The Perspective – Fantasy Football – Week 5 recap & Week 6 Predictions & Prognostications

The Perspective – Fantasy Football – Week 5 recap & Week 6 Predictions & Prognostications

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Well another week of football games have come and gone and still the world turns…
The NBA and its players decided to take a hot steaming dump on its fans and continue to battle over billions. Eff’ Em!
Apparently, there are baseball playoffs going on? What’s that about? Without the Rays, Yanks, Red Sox or Dodgers playing, I just don’t care.
Finally, something something something, KARDASHIAN, blah, blah, blah, Sophia Vergara. There. That ought to get this blog a few hits!

As everyone knows, Captain Insano, shows no MERCY! So Let’s dive right in and take a look at last weeks league games. As always, I start the recap with the highest scoring team and work backwards to the biggest loser.

There are hardly words to describe the pure joy of this outcome. David slains Goliath. This game was in essence a must win for WTF, for the entire league and for puppies, cake and everything that is right in the world. WTF continues the momentum swing to a 2-3 record and redemption and the playoffs are in sight. FRAZIER falls to 4-1 and we can see a couple of cracks in the teams foundation, although based on the numbers 139 points is quite a solid week and its still going to take a strong effort each week to take out Frazier. Weeks 9 & 11 are Staffords & Brees’ BYE weeks, so those are good opportunities! Its public data. Just saying.

Well, I got this one right at least. This matchup had destruction written all over it. Hollywood CAM lighting up New Orleans and Mike Vick getting his revenge on Buffalo and the Harvard undrafted elite. Instead, CAM did well enough, Vick threw 4 INT’s and Aaron Rodgers is who we thought he was. A bonafide #1 pick! I may crown myself king of the BYE-week waiver wire wizard! Matt Cassel who sucked donkey balls all season throws 4 td’s and tells all the boys in the yard that his milkshake tastes better then yours. AJ Green is my second favorite AJ now, behind AJ Allmendinger or something Nascarry…Nascarish…Nascarmic!


Temporary Spousal Bragging rights go to Steve. Am I the only one who feels like scoring 127 points in this league should equal a loss? AAAARRRGGGHHHHH! The DYNAMITE, the only team to have less then a total of 600 points (595) scored against them, prevail, yet again. We could see this being a let down week for ZB’s with Brady playing NY Jets D and Matty Ice facing off against undefeated Green Bay and sure enough, the tarot cards were correct. Matt Schaub scored some points, which is nice, but The Law Firm, (Green-Ellis) brought the hammer this week.

Hallelujah! Put a “DUB-YOO” on the Board for BOWE! This is one of those matchups that can leave an owner confused and second guessing himself or we’ll find that owner naked curled up in his panic room sucking his thumb mumbling something about Roethlisberger throwing 5 td’s or subbing Jordy Nelson (1 pt) in for Mike Wallace (18 pts)! ARRRRRGGGHHHH! BOWE has some momentum as Arian Foster and Dwayne Bowe are bringing the lumber each week now. If Philip could get his sh*t together and Fitzpatrick could hand off less to Fred Jackson, then this team could be scary good. Probably not, but its fun to imagine!

2-2 on picks last week.

Well, that recap was my warm up. Now Go Live every Week, like its Shark Week!

The week 6 matchup that everybody including, the HotTubSleeperPick Girls (Who better have day jobs) .

BGTD (4-1) vs DGF (4-1)
I’m not wasting much time poring over this. FRAZIER should crush LOOSING. Brees & Stafford & Turner the Burner have decent matchups, whereas Schaub & Sanchez have horrible matchups and newly acquired Hillis is taking games off to get a new contract! Hello Monterio Hardesty!
DGF – 145 BGTD – 112

ZB’s (3-2) vs WTF (2-3)
WTF has the momentum. ZB’s has the win on paper. Looking at the player matchups, it looks like ZB’s should win a close one. I’m going with Momentum though.
WTF – 132 ZB – 126

2DM (3-2) vs PABOTWFD (1-4)
Another easy pick! For BOWE, Rivers is on BYE, Arian faces baltimore D and Jason Campbell faces a surprisingly good pass D in Cleveland. Whereas, Romo faces NE and Aaron Rodgers faces winless St. Louis. It’s gonna be bad.
2DM – 169 BOWE – 88 Ummmmm… Awkward.

TD&H (2-3) vs WYTBH (1-4)
After trading the other Peyton away, its name changing time! Get on it HILLIS! While we like the Potential of Cam & Vick starting each week from a sheer point amassing, they both have difficult matchups on paper this week. On the flip side, Big Ben & J-Free have what appear to be fantasy friendly matchups. The warning here is, when things seem too good to be true, they usually are. Big Ben has no O-line, and Freeman has underwhelmed all season.
I’m going against the grain here.
TD&H – 133 HILLIS – 122

This should be a fun week with some decent Real games! Dallas v. NE, TB v. NO, Det v. SF, etc… So grab your bib, hot sauce and a stack of wet naps! DO IT. DO IT! Its Game time! (Too much?)


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