A Shot in the Dark – My MLB Playoff Predictions

A Shot in the Dark – My MLB Playoff Predictions

Beiber is the new Anne Heche

Can you guess who this is… Justin Beiber or Anne Heche?

Texas Rangers vs. Tampa Bay Rays
While Texas is loaded, I think the Rays have the grittiness to pull the improbable.
Rays in 5

New York Yankees vs. Detroit Tigers
Yankees are stacked. Detroit has momentum.
Tigers in 5

Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Milwaukee Brewers
Arizona is a scary sleeper team from the rotation of teams winning the NL West division.
Milwaukee was built for this season.
I want to pick Arizona, but I’m sticking with Brewers in 4

St. Louis Cardinals vs. Philadelphia Phillies
St. Louis is near a river.
Philadelphia is the king.
Philly in 3.


Detroit Tigers vs. Tampa Bay Rays.
Here we go again.
I hypothesize the gas in the tank dries up and Detroit sputters to a…
Tampa Bay continues to hit .240 as a team and yet they lead all playoff teams in defense, sac flies, bunts & stolen bases while…

Rays in 6


Milwaukee Brewers vs. Philadelphia Phillies.
I want to pick Milwaukee, but the Phillies are just so stacked.
I am trying hard to convince myself that timely hot streaks from Braun & Fielder jr. and similar cool streaks from Howard & Rollins tilt the tables and allow Milwaukee to take this…

Brewers in 7.

Tampa Bay Rays vs. Milwaukee Brewers

The lowest ratings series ever. But alas, probably some of the best baseball played, pitching, defense & sheer desire to play hard, finish and give it everything.

I’ll save this prediction for later, chances are it will be two completely different teams, but I’m all in.


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