The Perspective – Fantasy Football – Week 5 Ninjas/Sleepers & Waiver Wire Pickups & Predictions

The Perspective – Fantasy Football – Week 5 Ninjas/Sleepers & Waiver Wire Pickups & Predictions

I’d like to dive right in and start with some role play!

Heading into pivotal week 5, most teams should find themselves hovering around 3-1, 2-2 or hopefully 1-3, otherwise its crunch time. If your undefeated, please disregard this column as you are busy eating turkey legs and basking in your glow!

Some Ninjas/Sleepers for you on this first BYE week, include;


The Obvious.
Drew Brees vs. Carolina = Shootout (Add Cam Newton here as well)
Mike vick – The week of redemption (see LeSean McCoy as well)
Phil Rivers should do work against Tebows Bronco’s.
Matt Forte should get all the touches against Detroit. Who else would? Roy Williams? Marion Barber? Is this where Washed-up cowboys go to roost?
Arian Foster vs. Oakland
Darren McFadden vs. Houston. Howdy!

The Less Obvious

The less obvious.
Eli Manning vs. Seattle in NY. Fughettaboudit.
Ryan Matthews vs. Denver
Adrian Peterson vs. Arizona – Obviously AllDay Peterson should be in a different category, but he has underwhelmed so much this year, that this performance should remind us all he is the KING.
Matt Cassel – We think he finally feels comfortable with the new injury dynamic surrounding him. Having the gimpy Colts in town ought to help as well.
Chris Johnson – He has been so bad this season, that it doesn’t seem all that risky to predict he will have a breakout game against the Steelers.
Sebastian Janikowski – I just have a gut feeling he will be asked to kick it up a notch this week.
SD Defense
NYG Defense
– Both are products of whom they play. Denver & Seattle, respectively.

Waiver Wire Pickups
Stevan Ridley – Belichick is tossing up Ridley & The Law Firm Green-Ellis weekly, but alas, Ridley is the weekly winner the last couple. Look for this trend to continue.

Matt Moore – Dolphins QB – Henne could be out for a while and if you need QB points, its a better choice then say… Donovan Mcnabb or Blaine Gabbert.

I also really like the Detroit Defense here if your in a BYE week pinch.

Finally, I feel that Matt Cassel is a guy to keep an eye on this week. The colts tend to press the deep stuff, but BOWE & BREASTON should do well. Throw in some Nutty McCluster and could be a good week for the Wiley Cassel.


The Majestic Peacocks (4-0) vs. Team WTF (1-3)
This is gonna be bad. I’m afraid I just blue myself!
MP – 152 WTF – 99

Zalla’s Ballers (3-1) vs. NotLoosingToMyWifeThisTime (3-1)
One team who logically feels like a 3 win team. Another who feels like a 1 win team. So much so, that their owner just traded away 1/4 of the roster. This is like shooting fish in a barrel.
ZB’s – 148 LOOSING – 112

Slurping Pigeons (2-2) vs. LOLOLOLOLOL (2-2)
This is a pivotal week for these two teams. The world looks a lot brighter at 3-2 then it does at 2-3. Just saying.
With that in mind… (I hate picking against myself) This contest looks like an epic battle that should come down to the last few players.
SP’s – 156 LOLOLOLOL – 152 (Told you I hate picking against myself — You don’t like it, then you make your own predictions! BOOM!)

WhatchooTalkinBoutHILLIS (1-3) vs. PutABOWEonthiswinforDanny (0-4)
This is where the magic happens. It took 4 gut-wrenching, nausea inducing, rectal bleeding weeks of losses for our perennial cellar dweller J Clark, but this week we feel (with a healthy Arian Foster and a less gay version of Phillippe Rivers) he brings the WOOD.
BOWE – 168 HILLIS – 98

After he wins, he does the famous ‘Chicken Dance’


One response to “The Perspective – Fantasy Football – Week 5 Ninjas/Sleepers & Waiver Wire Pickups & Predictions

  1. I am so glad, TEAM WTF destroyed Pea-Sized-Cock Jugglers.

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