The Perspective – Fantasy Football – Week 7 Recap & Fun Facts

The Perspective – Fantasy Football – Week 7 Recap & Fun Facts

Beiber Fever - This is for you Danny Long!

Thats One in a Row – 183 Team Doback & Huff – 109
FOSTER – Australian for Awesome! 52 points from Arian almost beat two teams in our league by himself last week. Add in a sick day from Marquis Colston & Greg Jennings and Doback never had a chance. *(Asterisk) Mike Vick and Frank Gore were on BYES. Those are the breaks but alas we all have to deal with BYES.

Battle Cry – LEE ROY JENKINS – 179 The Fightin’ Al Czerviks – 130
Whining about to commence I am frustrated by having to face such high scoring opponents. I feel like every other team I face each week brings their “A” game. My opponents are still averaging above 147.1 points per game. Fortunately I am averaging 147.4…. which is nice. But it would be nice to be #2 Boom Goes the Dynamite whose opponents average a whopping 113 points per game. I digress. No more whining. Lee Roy Jenkins had everyone but Hasselbeck step up. 46 from Big Ben, 27 to 25 points for both RB’s and WR’s. Whereas The Czervik’s got solid numbers from Aaron Rodgers & Romo, but the rest of the team basically took a dump.

The Truffle Shuffle – 134 Zalla’s Baller’s – 77
Yeaaaaaaaaah. 77 points scored…total…is sucky. Drew Brees threw for 5 TD’s and scored 53 Fantasy points. Darren McFadden is who we thought he was = 0 Points.

Boom Goes the Dynamite – 101 The Peacock Slayer – 64
64 Points. DOH! * 5 starters on BYES, but still Chris Johnson looks like the biggest bust of the year! As for Dynamite, Matt Schaub scored 34 points and Jimmy Graham scored 19 and Steve Smith scored 18 and the rest of the team was irrelevant as those 3 players beat the Slayers by themselves. Oy Vey!



#1. The only team who is undefeated on the Road is Truffle Shuffle at 3-0. Every team has lost at games deemed by ESPN to be at “Home”.

#2. 2 teams have scored over 1,000 points and only 2 teams have allowed/been scored upon at least 1,000 points. The teams that have scored over 1,000 both have winning records (Truffle Shuffle & Real McCoy) while the 2 teams who have allowed/been scored upon at least 1,000 points are split (Real McCoy & Doback/Huff)

#3. You know how I know you gay? You have the word Cock in your team name.

#4. Only 1 team has not changed their name at all. Zalla’s Baller’s. Props to your determination and focus…

#5. The highest scoring team is 6-1 Truffle Shuffle. Duh. but the lowest allowed/scored upon is 5-2 Boom goes the dynamite. This alludes to an easier schedule… think… 2010 bucs going 10-6 or facing the likes of the NFL Dolphins, Rams & Colts (Saints -62 Colts-7 <— Example!!! In yo Face!)

#6. Highest scoring player through 7 weeks = Aaron Rodgers (301 pts) RB- Matt Forte (146 pts) WR-Megatron (aka-Calvin Johnson) (156 points) TE – Jimmy Graham (114 pts) DEF – NY JETS (111 pts) K – John Kasay & Jason Hanson (75 pts)

#7. Biggest Surprise Player(s) Matt Forte as #1 RB – (146 pts) Fred Jackson as #2 RB – (143 pts) Cam Newton as #3 QB -(220 pts)

#8. Biggest Busts so far – Chris Johnson RB – (51 pts) Reggie Wayne – (50 pts) Rashard Mendenhall – (51 pts) LaGarrette Blount – (56 pts) Peyton Manning & Jamaal Charles & Peyton Hillis (40 pts)


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