Fantasy Football 2011-2012 ** Players to avoid drafting.

Fantasy Football 2011-2012 ** Players to avoid drafting.

We just have this uncomfortable feeling about these players, whether based on anomalies in their previous season or other factors, such as poor offense, brutal schedule, injury history, crazy & unpredictable coaches or the simple fact that the player still owes me money in our failed Falafel/Car Wash Endeavor.

In no particular order;


Braylon Edwards, WR – Remember Al Pacino in Devil’s Advocate when he reveals himself to be the devil. Braylon allows us those little glimpses each season, and yet, somehow, mercifully, someone will draft this Gibroni.

Cedric Benson, RB – Schedule looks good until division matchups (Ravens & Steelers), but Oh, Andy Dalton. I see 8 defenders in the box, daring the Bungles to throw the ball, most of the season.

Jay Cutler, QB – Holy Cavallari! Offensive line looks dismal, wide receivers improved by getting Roy Williams. I can barely type, I’m laughing so hard!! Schedule is brutal tough. @ NO, @ TB & @ Philly to name a few.

Everyone on Seattle – (I want to exclude Marshawn Lynch here, but I don’t trust him) I may take a flyer on Marshawn in a later round due to the division (49ers & Rams Defenses are better then you think). Tavaris Jackson stats will look something like 7-28 for 178 yds, 1 TD, 3 INT and 38 yds Rushing. Mmmm… Seahawk tastes like chicken.

Alright, those names are similar to hitting a baseball off a tee. Let’s move on to some bigger hunches.

Chris Johnson, RB – I see another off year for this guy. Contract Holdout, Matt Hasselbeck as QB, play Ravens & Steelers and their division is getting better with Indy, Houston & Jax. He will be solid, but maybe not top 7 RB. Be wary.

Reggie Wayne, WR – Look, Peyton’s neck concerns (Maybe Kerry Collins or Jim the painter throwing the rock for a while), improved division. More safety valves and WR mouths to feed. I just see a down year for ol’ faithful.

Michael Turner, RB – I think “The Burner” will be solid, but he will lose some handoffs to strong backups. I do like the later part of schedule, but I just feel like our falafel idea would have done better if he would’ve taken it more serious.

All RB’s in the AFC East, except for Miami. And realistically, probably Miami as well. Timeshares are for retired elderly folks in Myrtle Beach, SC… Not for our backfields and this division is rife with them, like black mold in your drywall. NE has 17 RB’s, Buffalo can’t make up its mind & NY Jets have pesky LT snagging TD’s away from Shonn greene. AVOID.

Darren McFadden, RB – Just pure speculation here, but I see an early DMC injury negatively affecting his season. Michael Bush is a strong bench guy.

Matt Cassel, QB – This guy makes me drink Pepto-Bismal likes its H2o. In their division, he is a rockstar, but outside of it… Yikes. 2nd half of season, schedule looks bad. Real bad.

Finally, I’m going to say, Mike Vick. I think this season, he returns to earth a bit. I know, he is a popular pick and rightfully so. The eagles are stacked, play in a so-so division and Vick was golden last season. I am biased and will probably never trust Vick, to; #1. Make it through a season, healthy. #2. Reduce turnovers #3. Make better decision then previous season. I think Vick will be a strong pick and score many points, but I can see him finishing outside the top 3 QB’s and he is going as a #1 or #2 in most drafts.

If you think I left an obvious name off this list, or think I’m leaning more Charlie Sheen/Michael Lohan then Trent Dilfer/Matthew Berry, let me hear from you.


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