The Perspective – Fantasy Football – Week 6 recap & Week 7 Predictions & Prognostications

The Perspective – Fantasy Football – Week 6 recap & Week 7 Predictions & Prognostications

Hello? Is it me your looking for.

“The Nina, the Pinta, the Santa Maria”

GUESS – DGF – 145 BGTD – 112
ACTUAL -DGF – 135 BGTD – 111

I led off with this pick, because this is why I’m hot.

GUESS – WTF – 132 ZB – 126
ACTUAL – ZB – 132 WTF- 99

And this is why I’m not. BEST FRIEND HUG!

GUESS – 2DM – 169 BOWE – 88
ACTUAL -2DM – 123 BOWE – 117

Whew… Helluva lot closer then I thought.

GUESS – TD&H – 133 HILLIS – 122
ACTUAL -HILLIS 134 TD & H – 109

Oops. I was close on actual scores this week, but alas, another 2-2 week.

2-2 this week
4-4 overall

Let’s take a closer look at these games with highest scoring juggernaut getting all the attention thereby followed by the losers…err.. I mean less productive teams.

DGF – 135 BGTD – 111
Fred Jackson & MiKe Turner outscored Drew Brees & Matt Stafford. This team is balanced. Mark Sanchez was a respectable serviceable, solid, stable, sleep inducing QB and Hillis & that Steve Smith underwhelmed leaving the inevitable bad taste in the trade mouth.

HILLIS – 134 TD & H – 109
Where have you been Jaaaaaash Freeman?! There you are! Unfortunately, I don’t see a repeat of that performance for next week, but then, its not my team. Big Ben was ho-hum. So many QB’s, so few that look good. Kolb & Hasselbeck round out the QB legion.
As for Doback… If it wasn’t for pesky Freeman and some less then performances, I think this team looks solid. Sproles & Miles Austin, Anquan Boldin, Cam & Vick. Seems logical that some weeks are gonna be fantastic and others not so much. We’ll chock this week up to not so much and hope for better.

ZB’s – 132 WTF – 99
I feel like I always pick WTF’s prediction incorrectly. Every week. Every season. No different here. Jahivd has 2nd concussion, Bradford walking around in Boot & Andre J has gimpy hamstring. Sometimes you have to let the bird go for it to fly and not squeeze it tighter or something. Pretty Bird!

As for Week 7 Predictions.
Bye weeks include some stalwarts like Tom Brady, Mike Vick, Shady McCoy, DeSean Jackson, Eli Manning, Ahmad Bradshaw, Fred Jackson and AJ Grizz-Eeen.

So in lieu of those vacay’s, here are the hypothecations.

Too Easy. Truffle gonna take you to the candy shop!
TS – 157 ZB – 102

TFAC (4-2) V. BCLJ (2-4)
Make or break for one team. Cruise Control for another.
QB Roulette. Pick wisely.
ESPN predicts a close one. I’ll go along with that.
No one, and i mean NO ONE, comes into our house and pushes us around.

TFAC – 149 BCLJ – 147

BGTD (4-2) V. TPS (2-4)
This could get ugly. Half TPS’ team is on a BYE. Ray Rice is pissed. Brandon Marshall faces his old team and boy do they suck.
I couldn’t help focus on the initials TPS and the movie Office Space –
BGTD – 133 TPS – 92

OIAR (1-5) V. TD&H (2-4)
No coming back from 1-6. 2-5 still leaves hope that the playoffs can be reached. Slim hope, but hope.
I’m rooting for hope!

OIAR – 101 TD&H – 100

FYI – San Diego actually means “Whale Vagina” ** The more you know!


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