Brady being who we thought he was with (44 FF Pts) & Matty “Ice” Ryan bringing (35) to the table, Roddy White (24) and Cedric Benson’s (20) were “Icing” on the beatdown cake! Mmmmmmm, Cake!!!

TPS – 158 LIM – 130 WTF? In what can be best described by this video clip – The Peacock Slayers, even with Alex Smith getting them (-1 FF PTS), Eli Manning (43) & His Boy Victor Cruz (37) worked together with CJ1k (19) & SEABASS Janikowski with (23 = AKA 6 FG’s) to overcome another Ho-Hum 5 TD’s from Drew Brees (53) & Matthew Stafford (21). Nice Upset Peacock Slayers, even with your season over, you still bring the Pain!!

BLC – 117 D&H – 99 Finally! A team that didn’t score 100 Pts or more against me this season! OK. Ok. Focus Dreznin!
Kind of a Bottle Rocket contest. All kinds of high scoring anticipation and then… a couple of sparks, a loud “POP” and mostly fizzle. Top 3 scorers from BLC – Aaron Rodgers (DUH!) (36), Tony Romo (20) & Ravens Defense (18) just out-dueled Vince Young (31), Cam Newton (21) & Texans D (15). Look anytime, the defenses make up the 3rd highest scorers on BOTH teams, you know the rest of the rosters sucked with enough force to get a golfball through a garden hose. Doback & Huff… We hardly knew you. You can still play spoiler though in Week 13!

T1IAR – 117 BCLJ – 85 Wow. With a chance to control his playoff destiny, Battle Cry Leeroy Jenkins drops his 3rd game in a row and finds himself on the outside looking in for the final playoff spot. A playoff spot that seemed a lock 3 weeks ago is now out of his control and he needs help. I’ll visit the tiebreaker scenarios in the Week 13 section, but first let’s see who dropped the ball for LEEROY. again. for. the. 3rd. week. in. a. row. Ben Roethlesbergerstein (14 FF PTs) against Kansas City (ewwww) & Jaaaaaash Freeman (12) (Stick a fork in him) & in order of Suckitude… Calvin Johnson (10) (his production is 40-67% less then the beginning of the season), Matt Forte (9) (same for M4tay – 35-50% less = He got Hanie’d) & finally Mike Wallace (1). One in a Row on the other hand had nice showings from Ryan PicksPatrick (34) & Arian Foster (16) (even with 1/2 a game of Matt Leinart & 1/2 a game with T.J. Yates and a total of 65 rush yds and 2 fumbles) & Greg Jennings (15) (Suck on that Jordy Nelson!) Next week is the last gasp for these two, so time to DO WORK, fellas.

Week 13 predictions!

With 3 of the 4 playoff slots filled, (Ha! I said ‘Slots Filled’) this has become an interesting lurch to the finish line. The 4th and final spot is up for grabs between BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE (6-6), THATS ONE IN A ROW (5-6-1) & still Ccccchanging around BATTLE CRY LEROY JENKINS (5-7).

And don’t forget, the top spot, the king of the hill, the big banana, the godfather, numero uno is still up for grabs with a 3-way tie! Is there a $$$ prize for finishing first in the league? Get back to us Paulie! I think I found a trophy for the league winner as well, but we’ll save that for the playoffs!

The Playoff Seeding tiebreakers are (according to our leagues settings) going to be based on Head to Head matchups… Not total points scored, etc…

So on that note.

The battle for the 4th and final playoff spot tiebreaker reads a little something like this.
Jared vs. Paul (2-0)
Jared vs. Steve(1-1)
Paul vs. Steve (1-1)

Since Jared has a tie, that will effectively dictate the 4th spot if they win and are tied. If Paul & Steve are tied at the end, then based on total points scored. (Before week 13 — Steve has 1501 & Paul has 1464. A 37 point swing to overcome.)

As for the top seed…
Erin vs. Sean (2-0)
Sean vs. Dan (1-1)
Dan vs. Erin (N/A) They play each other in week 13.

So to recap, Erin owns Sean, just like last years final/Super Bowl. Points for Sean (1702) vs. Dan (1679) equals a 23 point gap to fill (Ha! I said Gap to fill!) Since Erin & Dan play each other for week 13, the head to head stuff doesn’t really matter since the loser falls to 8-5 and most likely the #3 seed.

I hope that helps to build a little more anticipation like this

Now onto the unfinished business! Week 13 Prognostications!

Trust me... It hurt me worse then the turkey!

DOBACK & HUFF (4-8) VS. THATS 1 IN A ROW (5-6-1)
Doback can play spoiler here, or 1 in a row puts in a last ditch effort to claim the final playoff spot! Looking at the top 5 matchups of the QB’s, RB’s & WR’s I cannot help but love, love, love… Doback.

I mean, Cam Newton against the Yuccaneers, Frank Gore against St. Louis porous run defense after last weeks beatdown against the Ravens. I expect Gore to run roughshod. I can totally get on board with starting 2 WR’s against Cleveland, usually. Not sure about both of them going off, but 1 for sure.

1 in a row has some tougher conflicts, such as… the underwhelming, league leading turnover machine Philip Rivers facing a staunch Jags defense. Arian Foster with T.J. Yates at QB playing a solid Falcons defense that will most certainly put 8 guys in the box to stop Foster. Finally, Ryan Pickspatrick against Tennessee. Last weeks TD showing is a mirage. He’ll revert back to Pickspatrick this week.

D&H – 134 T1IAR – 122


Another battle where a participant needs to win to secure the 4th playoff spot. Will The Peacock Slayers take down another team and crush some more dreams or will BOOM win again as in their previous matchup (101-64).
Even though, the prognosticator in me, thinks BOOM takes this matchup and the 4th playoff spot, I do see a crack in the foundation. His roster features 6 players playing against 2 teams. 3 NY Giants facing Green Bay and 3 SF 49ers facing St. Louis. Both seem like smart plays, but if things go awry in one of these games, this matchup could also change dramatically. For that reason alone, I am picking another upset.

TPS – 129 BGTD – 121

Oh how the mighty (hyped) have fallen!

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Battle cry cannot seem to stop the bleeding and need a win here to have a chance at the 4th and final playoff spot. Christmas is on cruise control and looking to lockup the top seed with a win and a little help.
So onto the potential outcome! 3 word for X-mas – Rodgers, Romo & Murray! You can’t spell Battle CRY without CRY and this is what Leeroy will be doing once his Roethlisberger’s, Freeman’s & Forte’s sputter out again. Just looking at the matchups.
A brutal end to a brutal end of a season for Leeroy.

BLC – 148 BCLJ – 108



Defending Super Bowl champion ZB’s are continuing their dominance of this league and look to put their stamp on it again with a win and clinching of the #1 seed. MOORE is hoping to lick his wounds and change his momentum with a win and a shot at the top seed. Its the BATTLE ROYALE on CENTER STAGE! This matchup includes, the #2, #3 & #4 FF ranked QB’s. The #1 Tight End, Defense & Kicker and the #2 Wide Receiver, so you know these teams are legit and stuff.

I think there will be some tweaks to the rosters before the games begin, so I am guessing this outcome off the cuff.

LIM – 159 ZB’s – 149

With all the scores, my prediction is BOOM takes the 4th playoff spot with a losing record of 6-7 and CHRISTMAS takes the overall top seed by beating MOORE on overall points scored.

Have a great week and remember to do something nice for someone else with nothing in return!


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