Fantasy Football 2011-2012 Player Draft Quick Rankings & Ninjas/Sleepers

Fantasy Football 2011-2012 Player Draft Quick Rankings & Ninjas/Sleepers

Frank the Tank!

I don’t always stammer on about Fantasy Football, but when I do, I like to funnel 7 Dos Equis with a tequila shooter.

The most interesting man in the world.

Well, after all the lockout nonsense and ebbing and flowing of players versus owners, we are left with a jam packed run up to football season! Either way, we have football and as nonchalant as I tried to convince myself, I was. I was lying to myself. I need my football, and I imagine, if your reading this, then so do you.

Now, your saying to yourself, “Sean, Zip it and tell me who to pick!” OK, ok… take it easy crazy Charlie Sheen. (<==== expect a fair amount of Charlie Sheen puns this season, among other train wreck celebs…Casey Anthony, Amy Winehouse and maybe even a little David Carradine whacking it joke here and there. Yes, I realize that my FF alter ego is surely headed to purgatory, when that time comes.)

Alright, here goes.

1. Aaron Rodgers – Solid across the board. GB looks strong again and faces such stalwarts as Minnesota and Detroit and A-Rod2 is more apt to stay healthy.
2. Tom Brady – Look, I know your saying, what about Mike Vick. Simmer down. Brady is gravy! Plus, add in a little dash of Ochocino instead of B.Tate and The Chowda should be Mahhhhvalous this year.
3. Mike Vick – The only reason I have him at 3 instead of 1, is fear of injury and the main reason I have him here instead of 5 is I think his numbers actually stay strong this season. He is still a beast.
4. Philip Rivers – I have developed quite the man crush on old Philip.
5. Peyton Manning – I mean, come on, its Peyton.
6-10 (no particular order) – Book of Eli Manning, Tony Romo, Drew Brees (Hate his division & Matchups, love his weapons), Matt Schaub (Tough to trust), Josh Freeman (easier to trust).

Sleepers – Matthew Stafford (If he stays healthy, he throws the rock Big Willy style!)
– Donovon McNabb (Adrian Peterson, Percy Harvin, solid O-line… just saying)
– Colt McCoy (Why the hell not? West Coast seems to fit him well & great 2/3 of season schedule)

1. Adrian Peterson – He’s still AP.
2. Arian Foster – Should still be main guy and TD hawk.
3. Jamaal Charles – TJ will take less carries away and JC is $$$. Any of these picks in the top 3 seem solid.
4. Ray Rice – I chose him over #5. Chris Johnson in part because of the potential holdout, but also because Ray Rice is consistent and has a proven QB in Flacco versus Ten and new flopper Hasselbeck who worries me.
5. CJ
6-10. – (Random) LeSean McCoy, 2 and 1/2 Mendenhall, Stephen Jackson, Darren McFadden, Peyton Hillis (just love his schedule)

Sleepers – Felix Jones, Matt Forte, Rashad Jennings, LeGarrette Blount & I like Mike Tolbert & Pierre Thomas

1. Calvin Johnson – He is in a class all his own.
2. Roddy Roddy White – He isn’t a wrestler, but he will go full Suplex on your Arse!
3. Greg Jennings – He just gets it done. I think his production will be off slightly, but what do I know.
4. Andre Johnson – His year can’t be as injury plagued as last year…right?
5. Larry Fitzgerald – A machine. He will be Kolb’s savior.
6-10. (random) Mike Wallace, Hakeem Nicks, Miles Austin, Vincent Jackson & DeSean Jackson.

Sleepers – Percy Harvin, Mario Manningham, Ochocinco, Brandon Marshall (i think he breaks out a bit this season) & Plaxico Burress ( my hunch is his production slides a bit as year progresses, due to fatigue and possible related injuries, but he should be good out of the gate)

That’s a surface read for now.

More to come.

Remember, as my good friend, J. Erb always says, “Stop being stupid and start being awesome!” Words to live by, my friends, words to live by.


2 responses to “Fantasy Football 2011-2012 Player Draft Quick Rankings & Ninjas/Sleepers

  1. In my 1st league draft, not counting the mock drafts I performed earlier. It is a 10 team league, with standard scoring & 1 flex spot.

    I got the 2nd pick in draft.

    Rd 1 — Adrian Peterson.
    Rd 2 — Calvin Johnson
    Rd 3 — Philip Rivers
    Rd 4 — Felix Jones
    Rd 5 — Mario Manningham
    Rd 6 — Mike Tolbert
    Rd 7 — OchoCinco
    Rd 8 — Owen Daniels (already a run on TE’s)
    Rd 9 — Ravens D
    Rd 10 — Plaxico Burress
    Rd 11 — Tim Hightower
    Rd 12 — Michael Bush
    Rd 13 — Mark Sanchez (Has great matchup @ home in Rivers bye week)
    Rd 14 — Delone Carter – Sleeper Indy pick
    Rd 15 — Javon Ringer – Keep holding out CJ
    Rd 16 — Kicker

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