Fantasy Football players to free from your Purgatory/Bench — May Gawd have Mercy on their Fantasy Football Souls!!!

Fantasy Football players to free from your Purgatory/Bench — May Gawd have Mercy on their Fantasy Football Souls!!! UPDATED for Week 13+ ((Updates in double parentheses and italics))

99 problems

I’m gonna get straight to it. I don’t believe in buttering my rolls or letting my car idle or foreplay, so here goes!

If your still keeping these guys on the bench or in your own little Purgatory, then its time to release them to Waiver Wire Hell!

LaGarrette Blount – Plays for the underwhelming Bucs. He can’t catch. He can’t run very well. ((Of course the first guy on this list suddenly in week 11 gets noticed by his team as a weapon. Too bad the bucs are out of the playoff race, but good for Fantasy Football owners who gets extra points for ‘Defenders Hurdled’.))

Philip Rivers – I know, I know. Its Philip Rivers. But depending on the size of the league you play in, my guess is he has been on your bench more then he has started for you. I know I have started Tim Tebow the last 2 weeks over PhiLivers and it has worked out just fine and this week Rivers plays at Chicago… Hmmmm…. Bad weather possible, tough defense & his 2 best WR’s are still dinged up… BYE, BYE! ((He’s dead to me))

OchoCinco – I mean seriously, come on. Are you still keeping him on your roster… Really? ((really?))

Mike Williams (TB) – See above regarding Blount & also add… Arrelious Benn, Preston Parker & a Dr. Jekyl version of Josh Freeman. ((A mirage of a performance. Although if your in a 14 or 16 team league, he is getting some targets))

Peyton Hillis – Madden Curse? I don’t think so. I feel like Peyton brought this plague upon his own house. He may not play another game this season. ((Avoid like the plague))

DeAngelo Williams – Cam Newton & Jonathon Stewart have poached any potential carries/TD’s/FF points away from him. Move on. ((They have a cake walk matchup, but still a RB timeshare is one thing, but throw in a RB/QB hybrid and i’m out))

Percy Harvin – He will catch a TD pass at some point. He really will. I just won’t be around to see it as I have dropped ol’ Percy as he has been the one giving me the headaches. ((No Peterson for 2-4 weeks and Christian Ponder…))

Reggie Wayne or anyone on the Colts. – The fact that you own anyone on the Indianapolis Colts speaks volumes about your fantasy team. You may need this article more then most.

Thomas Jones, CJ Spiller & Ryan Grant – The RB trifecta. All name, no game. ((CJ Spiller gets absolved due to Fred Jackson injury, but TJ and RG are still crappolla & might as well throw Shonne Green & Javon Ringer & Kendall Hunter & Deji Karim & all those backups you are holding onto on this list… you know what. Check that. Hang onto those guys… you never know.))

Nate Burleson – We all know Stafford is throwing TD’s to Megatron, but how did Burleson become Roy Williams2 overnight? ((AKA – Miles Austin, Steve Breaston & Demaryius Thomas))

Ryan Torain – Look if you are up for some Shanahan Roulette, then by all means pick Roy Helu! Torain got the start and took a deuce and Helu relieved him… no pun intended… sort of. ((Told ya.))

Braylon Edwards – I personally think he is a cancer on an offense and moral, but I may also just loathe him for being a crappy human being. ((DO. NOT. LIKE. HIM.))

Anthony Armstrong – He is a WR on washington. You may not have noticed him the past 8 weeks as between the revolving QB’s & RB carnage, the WR’s have been non-existent…especially Armstrong. Dump him. ((Jabar Gaffney & Fred Davis are the only WR’s you want on Washington and Anthony is no B.J. — Too dated of a reference?))

Tiki Barber – Couldn’t help but put him here if just to rub salt in his wounds. He’s toast, just like T.O. If you thought, just for a second that stashing them for a late season boost might work, the gig is up and its time to Exorcise the Demons! ((Add Donovan McNabb, Kyle Orton and Jake Delhomme… you know what, I dare you to pick up Jake Delhomme and start him. I triple dog dare you.))

Some other quick names that are borderline droppable…(if you want to free up bench space for a pickup)

Owen Daniels — So much hype every year. You would think he would do great for Leinart or Yates or Delhomme as a safety valve, but no dice.

Mark Ingram — Saints aren’t running much. But they ARE passing. Also, Pierre & Darren are taking away carries and catches.
Kevin Kolb — The good news is ______________________. The bad news is you paid this guy a fortune.
Sam Bradford — I really thought he might come around at some point — with Brandon Lloyd & Steven Jackson in the AFC West…
Jackie Battle
Josh Freeman — Also thought he might be OK, but alas, his risk is just too much for the little reward he offers
Dallas Clark — Another Colt — Seriously, drop your colts or at least bench them
Brandon Jacobs — What the hell has happened with the NYG Running game, or lack thereof?
Dwayne Bowe — Obviously, you can’t drop him, but with Tyler Palko or a newly salvaged Kyle Orton, this offense looks pathetic and Bowe suffers.

Malcolm Floyd — See Philip Rivers (above)
Colt McCoy, Josh Cribbs, Cleveland Browns offense — Schedule sucks and they kind of do as well.
Felix Jones — I finally dropped him a couple weeks back to free up a roster spot for someone with a pulse. Talk about falling out of favor…fast & furious. See also (Miles Austin, DeSean Jackson & Calvin Johnson <— none of whom should you ever consider dropping. Just saying)


3 responses to “Fantasy Football players to free from your Purgatory/Bench — May Gawd have Mercy on their Fantasy Football Souls!!!

  1. Of course… LaGarrette Blount breaks off an ESPN classic career long 56 yard TD run to have a breakout day. MARK MY WORDS – Won’t happen again this season!

    And Philip Rivers almost got himself off this list… but he couldn’t help throw 2 more INTS. He is still a serviceable Fantasy Football QB but as I pointed out, Tebow got my team 16 points and PR got me 15 pts, so I guess it is what it is.

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