The Most Important Insignificant Fantasy Football draft picks you need to make.

The Most Important Insignificant Fantasy Football draft picks you need to make.

Go Team Go

Top Picks for…

Tight Ends.
In some particular order… Basically the best to the less best to the lessest bestest!
Antonio Gates – If he comes out of the gate healthy and stays healthy. It’s akin to having a #1 WR on your team.
Jason Witten – Romo looks to light it up this year and Witten will reap those rewards!
Jermichael Finley – Lots of mouths to feed on this offense. Did I mention this offense is prolific and plays against Minnesota, Detroit & Chicago. Jermichael will be Rising & Grinding… Yea, I caved in and used that ridiculous twitter packer phrase.
Vernon Davis – The 49ers other options are Braylon Edwards & Michael Crabtree. So thats nice for VD (The good kind!) Alex Smith is still the QB, so thats bad for VD (still the good kind of VD).
Dallas Clark – Either a star with Peyton throwing to him or a safety valve for Kerry Collins.
Owen Daniels – Dude is gonna go off this year. Although I feel a slight Deja Vu as if this has been said before…hmmmm

Middle of the pack – will score average points, some weeks great and others high and dry.
Jimmy Graham
Greg Olsen
Marcedes Lewis
Kellen Winslow
Brandon Pettigrew
Aaron Hernandez
Ben Watson

Sleeper potential
Visanthe Shiancoe – With McNabb throwing, maybe he gets his comeuppance post-Favre.
Todd Heap – Solid performer with Arizona now.
Leonard Pope – I am having trouble even typing that, because most likely Pope will be less then stellar, but with Moeaki out for the season, Pope is the guy for now.

In order of gut feeling.
Top tier D’s
and maybe the Bears…

Yeah, right.
The only sleeper I have for this bunch is Alex Henery for Philly and John Kasay for New Orleans as Garrett is out for 6-10 weeks.

That’s about it.
Good luck and Have fun.


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