The Perspective – The Mighty Tim Tebow

The Perspective – The Mighty Tim Tebow — UPDATED

Tim Tebow

Most talking heads out there are relentlessly focusing in on two things about Tim Tebow. The fact that his numbers are abysmal and the fact that he is 7-1 in 2011 as the starter. He is 10-4 as a starting QB for Denver in his career and before he started his team was 4-14, so he is a winner. In fact, he has been a winner everywhere he has played.

“My favorite quote, was from the post game telecast of ‘The Blitz’ on ESPN Sportscenter on Dec 11 by Chris Berman, who said, ‘Look, if you can listen to this young man speak and not like him, i guess you also don’t like Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches!’

So with those facts spoken for and out of the way… a couple of bits of perspective that I haven’t heard bantered about or even broached.

Think of some of the other starting QB’s in the league currently…
Blaine Gabbert
Matt Moore
John Beck/Rex Grossman
Kevin Kolb / John Skelton
Matt Cassel / Tyler Palko
Matt Leinert/TJ Yates
Curtis Painter/Dan Orlovsky
Josh Freeman/Josh Johnson
Sam Bradford/ AJ Feeley
Colt McCoy
Tavaris Jackson

Now, a couple of these QB’s have had a solid previous season or two (Josh Freeman, Sam Bradford, Matt Cassel) but that’s it. Most of these other QB’s are not going to be in the league much longer or perennial back ups (Hey there Brady Quinn!)
Would you rather have Peyton’s Clipboard holder leading your team or a passionate Tim Tebow? Personally, I feel its a no brainer… I want the guy who isn’t afraid of the moment and the guy who inspires his teammates! That’s Timmy.

Now to add a new developing point that will contrast the below sentiment… Denver, while kind of terrible at 1-4 to start the season has regrouped and is focused and capitilizing on their respective strengths which include; running the football a lot, playing bend but don’t break defense, punting well (field position strategy) and good football IQ. Look at other decisions from this past week (Jason Garrett’s non-use of 1 of the cowboys remaining 2 timeouts with :26 seconds and instead calling timeout at the :07 mark, settling for a 49 yard field goal attempt, rather then attempting a play to get the ball closer and using good Football IQ) or the consistent Andy Reid & Norv Turner play-calling & time management messes! Denver is placing themselves in a position to win each week and when the time comes to carry out the mission of winning the game, they are a well trained and efficient unit. 6-1 since the 1-4 start.

Tebow standing tall in the pocket

Another strong point that comes to mind that I haven’t heard much discussion, if any, is in regards to the actual team.
Denver kind of sucks. Save for Von Miller, Champ Bailey and Willis McGahee (who has been injured for all but 3 games of TT’s 5) and thats pretty much it. I’m just saying, Knowshon Moreno is not who they hoped he’d be. Brandon Lloyd plays elsewhere. Dumerville is IR and the coaching regime including John Elway certainly don’t seem too supportive of Tim Tebow. Now this argument of a weak or strong supporting cast can be debated until eternity, but a couple of examples for each side of the argument include;

Andy Dalton and Cincinnati – Sure Cedric Benson is so-so and A.J.Green has been spectacular and of course the Defense is one of the leagues strongest, but the schedule gets very “REAL” now and after an inspiring loss to Pittsburgh the future in Cincy looks promising.

Mike Vick and the Iggles – Dude. Free Agent Porn with all the money and hype flying around this assumed juggernaut. Then they got on the field… check that… then they played the 4th quarter of games and basically this SUPER team is failing miserably even though Mike Vick is #11 in ESPN standard scoring for Fantasy purposes… He still is disappointing as a leader.

Cam Newton – Steve Smith, somewhat solid defense, DeAngelo & J-Stew (Shake n’ Bake or Salt n’ Peppa or whatever those sad sacks are going by these days… THey are sooooo sad, they should be called, “Manic & Depressive”… thank you! You’ve been a great audience… Too much? Cam Newton was out of the gate so fast with such gaudy numbers, it seemed like no one could stop him and while statistically he was the antithesis of Tebow, his team wasn’t exactly winning, but losing exciting close games… until… Defensive coordinators figured out to stop playing him running and instead focus on rattling him and now, they are losing convincingly and his numbers are not good.

Finally, Philip Rivers. I can’t wrap my head around this hot mess. Every week Philip comes to the microphone and laughs about how they are primed to strike next week and reclaim greatness. This of course comes after Philip throws 3 INTS and fumbles away another game. But P.R. has a decent team, when healthy (please note, all teams deal with injuries so its a weak excuse at best – see Cleveland Browns & Houston Texans) with Vincent Jackson, Ryan Matthews and Mike Tolbert, Antonio Gates (injury excuse valid here).

Many sports journalists say that the GM & coaching staff put Tebow into the starting role to get it over with as the Bronco’s fans were incessantly booing Kyle Orton and chanting for Tebow, simply bypassing Brady Quinn as the #2 QB. But now that Tebow is helping to win games by an inefficient efficiency… (Less then 50% completion percentage but with 10 TD’s and 1 INT)… the Bronco’s staff is perplexed and stuck with him, as long as he keeps winning or improves as a QB from a statistical standpoint.

The remaining schedule for the Bronco’s is solid. Its got tough matchups like New England and Chicago, but easier games like Kansas City and Minnesota as well. I can see Tebow leading the Bronco’s to a 4-2 or 3-3 finish and either a 9-7 or 8-8 record and the possibility of the playoffs as the AFC West is light again this season. After season changing injuries to Chicago’s stars, maybe even a 10-6 finish looks reasonable?!

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